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The Gate 15 Company is a leader in helping organizations by providing threat-informed, risk-based approaches to analysis, preparedness and operations.

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The Gate 15 Company is a leader in helping organizations by providing threat-informed, risk-based approaches to analysis, preparedness and operations.

    Nerd Out: EP 40. The Homeland's 50 Trailblazers, Homeland Threat Assessment, Fall events and some fun!

    Nerd Out: EP 40. The Homeland's 50 Trailblazers, Homeland Threat Assessment, Fall events and some fun!

    In the latest Episode of Nerd Out, Dave welcomes back Joe Levy and Bridget Johnson to talk about the latest security news and they start off with the recent release of Homeland Security Today's "Homeland's 50 Trailblazers" which recognizes individuals who have advanced their career in service to the nation, tackled progressively more complex and important responsibilities, addressed or are addressing an urgent homeland security challenge, and continue to forward mission. Even though Dave and Joe were denied yet again, the team talked about what distinguished these individuals before moving on to the release of the DHS 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment which replaced the National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin. Then the merry band of Nerds discussed trends from the summer season as they look ahead to threats in the fall. Dave, Joe and Bridget then wrap up with some football talk and then their own joys of the fall season while teasing the annual fall food draft coming in November!
    Homeland's 50 Trailblazers: https://trailblazers.hstoday.us/
    Homeland Threat Assessment: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/2023-09/23_0913_ia_23-333-ia_u_homeland-threat-assessment-2024_508C_V6_13Sep23.pdf

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    Weekly Security Sprint EP 34. MGM breach, disaster planning, Homeland Threat Assessment and more!

    Weekly Security Sprint EP 34. MGM breach, disaster planning, Homeland Threat Assessment and more!

    In this week's Security Sprint, Dave, Andy and Jen cover the following topics:
    Casino, Ransomware

    Washington Post Cybersecurity 202 - What’s behind recent hacks of casinos? 
    Tactics of MGM-Caesars attackers were known for several months.
    High-profile cyberattacks will be talk of tribal technology conference this week.
    Very good perspective and tips from social engineering SME, Rachel Tobac, on LinkedIn
    BlackCat/ALPHV reportedly encrypted more than 100 MGM ESXi hypervisors
    Hackers tied to Las Vegas attacks known for sweet-talking their way into company systems
    The chaotic and cinematic MGM casino hack, explained
    MGM wrestling with fallout from days-long apparent cyberattack
    Two Vegas casinos fell victim to cyberattacks, shattering the image of impenetrable casino security
    Ransomware Resources! UK NCSC: Ransomware, extortion and the cyber crime ecosystem.

    Weatherman Segment.

    Nipah virus outbreak. https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/14/india/kerala-nipah-virus-india-outbreak-intl-hnk/index.html
    Libya flooding. https://apnews.com/article/libya-floods-derna-storm-daniel-mass-graves-72307547f3e0ff4fbf715a7f64c69383

    Homeland Threat Assessment.

    DHS Continues to See High Risk of Foreign and Domestic Terrorism in 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment. Annual Threat Assessment to Replace Regular NTAS Bulletins and Provide the Public and our Partners with More Comprehensive Analysis of Most Pressing Threats and Challenges. 
    HS Today: Homeland Threat Assessment Says Violent Extremists Are Improving Online Materials, Information Sharing, and Collaboration
    Cybersecurity 202 - DHS warns about 2024’s cyberthreats
    WaterISAC - H2O Surging Towards Safety & Security. 2023 Sponsorship Prospectus.

    Quick Hits:

    Faith Based Security: FB-ISAO Newsletter, v5, Issue 9
    At least 49 synagogues have been evacuated due to bomb threats in the last 2 months. Next up, the High Holidays.
    Ahead of High Holidays, US Jewish leaders stress need for security vigilance as antisemitism surges
    Synagogues are doing active shooter training amid rise in antisemitism
    On Telegram, Accelerationist Group Claims Responsibility For Calling In Bomb Threats To Synagogues, Black Churches, LGBTQ+ Bar, Vows To Continue 'Swatting' Activities; Posts Livestreams Of Religious Services Online As They Call In Threats
    Altoona man with swastika tattoo charged for taping razor blade on church handrails, police say
    ‘Unacceptable’: North Shore church, crosswalk defaced amid rash of anti-LGTBQ vandalism across city
    Third Buddhist temple break-in in just weeks
    Man slugged unconscious outside mosque in Long Island City: NYPD
    Experts: Hatred links Jacksonville shooting, antisemitic displays in Central Florida
    Athens neighborhood targeted by anti-Semitic flyers
    NSA, FBI, and CISA Release Cybersecurity Information Sheet on Deepfake Threats
    CISA: Vulnerability Scanning for Water Utilities
    FBI PSA - Violent Online Groups Extort Minors to Self-Harm and Produce Child Sexual Abuse Material
    CISA Releases its Open Source Software Security Roadmap
    White House urging dozens of countries to publicly commit to not pay ransoms
    The world just sweltered through its hottest August on record; Both hemispheres saw record-warm seasons.
    Identity of NSA hacker behind cyberattack on China’s leading aviation university identified; to be disclosed in due course
    China blacklists US defence companies over Taiwan arms sales
    US to revamp its aerospace forces as it faces China threat
    Speculation grows over whereabouts of China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu

    Automotive Security:

    Stolen Auto Accounts: The $2 Price Tag on Your Car’s Identity
    Nearly 15,000 accounts raided at automaker sites to harvest vehicle IDs, report says
    Car Hackers Are Out for Blood
    EU to probe ‘flood’ of cheap Chinese electric vehicles, sparking trade war fears
    Have a SAFE ride – Cyber Th

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    Weekly Security Sprint EP 33. Embezzlement, See Something - Say Something, Morocco, Blended Threats and more!

    Weekly Security Sprint EP 33. Embezzlement, See Something - Say Something, Morocco, Blended Threats and more!

    In this week's Security Sprint, Dave and Andy talked about the following topics:

    9/11. Bells toll as the U.S. marks 22 years since 9/11, from ground zero to Alaska

    Embezzlement. https://www.8newsnow.com/news/local-news/las-vegas-casino-employee-accused-of-stealing-776k-from-resort-property/
    Blended Threats. https://innotechtoday.com/how-to-bridge-the-gap-between-cybersecurity-and-physical-security/
    See Something , Say Something.

    If You See Something, Say Something® Awareness Day | Homeland Security. Play a role on national "If You See Something, Say Something®" Awareness Day, on September 25. We can all help keep safe by learning the indicators. 
    FBI Director Wray issues warning about number of Russian spies in the US
    Terrorism and Immigration: A Risk Analysis, 1975–2022
    Yet Another Study Debunks The ‘YouTube’s Algorithm Drives People To Extremism’ Argument

    Devastation in Morocco.

    Morocco earthquake live briefing: Almost 2,500 dead; officials accept search-and-rescue help
    The destruction in Morocco in maps, videos and photos
    Morocco earthquake: foreign aid teams join efforts to find survivors
    Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills. This year's International ShakeOut Day is October 19, when millions of people worldwide will participate in earthquake drills at work, school, or home! At 10:19 a.m. (local time) on 10/19, you can join millions of people across the world practicing earthquake safety.

    Swatting: Click Here podcast: 83. "Ding-dong ditch" on steroids

    Bomb threat at Arlington National Cemetery delays funeral services
    Swatting started in the gaming world and it’s coming for the rest of us    
    Los Altos Hills synagogue evacuated after Shabbat bomb threat

    Quick Hits:

    China’s military seeks to exploit U.S. troops, veterans, general warns
    Pro-China Disinformation Campaign Claims US Started Maui Fires in a ‘Weather Weapons’ Experiment, Falsely Citing the UK’s MI6
    Chinese Gate-Crashers at U.S. Bases Spark Espionage Concerns; Washington has tracked about 100 incidents involving Chinese nationals trying to access American military and other installations
    Hongkonger John Shing-wan Leung ‘posed as philanthropist’ to spy on China for US
    US, Canadian warships transit Taiwan Strait in latest joint mission
    Health-ISAC Members Prove To Be Resilient and Avoid the Wall of Shame, by Errol Weiss on LinkedIn. This is a great post and a great example of the power of a healthy ISAC/ISAO.
    MGM Resorts says it identified ‘cybersecurity issue’ that’s affecting some of company’s systems
    Annual Peak Of Atlantic Hurricane Season Has Arrived
    International report confirms record-high greenhouse gases, global sea levels in 2022
    Earth had hottest three-month period on record, with unprecedented sea surface temperatures and much extreme weather
    DOJ: Multiple Foreign Nationals Charged in Connection with Trickbot Malware and Conti Ransomware Conspiracies
    CISA Releases Capacity Enhancement Guide to Strengthen Agency Resilience to DDoS Attack

    This and so much on ransomware, hate crimes, much, much more, daily in the Gate 15 SUN. To be subscribed for free please email Gate15@Gate15.global

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    Weekly Security Sprint EP 32. National Preparedness Month, Burning Man, Insider Threat Awareness, Ransomware and more!

    Weekly Security Sprint EP 32. National Preparedness Month, Burning Man, Insider Threat Awareness, Ransomware and more!

    In this week's Security Sprint, Dave and Andy talk about the following topics:

    Burning Man. https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/04/us/burning-man-storms-shelter-monday/index.html
    Alphabet months begins!

    FEMA Advisory: FEMA, Ready Campaign Launch National Preparedness Month (September 1, 2023). September marks National Preparedness Month, the annual recognition set to remind everyone in America how important it is for individuals, families and communities to prepare for disasters and emergencies that can happen at any time. Earlier this year, FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell announced this year’s theme would focus on preparing older adults and their caregivers ahead of disasters. 

    NCSC And Federal Partners Focus on “Bystander Engagement” During National Insider Threat Awareness Month 2023. This year’s NITAM campaign focuses on bystander engagement. An engaged bystander is an individual who is aware of concerning behaviors and knows how to act on those concerns appropriately. The NITAM 2023 campaign encourages government and industry employees to recognize and report behaviors of concern to appropriate parties so early intervention can occur and at-risk employees can be connected to resources and assistance if appropriate.

    Back to School Scams & Sextortion

    Parents reveal teen sons committed suicide after being ‘sextorted’: ‘This is terrorism’
    FBI Tech Tuesday - Safe Online Surfing: https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/phoenix/news/fbi-tech-tuesday-safe-online-surfing
    FBI PSA. https://www.justice.gov/usao-wdwa/pr/fbi-and-partners-issue-national-public-safety-alert-financial-sextortion-schemes


    Subscribe to the SUN! Email Gate15@gate15.global
    TribalNet agenda set for San Diego conference
    TribalNet Conference and Tradeshow, by TribalHub
    Canadian Centre for Cyber Security - Baseline cyber threat assessment: Cybercrime

    Quick Hits and Soap boxes.

    White House Advisory Group: Water Sector Needs Cybersecurity National Standard. A new article looks at the report and quotes Gate 15’s Jennifer Lyn Walker. “I agree that a specialized workforce is needed,” said Jennifer Lyn Walker, director of Cyber Defense for Gate 15, and director of Infrastructure Cyber Defense for WaterISAC. “The large (better resourced) utilities are more inclined to have specialized staff, although some may not offer truly competitive wages. I believe many (if not most) of the small utilities (less resourced) aren’t even considering specialized staff, let alone the ability to afford them.” PDF report.
    U.S. and International Partners Release Report on Russian Cyber Actors Using “Infamous Chisel” Malware; Joint report provides technical analysis of malware targeting Android devices used by Ukrainian military. The malware analysis report provides technical details of a new kind of malware used to target Android devices in use by Ukrainian military personnel.
    Andy gets on the soapbox and opines on bias in analysis.
    Dave Weatherman Report. Disaster scams. https://www.cisa.gov/news-events/alerts/2023/08/31/cisa-warns-hurricane-related-scams

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    Weekly Security Sprint EP 31. Hostile Events, Space, Doxxing, a PSA, and so much more!

    Weekly Security Sprint EP 31. Hostile Events, Space, Doxxing, a PSA, and so much more!

    In this week's Security Sprint, Dave and Andy discussed the following topics:
    Gate 15 is on Threads! @gate_15_resilience
    Jacksonville Murders and other physical security updates. 

    Gunman Kills 3 in Racially Motivated Attack on Jacksonville Dollar Store

    Jacksonville gunman was turned away from historically Black university before killing 3 in racist shooting at nearby store, authorities say
    Ryan Palmeter, Dollar General Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
    Ryan Palmeter Video: Dollar General Suspect Video Released
    Jacksonville Gunman Used Gun With Swastika on It to Kill 3 in Racist Attack, Police Say
    At least seven injured in shooting at Caribbean parade in Boston.

    Safeguarding The US Space Industry; Keeping Your Intellectual Property In Orbit (PDF). “Foreign intelligence entities recognize the importance of the commercial space industry to the US economy and national security, including the growing dependence of critical infrastructure on space-based assets."

    OODA Loop: What To Do About The U.S. Intelligence Community Warning on Safeguarding The Space Industry.
    Axios: Space is the next cybersecurity frontier
    Scientists Still Looking For Reasons Cybercriminals Are Disabling These Space Telescopes
    Space ISAC

    Swatting and Doxxing. Keep what you want, add what you want.

    Bomb threat at a Forest Park church induced panic, police say
    Threats against public officials on the rise as 2024 nears
    Surrenders and threats of arrest ahead of Trump’s booking in Georgia
    Bumbling alleged arsonist sets himself ablaze trying to burn down Florida church
    Trump’s Georgia arraignment expected to be televised, Fulton County judge says
    3 killed, 6 injured in mass shooting at Orange County biker bar
    Bomb threat at Fulton County Courthouse after Trump arrest: report

    PSA: FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for 04 Oct 2023. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) on Oct 4 at 2:20 p.m.

    FCC’s Public Notice  
    EMR-ISAC InfoGram Aug. 24 – S&T report evaluates gunshot detection technology for first responders; Nationwide emergency alert test on Oct. 4
    Radio World

    Quick Hits

    Idalia Intensifying and Forecast to Become a Major Hurricane.
    NHC issuing advisories for the Atlantic on Hurricane Franklin and TS Idalia
    Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Updates on Tropical Storm Idalia
    Key Messages regarding Tropical Storm Idalia

    Tropical Storm Franklin leaves a body count and damage in the Caribbean
    7 tornadoes confirmed as Michigan storms down trees and power lines; 5 people killed

    USG Updates

    TLP:CLEAR FBI FLASH: Suspected PRC Cyber Actors Continue to Globally Exploit Barracuda ESG Zero-Day Vulnerability
    CISA, NSA & NIST: Quantum-Readiness: Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography
    FBI PSA - FBI Guidance for Cryptocurrency Scam Victims

    Of possible interest

    The Cheap Radio Hack That Disrupted Poland's Railway System
    UK air traffic control experiencing 'technical issue'
    Elon Musk stopped policing political misinformation


    MOVEit, the biggest hack of the year, by the numbers
    Banning Ransomware Payments Brings New Challenges. With references to our friends Silas Cutler and eCrime!
    Surge in Cybercrime: Check Point 2023 Mid-Year Security Report Reveals 48 ransomware groups have breached over 2,200 victims
    Rhysida claims ransomware attack on Prospect Medical, threatens to sell data
    Thousands have SSNs leaked after ransomware attack on Ohio state archive org
    Connecticut hospital nurse says ransomware attack has affected payroll

    From Russia and Ukraine, with love

    Statement from President Joe Biden on Ukraine Independence Day
    THE CYBERSECURITY 202 - Without Prigozhin, expect some changes around the edges on Russian influence operations
    Intentional exp

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    The Gate 15 Interview EP 38: Jeff Troy, President, Aviation ISAC, on public service, cybersecurity, understanding threats (and… colonizing the ocean?)

    The Gate 15 Interview EP 38: Jeff Troy, President, Aviation ISAC, on public service, cybersecurity, understanding threats (and… colonizing the ocean?)

    In this episode of The Gate 15 Interview, Andy Jabbour visits with Jeff Troy, President, CEO at Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Center (A-ISAC). Over the past five years, Jeff has led the Aviation ISAC, a trust-based community focused on the sharing of threat intelligence and best practices. He has developed the strategic plans, driven the team’s expansion of services and overseen extensive growth in membership. He established relationships with global regulators, industry associations and private sector companies to drive cyber risk reduction across the aviation eco-system. He co-authored a white paper on Ransomware and continues to partner with international groups on the ransomware threat. Concurrently, Jeff is on the National Defense ISAC Board of Directors. Jeff spent 25 years as a Special Agent of the FBI. He served as Chief, Cyber Division, and retired as the Deputy Assistant Director for Cyber National Security and Cyber Criminal Investigations. 
    ·       Jeff on LinkedIn.
    ·       Email:  jtroy@a-isac.com
    ·       Web:  a-isac.com
    In the discussion we address: 
    ·       Serving in the FBI and ideas for young people thinking about their futures
    ·       Transitioning from the public sector to the private sector
    ·       Key ideas on how to building a successful information sharing community
    ·       Understanding how to think about threats
    ·       Responsibly and thoughtfully reducing risk and building reslience
    ·       Blended Threats
    ·       The importance of patching and baking security into technology
    ·       The upcoming Aviation ISAC Summit in Ireland
    ·       The Ocean State
    ·       Deep ocean colonies
    ·       More!
    Some links from our discussion include:
    ·       Aviation Cybersecurity Summit, 12-14 Sep 2023 in Dublin, Ireland
    ·       NBC News: FBI says mastermind of botnet nabbed, 27 Jul 2010

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