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High-resolution discussions about global issues from DonorSee founder, Gret Glyer.

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High-resolution discussions about global issues from DonorSee founder, Gret Glyer.

    #43 - The Roberts on driving to Guatemala in a truck while 6 months pregnant

    #43 - The Roberts on driving to Guatemala in a truck while 6 months pregnant

    Rose is due any day now! We were lucky enough to get an interview with them before their baby comes. You'll love getting to know this amazing couple who recently drove from Pennsylvania to Guatemala in a truck.
    Support the Roberts:
    DonorSee profile: https://donorsee.com/Roberts Help their security needs: https://donorsee.com/wall

    • 32 min
    #42 - Following up on my lockdown predictions

    #42 - Following up on my lockdown predictions

    I was again interviewed by Josh Vankooten. In this episode, I follow up on my earlier episode predicting what would happen with lockdowns. Let's see what I got right...and how I'm responding to it.
    Blog post Nutrition projects on DonorSee

    • 45 min
    #41 - Two friends empower women with education

    #41 - Two friends empower women with education

    Listen to Annabelle and Lu share the story about how they became friends and decided to work together to address the gender education gap in Malawi.
    Support women's education in Malawi: donorsee.com/arise

    • 33 min
    #40 - Malnutrition doubles in Liberia

    #40 - Malnutrition doubles in Liberia

    This is a unique episode in that I give an extended introduction, given the circumstances with lockdowns. Dr. Mikey is truly a hero and it was an honor to hear about the life saving work he's doing in Liberia.
    Support Dr. Mikey's project: donorsee.com/featuredproject/5657

    • 23 min
    #39 - FIRED UP about lockdowns in poor countries

    #39 - FIRED UP about lockdowns in poor countries

    I was interviewed on the Coronacast podcast by Josh VanKooten. Here is his summary:
    "In this episode, I speak with DonorSee Charity’s Founder and CEO Gret Glyer to discuss the impact that government lockdowns have had on the impoverished population of Africa. Gret explains why the poorest class of people in Africa, who live on less than $3 a day, have been severely impacted by the lockdowns and why they need them lifted now. Gret also explains how he became so passionate about this issue and why it led him to start his charity DonorSee."
    Please support my friend Josh by checking out his podcast directly: https://linktr.ee/coronacast

    • 50 min
    #38 - Lockdowns and COVID-19 around the world: a panel discussion

    #38 - Lockdowns and COVID-19 around the world: a panel discussion

    This is a panel discussion with Georgina, Margot, and Jill who are currently on-the-ground in Tanzania, Liberia, and Uganda (respectively). Support them and others on the front lines of serving the global poor during this time at donorsee.com/coronavirus.
    Jill's work: https://donorsee.com/feed5000 Margot's work: https://donorsee.com/apilotandanurse Georgina's work: https://donorsee.com/pamojaleo 

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Rossy3783929259 ,

A MUST listen-to podcast!

This podcast is incredible. It will both encourage you and challenge you. Gret does a wonderful job of talking about the reality of global poverty, but not in a way that drives you to guilt, but in a way that compels you to believe that with smart and transparent giving apps like DonorSee, we can solve and reconcile worldwide poverty in this generation. I believe wholeheartedly in Gret Glyer and the wonderful work he is doing to end injustice around the globe.

Rebekah Martin ,

Love it!

Very eye-opening, challenging, and inspiring. I love it! Gret does a wonderful job hosting and the conversations are really thought-provoking. I highly recommend it!

Aaron Nielsen CEO of LutheranB ,

No one GETS IT quite like Gret Glyer

I first met Gret Glyer when he was a guest on the Tom Woods Show and I was immediately blown away by what he was trying to do. I emailed the show host and asked how I could get in touch with Gret Glyer. At the time I was working for a Non-Profit and thought his DonorSee app would be a fantastic way for us to raise funds for specific projects in hardest hit Disaster Zones. His app was not a good fit for us but Gret and I have been friends ever.

He WALKS the WALK. Not only did he spend several years in the POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! He decided to change the status quo, and because he took the risk people all over the world are getting the help they need from generous donors who want their money to go right where it's needed.

As the CEO of a start up (several stages behind Grets and Not a non-profit) Gret is a huge inspiration to me. The way that he has grown a following around doing the right thing gives me hope for the world!

I am so glad he's started this podcast so that he can share with me, his nuggets of wisdom for how to help those who need it most.

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