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Holistic Health | Real Food Nutrition | Functional Medicine | Mind-Body

Honest and eye-opening conversations with functional nutritionist Erin Holt. Erin shares insight into hot topic nutrition, plus interviews with thought leaders in the functional medicine and wellness world. Get informed and empowered with this funky spin on mainstream health information.

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Holistic Health | Real Food Nutrition | Functional Medicine | Mind-Body

Honest and eye-opening conversations with functional nutritionist Erin Holt. Erin shares insight into hot topic nutrition, plus interviews with thought leaders in the functional medicine and wellness world. Get informed and empowered with this funky spin on mainstream health information.

    218: Hear From an FNA Student!

    218: Hear From an FNA Student!

    If you’ve been considering joining the next round of the Funk'tional Nutrition Academy in September, but want to know what the experience of being in the school is all about, listen up! Hear directly from current FNA student Lori Fish Bard, MS, CNS, LDN as she shares why she joined and her experience thus far.

    Also…Extended Financing for FNA Now Available! Check our full show notes with the link below for more details!

    FOR OUR FULL LIST OF LINKS + RESOURCES, HEAD TO: https://www.thefunktionalnutritionist.com/podcast/218-hear-from-an-fna-student

    • 7 min
    217: Going Beyond Gluten for Celiac Disease

    217: Going Beyond Gluten for Celiac Disease

    When navigating healing from food sensitivities and food allergies, the first action step is to remove the trigger. In the case of Celiac disease, that trigger is gluten and gluten-containing grains. However, while removing gluten from the diet is a crucial first step, it doesn’t necessarily heal intestinal permeability, reduce gut inflammation, restore a damaged gut lining, and stop the autoimmune response. Today on the show Lori Fish Bard, MS, CNS, LDN sits down with Erin to explain why this is the case.

    Lori is a licensed clinical nutritionist and board-certified integrative health counselor who works with men, women, children, and families, many of whom have Celiac and/or gluten sensitivity, give up gluten, but still feel crappy. She describes her experience working with her clients, plus her own experience navigating Celiac disease with her daughter and self, an experience that prompted her to dive into the research and even go back to school to receive her masters in Clinical Nutrition. Lori is so committed to a root cause approach to healing that she also enrolled in FNA—stay til the end to hear about her experience!

    If you suffer from gluten sensitivity, Celiac disease, suspect you may be sensitive to gluten, or have tried going gluten-free but still don’t feel better, this will be an insightful episode to hear!

    In this episode:

    -Why Celiac disease is hard to diagnose [5:01]

    -Where a lot of folks get stuck in their healing after Celiac disease [9:41]

    -Unexpected indications you could be dealing with Celiac disease [11:57]

    -How Celiac disease contributes to malabsorption (& why healing requires a nuanced approach) [13:42]

    -Testing options for tracking healing progress [15:45]

    -Other foods that could potentially be problematic for those with Celiac [18:28]

    -Molecular mimicry & why this is important for Celiacs to know [19:59]

    -The empowerment and control from knowing your genetics [23:06]

    -Eating out safely & confidently after learning you have Celiac [31:02]

    -Gut healing strategies beyond removing gluten [37:13]

    -Why Lori chose FNA for deep functional nutrition education [41:34]

    FOR OUR FULL LIST OF LINKS + RESOURCES, HEAD TO: https://www.thefunktionalnutritionist.com/podcast/217-going-beyond-gluten-celiac-disease

    • 46 min
    216: Strictly Biz: Pricing Your Services, Investing in Yourself & When to Hire a Coach

    216: Strictly Biz: Pricing Your Services, Investing in Yourself & When to Hire a Coach

    Investment is a word that often conjures up thoughts around money, especially when it comes to owning, starting or expanding a business. However, money is actually only part of the investment equation. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you’re also investing your time, your knowledge, your attention and your energy into your business. So where are you investing in your business, and is it paying off?

    On this Strictly Biz episode of the Funk’tional Nutrition Podcast, Erin continues the conversation about energetics in business and dives into what it means to invest in yourself, when to know it’s time to invest, plus the different ways to do it. Erin unpacks the energy surrounding many of our struggles with money and pricing your services, consumer culture, and how to get the return on investment you seek…without feeling like you’re bleeding out.

    This episode is for all the business owners and practitioners who are struggling with investing in themselves, setting or raising rates, or feeling burned out. Tune in to hear why!

    **Lion's Gate Portal SALE!**

    The number 8 represents abundance, transformation, rebirth, alchemy and power. On 8/8 the Lion's Gate Portal opened, which is when Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, aligns with the sun. Named after the Greek word for "glowing", Sirius helps us achieve our highest potential. If you're looking to reach YOUR highest potential, be sure to check out our Lion's Gate Portal SALE on Erin's LIVE-taught, 5-day course, The Energetics of Expansion: Social Media Visibility, Business Growth & Entrepreneurial Expansion! Find more details in the link below!

    In this episode:

    -The Lion’s Gate Portal [2:02]

    -The Four Minute Mile mindset [6:28]

    -Mind, spirit & energy [9:15]

    -Pricing your services [15:04]

    -Investing and self importance [17:03]

    -Wise words from RZA [20:43]

    -How abundance begets abundance [25:38]

    -What must happen BEFORE you can feel good about your pricing [29:54]

    -Reciprocity & “consume-her” culture [31:32]

    -Finding balance in your free and paid-for content & services [38:03]

    -Why self-importance is a good thing [44:01]

    -The relation between fee setting and self-respect [49:04]

    -The different ways we struggle to invest in ourselves [51:21]

    -The ROI of investing in yourself [55:57]

    -Why women don’t invest [1:03:04]

    -Assessing the right type of investment you should make [1:12:17]

    -Do you need a business coach? [1:14:52]

    -How to know when to invest [1:18:30]

    -Coaching vs mentoring [1:20:00]

    FOR OUR FULL LIST OF LINKS + RESOURCES, HEAD TO: https://www.thefunktionalnutritionist.com/podcast/216-strictly-biz-pricing-services-investing-coaching

    • 1 hr 25 min
    215: Business Growth, Expansion & Going Viral

    215: Business Growth, Expansion & Going Viral

    Energy is one of those things that no one can see or hold, but everyone can feel. We feel it when we’re in our flow, when we make meaningful connections, and we also feel it when things feel misaligned, inauthentic, or forced in our life.

    We also feel energy in business. Whether you’re a business owner or entrepreneur trying to expand your reach to others, or you’re a consumer who’s considering a business for a service or product, you can feel when energy is in alignment with business. There’s an authenticity to its message, something that draws you in and cultivates a relationship with you.

    Today’s episode is all about energy in business, and how in order to be successful in business (whether that’s increased visibility, growth, expansion, or something else), you must first understand how your energy—your subconscious beliefs, your mindset—affect it.

    In this episode Erin discusses her business expansion and going viral, the framework Erin created for visibility, and how she had to work on her energy and her mindset before she could truly expand and be seen. This is one of those episodes that was originally intended for entrepreneurs and business owners, but actually speaks to anyone looking to expand themselves. Tune in to understand why!

    In this episode:

    -Exciting things coming down the pipeline [3:03]

    -If you’re a non-practitioner interested in entrepreneurial training [5:35]

    -Why it’s important for women in business to talk about money [11:12]

    -Erin’s definition of Energy [13:10]

    -Going viral and the importance of mental white space [17:26]

    -Synchronicities between fear and going viral [18:34]

    -Being more visible while staying grounded [22:47]

    -The Visibility Framework [24:01]

    -The work behind the success [28:17]

    -Confidence in your craft [30:23]

    -Normalizing fear and self doubt [33:03]

    -Striking while the iron is hot & “going ugly early” [35:53]

    -The anecdote to Imposter Syndrome [41:19]

    -Comprehension vs embodiment [43:38]

    -Recognizing where your personal power is going [47:40]

    -Egg wisdom, Lighthouse analogy & allowing people to find you [51:16]

    -Aligning conscious desires with subconscious beliefs [54:19]

    -Sharing your gifts with aligned energy [1:00:12]

    -Selling is sacred [1:03:20]

    -The Long Game in the culture of virality [1:08:11]

    -If you feel like you’re “not there” yet… [1:15:03]

    FOR OUR FULL LIST OF LINKS + RESOURCES, HEAD TO: https://www.thefunktionalnutritionist.com/podcast/215-business-growth-expansion-going-viral

    • 1 hr 21 min
    214: Food Sensitivities: Symptoms, Testing & All the Complexities

    214: Food Sensitivities: Symptoms, Testing & All the Complexities

    Food sensitivities are a growing problem—and the reasons behind it are complex. Unpacking food sensitivities is NOT a straightforward task, and for the first time in nearly 5 years of podcasting, Erin addresses this tricky topic and helps to make sense of all the moving parts and considerations. In today’s episode you’ll hear Erin discussing food sensitivity testing (the good, the bad, & the confusing), the differences between food allergies and food sensitivities, obvious (and not so obvious) symptoms and signs you might have a food sensitivity, the nitty gritty science behind our body’s reactions to foods, how our hormones relate, downsides to restrictive healing diets, and considerations to take if you suspect you may be dealing with a food sensitivity.

    The truth is, getting to the root of food sensitivities is a lot more complicated than an at home food sensitivity test commercial will ever tell you. After listening to this episode you’ll understand why, and come away with more knowledge, potential solutions, and even hope for getting to the root of your own sensitivities. Please share with anyone who could also benefit from this valuable information!

    In this episode:

    -Digestion is a top down process [1:53]

    -The downsides of restrictive healing diets [7:32]

    -What is the best/most accurate food sensitivity test? [10:28]

    -When food sensitivity testing becomes problematic [12:32]

    -Considering how results from labs might be influencing other things in your body [15:55]

    -How Secretory IgA impacts food reactions [17:06]

    -How our skin is affected by food sensitivities [20:51]

    -Food Allergy vs Food Sensitivity [23:00]

    -Unintended consequences of seeking out food sensitivities [29:38]

    -Symptoms of food sensitivities + how “strict” do you need to be? [35:21]

    -The stigma with food sensitivities [38:57]

    -Why food sensitivities are more common today [42:15]

    -The interplay of estrogen, cortisol and dendritic cells [48:32]

    -What your at-home food sensitivity test results might ACTUALLY be telling you [50:14]

    -Food sensitivity testing: yay or nay? [53:44]

    -How best to test + what you need to know about elimination diets [56:38]

    -Clean eating and reactivity [58:01]

    -What to do and how to truly heal your sensitivities to food [1:02:07]

    FOR OUR FULL LIST OF LINKS + RESOURCES, HEAD TO: https://www.thefunktionalnutritionist.com/podcast/214-food-sensitivities-symptoms-testing-complexities

    • 1 hr 8 min
    213: Understand Your Cycle; Take Back Your Power with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

    213: Understand Your Cycle; Take Back Your Power with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

    If you menstruate and have ever experienced pain or discomfort associated with your cycle, you’ve likely been told that it’s normal, and to take hormonal birth control as a treatment option. While this is certainly a viable and beneficial option for some, for others this answer can feel dismissive, especially if you’re looking to avoid hormonal birth control or want to dig into WHY you’re experiencing these symptoms.

    These experiences can leave those seeking to better understand their bodies feel as though they have no control, and in a society where access to reproductive care (and even information) is increasingly hamstrung, this loss of control is especially disempowering.

    Enter Lisa Hendrickson-Jack. She’s a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Fertility Awareness Educator, and in 2019 she sat down with Erin to get into the nitty gritty of everything you ever wanted to know about your period. Tune in to hear Lisa highlight why your cycle is a vital sign, the role blood plays, what’s considered “normal” with periods and PMS, how to know your fertile window, differences in birth control options, and how cycle tracking can not only give you insight into your reproductive and overall health, but also help you plan your life.

    Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, trying to NOT get pregnant, or just trying to understand your body better, this is an especially relevant episode that offers up powerful information to take charge of your fertility. Reproductive health affects EVERYONE, so share this episode with anyone you care about!

    In this episode:

    -When things feel out of control [1:29]

    -Additional fertility resources [5:09]

    -All about Lisa [15:24]

    -The power of cycle tracking [17:05]

    -What is a vital sign? [19:02]

    -What does it mean when you skip periods [23:03]

    -The Female Athlete Triad [24:03]

    -Osteoporosis risk factors [25:40]

    -What a normal, healthy cycle looks like (and why you need to know) [28:06]

    -Why PMS is NOT NORMAL [30:22]

    -What to do if you have severe cramping and bleeding [37:11]

    -How your diet and personal care products contribute to your PMS symptoms [41:00]

    -How to start paying attention to your cycle [47:03]

    -The best ways to track ovulation [54:16]

    -The best ways to track your hormones [56:46]

    -3 main signs of fertility [57:57]

    -Rhythm Method vs. Fertility Awareness Method [1:01:46]

    -IUDs and Copper IUDs [1:07:43]

    -Using your cycle to plan your life [1:15:44]

    FOR OUR FULL LIST OF LINKS + RESOURCES, HEAD TO: https://www.thefunktionalnutritionist.com/podcast/213-understand-your-cycle

    • 1 hr 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
410 Ratings

410 Ratings

—————————. ,

Good vibes

Erin’s recent episode deep diving into caffeine was incredibly insightful. As someone who hasn’t found success with caffeine due to GI and feeling wire-y for too long, Erin has great advise and insights into alternatives.

emaheg ,

A guide post on my healing path

Before finding Erin’s podcast I’d been chronically ill for a decade, and acutely so for three years. I’d been gaslit by doctors and woefully misdiagnosed by a functional medicine practitioner. Things were not looking good. The information in Erin’s podcast helped me to dive deeper into educating myself on how the body works, potential treatments, functional medicine, etc. Between that and working with new practitioners I’m not only the most well I’ve been in my entire adult life, I also feel empowered when it comes to my own health. Her blending of science and “woo” (which I think is really just things we don’t have rational explanations for yet) has also helped me integrate powerful healing modalities I once wouldn’t have given a second though. Also it’s through Erin that I found Biokult, which is the real deal. Oh and Erin speaks her mind and sets her boundaries, which I suppose may put some people off. But that’s their problem, not hers.

rosannehope ,


It’s been a minute and I still can’t get enough. Erin’s a gift-and-a-half. So much effort. So much compassion. So much drive. So much authenticity. She’s my go-to when it comes to health and wellness. This podcast is a treasure.

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