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Come and explore new perspectives in flute pedagogy and flute practice!

The Flute Suite Dr. Kathleen Weidenfeller

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Come and explore new perspectives in flute pedagogy and flute practice!

    Back to Basics #2 Singing and Playing

    Back to Basics #2 Singing and Playing

    Today I’m continuing my ’back to basics’ series by talking about how to use singing and playing in practice and teaching. Once again, I’ve created a companion video to go with this episode, where you can see and hear how I produce and use this effect. You can find the video here.
    In the episode, I mention John Wion’s workbook entitled ‘Sing’, sold by Falls House Press and Theodore Presser.
    I also talk about Mattias Ziegler, and you can learn more about him and his teaching at his website
     Also, for more information on how fixed mindsets affect learning, I suggest this article: 
    Heimhovitz, Kyla, Carol S Dweck, 2017. The Origins of Children's Growth and Fixed Mindsets: New Research and a New Proposal, Child Development, 88(6), 1849–1859.
    Again, I encourage you to share your clips of performances or practice sessions using singing + playing at #tfsbacktobasics or #tfsimprov2

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    Creating a Safe Space for Our Students

    Creating a Safe Space for Our Students

    Dr. Lea Pearson is on a mission not only to help musicians perform freely and without pain, but now, also to help teachers use that information to create a safe space in our studios where students can freely explore and develop their musical selves. We talk about grounding ourselves and our students, being present and aware while teaching, how somatic teaching can help to create a safe space for our students, and so much more!
    You will also find out that Dr Pearson has a connection to Finland!
    If you want to know more… You can find Dr. Pearson on Facebook, where she is very active, Including a recently started discussion group on inclusive teaching
    She is also the founder of Music Minus Pain where you can find her teachings on body mapping, helping musicians learn to use their body in a way that allows them to play freely and without pain. (you can find them on Facebook as well!)
    Dr. Pearson’s article in the latest Babel flute magazine on how teachers can nurture young musicians.
    And here is the citation for the article Dr. Pearson mentions in the episode; about child-centered teaching throughout Europe: 
    Pozo,J. I,  Pérez Echeverría, M. P.,  López-Íñiguez, G., & Torrado J. A. Learning and Teaching in the Music Studio: A Student-Centred Approach. Landscapes: the Arts, Aesthetics, and Education, 31, 1st ed. Springer, (2022)

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    Back to Basics #1: Not Long Tones

    Back to Basics #1: Not Long Tones

    This week I'm starting a short series where I'll share simple improvisatory explorations you can do in your own practice room, and with your students. Each episode will have a companion video (you'll find the link in the notes), and I invite you to share your own improvisations with us at the general hashtag #TFSBtoB or #TFSimprov.
    In this first episode, I invite you to dare to explore all the possible sounds you can make on one note (while moving!) - embrace the 'dirty' and 'ugly' and hopefully become more aware of how your whole self affects the sounds you produce on your flute. 

    You can find the companion video to this episode here: https://youtu.be/Kp2kzLqOf_M

    Please share a short video of your own explorations! You can use the general hashtags above, #TFSimprov1 or #NotLongTones.

    The Flute Suite is on instagram and facebook. If you want to share your video in a private setting, join us on facebook! We have a private, supportive group where you can comfrtably share your explorations. 

    Please reach out and let me know what you think of this series, and what you'd like to hear more of in the future. And share The Flute Suite with a friend!

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    Just a quick hello

    Just a quick hello

    Taking a break this week - I'll be back soon!

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    Who gets to call themselves a flutist?

    Who gets to call themselves a flutist?

    Some summer musings about common themes I see come up over and over in online flute discussion groups.

    Our online spaces can be wonderful resources, if we know how to make the most of them. I talk about three themes that come up pretty often in discussion groups that might be better addressed in different ways.

    Thank you for listening! And stay tuned, as I have some wonderful interviews coming soon to share!

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    The Best of Finland - Summer 2023

    The Best of Finland - Summer 2023

    Since we’re in the height of the summer season here in Finland, in this episode, I share some of the best of what Finland has to offer flutistically this summer. A few concerts from the past few months that have been recorded - you'll find the links below - new albulm releases, and upcoming concerts. Hopefully those of you located outside of Finland will be able to access these recordings, located at YLE-arena, the recording hub of Finland's national radio. Enjoy!

    You can find Clare Chase’s performance of Kaija Saariaho’s flute concerto with the Helsinki City Orchestra conducted by Susanna Mälkki here  
    And Niahm McKeena’s premiere performance of Kalevi Aho’s flute and harp concerto (together with harpist Emmanuel Ceysson) again with the Helsinki City Orchestra, conducted by Osmo Vänskä.
     Sami Junnonen's recording of the Teleman Fantasies
    Here you can find a recording of the concert that includes the premiere of Bjørnar Habbestad’s performance of Antti Auvinen’s new flute concerto: ‘Ventilation Beat’ 
    The Tampere Flute Festival's website, where you can find links to their social media accounts as well as information on past and upcoming Festivals and other activities. 
    The Finnish Flute Association’s website provides some information in English about the Association, and concert listings can be found under the menu heading ‘news’. It is in Finnish for the most part (the most important word: Flute = huilu) and for North American listeners – remember here in Europe, we write our dates ‘backwards’ (day first, then month).

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