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    Freddie Gibbs album of the year

    Freddie Gibbs album of the year

    lito calls 5 live on air- total foolishness for 15 mins. - real rap nerd talk at the 30 min mark- Freddie Gibbs is a rappin ass rapper- shout out glorilla- stay out of women’s business - the jig is up. We don’t care about the bbl

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Doc Rivers Is A Nasty Man

    Doc Rivers Is A Nasty Man

    Over the weekend Doc rivers liked a bunch of freaky ass tweets. 9 of em to be exact. And apparently he didn’t know the public could see it.  Of course the team came out said he was hacked. The tweets were unliked and he has full access to his account again.  
    Bro doc rivers is a freak. And nothing wrong with that. But still. 
    Quinta Brunson won an award at the Emmy’s 
    Jack Harlow lyricist of the year at the bet awards this year.  Are you familiar with his lyrics?? We take a deep dive
    Is Nick cannon okay?? How much semen does one person have 
    Where the hoes at? Brother idk but don’t ask me again. 
    Ice spice. Bro do you even munch?
    PNB’s death blamed on his lady by social media 
    Steph Curry close to signing  a billion deal with under armour
    RIP Jesse Powell— singer passed away at 51. 

    • 47 min
    RIP PNB Rock

    RIP PNB Rock

    A very somber Pod starts off with the unfortunate news of PnB Rock passing. The guys discuss violence in hiphop and what's the solution. Kris Jenner Queenpin allegedly watched her daughters sex tape and gave pointers. Rip Queen Elizabeth.. I think.  Like, subscribe, comment

    • 49 min
    Does Jay Z Have Verse of The Year

    Does Jay Z Have Verse of The Year

    • Hov is Hov. • Is Drake run up?• Is lil baby the next super star?• Is Young Thug a super star?• Ross Vs Jeezy - who is a superstar?• Who got better songs with Hov? Ross or Jeezy?• Who the f**k is Harry styles

    • 53 min
    The Rock Don’t Make Mistakes

    The Rock Don’t Make Mistakes

    Kanye needs a hug
    -Irv gotti needs to shut up
    -Pardi beef with … THE ROCK??
    -We don’t need anymore DJ Khaled albums.
    Y’all still listening to Kendrick Album?
    -Kelis Vs ??
    -Jada was able to re work his deal from his versus
    -Drake album getting better and better
    -The earth spinning faster what you think about that? You felt that?

    • 49 min
    The Toxic King Bracket

    The Toxic King Bracket

    Ft @konradreed5 @kikikarmichael @pritzypans - when did you first get into future - everybody complains about the bracket we hate it- the internet sucks - Lito is blameless

    • 1 hr 36 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
89 Ratings

89 Ratings

MouleDat ,

What the Pel!

Why am I just finding this podcast?! Really enjoy how in-depth they go into Pels news. Enjoy listening —- you ever need a guest host, then I’m your guy haha

fbecke ,

Dantoni, the next coach

Should Willie get fired, etc.

Below29 ,

Great Listen

Updates quite frequently and doesn’t blow your ear out with a ton of adds. Seems to genuinely love to just talk Pels.

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