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Helping Football Coaches build your Program and Succeed

    Building Your Practice Schedule Shells

    Building Your Practice Schedule Shells

    Now that just about everyone is back to practicing football (with real helmets and everything), it’s time to streamline our schedules and get them into the most efficient formats. You don’t have to make that a daily chore either!
    On this episode Joe and Daniel talk with Coach Justin Dottavio about the makings up a practice schedule shell for each day of the week, what key components you need to add, and how to adjust them as the season goes on.

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Keeping Players Healthy During Practice

    Keeping Players Healthy During Practice

    Injuries are very much a part of football. We coach a contact sport, and that contact can create a vast number of different injuries to players of any age. A part of being a coach is mitigating the risks that lead to those injuries by modifying the practice schedule to get the most out of our kids without unnecessary risk.
    On this episode Joe and Daniel talk with Antoine Smith about how he keeps 5 teams of youth players healthy in practice to ensure they stay in love with the game, their parents don’t pull them out completely, and how we keep teams ready for a playoff push.

    • 50 min
    Get Your Players In Game Shape (FULL AUDIO)

    Get Your Players In Game Shape (FULL AUDIO)

    Getting your players in game shape is usually held as one of the highest priorities in Summer Pride and pre-season practices. There is without a doubt a benefit to being in prime shape as the season kicks off, but maybe it shouldn’t be as high of a priority as we make it out to be.
    On this episode Joe and Daniel are joined by Southside ( Batesville, AR) S&C Coach Deerick Smith (www.smithperformancellc.com) as we discuss the mistakes coaches make by forcing the conditioning issue too fast too soon, when your team should really be in the best shape of the season, and ways to measure your players’ fitness level without killing them with some ridiculous fitness test.

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Building Your Pre-Camp Practice Plan

    Building Your Pre-Camp Practice Plan

    Your Pre-camp practice schedule is, as it should be, its own beast. Getting your players ready for the first camp, and laying the foundation for the rest of your season is possibly one of the most important things you’ll plan and execute until your first Friday night snap. 
    On this episode Coaches Dave Dugan and Rick Stewart join Joe and Daniel to discuss pre-camp practice planning. Listen to identify how these coaches use the time leading up to the first camp with installs, drills, packages, and basic football information.

    • 1 hr 11 min
    The Smartest Guy In the Room

    The Smartest Guy In the Room

    The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a scientific phenomenon in which people who are relatively new to a field, such as coaching football, often think they have all the answers when they actually have little to no knowledge of the subject at all. This effect is seen in nearly all aspects of life, even growing from a child into an adult (think about a 4 year old who has ALL the answers and a teenager who is frozen from fear of getting into the real world). It stems from the fact that you generally don’t know what you don’t know, and a false confidence in your ability to control what you do know. All of this can lead you to believe that you’re the smartest man in the room.
    On this episode, Joe and Daniel discuss the challenges of believing you’re the new greatest thing in football, what to do if you find yourself actually being the best coach on staff as an assistant, and the unfortunate situation in which you’re a Head Coach with a subpar staff.

    • 1 hr 9 min
    The Right Personnel for Linebacker Positions

    The Right Personnel for Linebacker Positions

    Linebackers could be considered the most important players in your defensive scheme. Regardless of how you rate them in importance, they can definitely make or break your defense if you aren’t playing the right kids in each position.
    On this episode Joe and Daniel discuss what the ideal backer looks like, what the player you’ll likely be playing there looks like, and what type of player to fit into the inside backer positions in the scheme you’ve chosen.

    • 1 hr 27 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
377 Ratings

377 Ratings

Highwy2hell ,

Great info for youth/HS football

I love this podcast. I’ve listened to all the episodes since I’ve discovered it and then some. Lots of great information that you can use as a coach of youth football, junior high, and/or high school football or maybe even higher level than that.

duffjc ,

Go to guy

Always listen to Joe’s podcast, no nonsense, straight-forward info to make you and your team better.

DblHelix ,

Joe is a Talented Teacher!

I usually don’t find myself writing to much reviews but the content Joe puts together on his YouTube channel and podcast are excellent. He doesn’t just teach plays, but gives you a conceptual understanding of football that translates to all levels.

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