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Live on Stage, host Zakary Miller chats with Artists about so much more than music and art, while they interrupt him to play their songs.

The Friendly Heckler The Friendly Heckler

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Live on Stage, host Zakary Miller chats with Artists about so much more than music and art, while they interrupt him to play their songs.

    Ep. 25 -The Stemstock Special

    Ep. 25 -The Stemstock Special

    Host Zakary Miller ventures to Baddeck Cape Breton to bootleg Stemstock, an annual festival at the local Legion Hall celebrating Music, Cannabis and a man known simply as 'Stemmer'. Featuring a tonne of local talent and some words from the man himself about the time he was hit by a train and how the festival started. Songs by: Ace of Deuce, Charlie Wiebe, Claverhouse, Darrel Keigan, Derek, Drano, Mike Lafford & sons, The Middle River Band, Tina Hutchinson.

    Stemstock 27 was recorded in part by Front Porch Farm live at Legion Branch 53 in Baddeck, Cape Breton.

    • 43 min
    Ep. 24 - Cassie Josephine

    Ep. 24 - Cassie Josephine

    Songwriter Cassie Josephine joins host Zakary Miller to talk about the countless influences that go into her music, her painting, and acting, and poetry, why she's so honest in her songwriting, she plays beautiful-brand new songs and even brought her family to the show to be Friendly Heckled. 

    More from Cassie Josephine at


    Recorded Live at Island Folk Cider in Sydney, Cape Breton

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Ep. 23 - Pat Lepoidevin

    Ep. 23 - Pat Lepoidevin

    Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Pat Lepoidevin joins host Zakary Miller to discuss his new album, "The Rivers", their mutual love for The Yukon, Pat's numerous collaborations and concept albums, his beautiful work as an educator. Pat delves into his songwriting process, plays his new and old songs, and even invites his own guest onstage for a tune.

    more from Pat Lepoidevin:


    Recorded live on stage at The Union Street in Berwick, Nova Scotia

    • 1 hr 34 min
    Ep. 22 - Talia Schlanger

    Ep. 22 - Talia Schlanger

    Songwriter and Broadcaster Talia Schlanger joins host Zakary Miller to discuss her new album, the all star cast involved, the amphibians, songwriters and experiences that inspired the lyrics, the quirks of interviewing, musicals she sang as a kid, that time she took improv classes, and play songs from her new album Grace For The Going.

    More from Talia Schlanger:


    Recorded Live at The Mousetrap, above Good Robot Brewing, in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    • 1 hr 32 min
    Ep. 21 - Caleb Miles

    Ep. 21 - Caleb Miles

    Songwriter and Guitarist Caleb Miles joins host Zakary Miller to play his songs and talk about some of the dark stories behind them, some of the weirdest on stage experiences he's had, how he once thought he would replace Ringo Starr in The Beatles, about his musical roots in New Mexico, and his musical rules for students.

    More From Caleb:


    Recorded live at Saltbox Brewing in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

    • 1 hr 53 min
    Ep. 20 - Best of the Best Vol. 1

    Ep. 20 - Best of the Best Vol. 1

    A celebration of some of the incredible moments from the podcast so far, and a top notch playlist of Zak's favourite cuts from the show, featuring,

    Mary Beth Carty (marybethcarty.com)

    Cameron Chisholm

    Aquakultre (aquakulre.info)

    Terra Spencer (terraspencer.ca)

    Rebecca Fairless (rebeccafairless.com)

    Chris Robison (chrisrobison1.bandcamp.com)

    Corey Isenor (coreyisenor.bandcamp.com)

    Sam WIlson (samwilsonmusiq.com)

    Gina Burgess (ginaburgess.com)

    Sarah McInnis (sarahmcinnis.com)

    Ryan C Stanley (rcstanleymusic.com)

    Graham Nicholas (grahamnicholas.ca)

    Factory Girls (lauramerrimenmusic.bandcamp.com)

    Valmy (valmymusic.com)

    George Woodhouse (georgewoodhouse.com)

    Kelly McMichael (kellymcmichael.com)

    Stephen Fearing (stephenfearing.ca)

    Sunny Chances (sunnychances.bandcamp.com

    Kim Joy Lake (kimjoylake.com)

    Old Man Luedecke (oldmanluedecke.ca)

    Steve Rutchinski (youtube.com/srutchinski)

    • 2 hr 32 min

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