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Every week, Dean Delray profiles the world's best artisans and makers.

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Every week, Dean Delray profiles the world's best artisans and makers.

    #11:Daniel Engelman owner of the Honomobo Container Homes Company

    #11:Daniel Engelman owner of the Honomobo Container Homes Company

    Today I sit down with Daniel Engelman owner of Honomobo. I feel Honomobo is the Holy Grail of Container Homes.
    These guys are building the most amazing homes out of Shipping Containers that I have ever seen. Some of their homes have a full on Mid-Century almost Joseph Eichler vibe.
    It was so cool to be able to talk to Daniel about how these Homes are built and what the process is to own one.
    In this day and age of Home prices sky rocketing it's nice to know there are options like Honomobo. These Homes are works of art.
    Visit Honomobo on Instagram and see what I'm talking about.

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    #10:Matt Hughes Owner and Master Guitar Builder at Banker Guitars

    #10:Matt Hughes Owner and Master Guitar Builder at Banker Guitars

    Today we have a fantastic artist on The Grail, Mr Matt Hughes owner and master guitar builder at Banker Guitars.
    This man has been building guitars for some of the best in the business including Marcus King, Scott Holiday of the Rival Sons and Brent Hinds of Mastodon. 
    Tune in and hear his story on how he got started building guitars and what it takes to build a Korina Flying V.
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    #9:Jesse James/West Coast Choppers

    #9:Jesse James/West Coast Choppers

    Today I sit down with my friend Jesse James and talk Choppers, Guns, BMX and the return of Monster Garage.
    I have known Jesse for a long time and I have owned some of the bikes he has built and I will tell you this no one is better at building a Handmade Chopper than Jesse.
    Jesse was the king of those Chopper shows on TV back in the day and now he returns with a new season of Monster Garage.
    Thanks to all of you for diving into my new Podcast and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes.
    Candles Lit

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    #8:Jeff Decker/Sculptor, Historian and Friend

    #8:Jeff Decker/Sculptor, Historian and Friend

    Today on The Grail I present you the Holy Grail of Cool Mr Jeff Decker. This guy is an amazing Artist and Friend.
    Jeff is an expert on the early world of Motorcycles and the culture but what really blows my mind is his art. This man does some of the finest Bronze Sculptures on the planet.
    You can see his 16-foot-tall, 5,000-pound bronze located on the grounds of the Harley Davidson Museum titled "By the Horns" It is mind-blowing.
    His bronze-cast sculptures depicting the synergy of man and modern machines, particularly historic motorcycles, is known in both the motorcycling community and the world of fine art.
    Visit him on instagram @iwasjeffdecker 

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    #7:Mikey Weiss owner of Mikey's Hook Up

    #7:Mikey Weiss owner of Mikey's Hook Up

    My guest is Mikey Weiss former Bass Player for the Dance Hall Crashers and now the owner of Mikey's Hook Up.
    After years of touring Mikey decided to try something else in life so he moved to NYC and the rest is History.
    Mikey started selling different types of electronics Cables on the street then moved it into a Kiosk in the back of a small shop and eventually watched his business grow into 2 full on stores. 1 in NYC and 1 in LA.
    This man's story is very inspiring so tune in and enjoy.

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    #6:Brian Romero/Artist

    #6:Brian Romero/Artist

    Today on The Grail my guest Brian Romero stops by and talks about how he created the art for The Grail Podcast
    Tons of people have reached out and asked who did the art for The Grail so I thought I better have Brian on ASAP.
    Brian's art is absolutely next level and it was so cool to hear his story on how he started.
    This man left a guaranteed paycheck and took a chance on himself and now it is paying off. He is exactly the type of person that I love  having on this show.
    Please Google all the artist we talk about on this episode when you are done listening and make sure you follow Brian on Instagram @brianromero

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5.0 out of 5
143 Ratings

143 Ratings

DannyOX999 ,

Dean rules

Dean rules ! He has killer guests.. every show is great !! Keep it up Dean !!!

Tanker from Buckley ,

Dean wins again

Always loved the handmade episodes on Let There Be Talk! And could not be more excited to have a podcast with Dean Delray doing podcasts that shine the light on people that create things from nothing!!!

t buscher ,

Pod cast

Best interviewer out there!

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