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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at thegreynato@gmail.com.

The Grey Nato James Stacey and Jason Heaton

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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at thegreynato@gmail.com.

    The Grey NATO – 148 – Perfect Product 4

    The Grey NATO – 148 – Perfect Product 4

    After more than a year, it’s the return of Perfect Product and the fourth installment in the series finds both Jason and James chatting about two of their most favorite cameras, albeit very different sorts of cameras. From the get-go, the TGN boys are chatting Father’s Day watches and Jason’s upcoming book signing at Lake Monster Brewing (details below, if you’re in the St.Paul, MN area - you’re invited!).

    For Perfect Product 4, Jason has a lovely old-school titanium Nikon and James has a review of his Leica Q that is a few years in the making. From film to full-frame, there’s a little something for anyone that has a love of photography. After that, stay in the mix for a Final Notes that will have you binging nordic crime series and planning your next drive from Alaska to Argentina. Thanks so much for listening – don’t forget to subscribe to the TGN Show Notes newsletter at notes.thegreynato.com – but for now all you have to do is press play!

    Don’t forget! Jason’s book signing at Lake Monster Brewing in St. Paul, MN, on July 1st, 2021, from 5 - 8 pm https://bit.ly/3zzfCAs

    8:50 Jeff Hilliard’s story about his father’s Rolex https://bit.ly/3cN6DSs
    9:10 James’ Hands-On with his Dad’s vintage Gruen watch https://bit.ly/35uQihs
    11:30 Al Jenskey and Archer Watches https://bit.ly/3wwna56
    15:02 Expedition 16610 https://bit.ly/3iNtvVG
    16:35 Garmin Descent MK2S https://bit.ly/3zfbw0s
    20:00 Jason’ Scurfa MS21 https://bit.ly/3gB3DtK
    25:46 The Nikon F3-T https://bit.ly/3q3cqsM
    26:14 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty https://imdb.to/35CfvXX
    44:30 The Leica Q https://bit.ly/3iRf96P
    49:36 Brett Curry’s Instagram http://bit.ly/2UzDezM
    1:00:05 Leica Q Grip https://bit.ly/35uUpd7
    1:07:51 “The Investigation” via HBO https://itsh.bo/35HevRP
    1:12:33 “How To Prepare And Maintain A Car For A 50,000 Mile Road Trip Around The World” via Jalopnik https://bit.ly/35w3Vg6

    “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept” - Ansel Adams

    • 1 hr 16 min
    The Grey NATO - 147 - Designing The Garmin Descent With Patrick Danko

    The Grey NATO - 147 - Designing The Garmin Descent With Patrick Danko

    With the hopes of much more SCUBA diving on the horizon, this episode fits the theme of World Ocean Week with plenty of dive-related topics and a special interview with the man that helped to create Garmin’s high-tech and multi-talented Descent dive and multi-sport watch.

    Please welcome to the show Patrick Danko, who has been working with Garmin since 2005 and, after learning to dive with his wife, helped spearhead the Descent program with Garmin. The boys dig into dive computer culture, how to design a dive computer that is also a full-time watch, and Patrick offers both a complete breakdown of the new Descent MK2’s impressive feature list along with his love of wreck diving and some of the sites he has on his wishlist.

    Aside from the interview, James debuts a silly new segment, Jason has a snazzy new spring bar tool, and Final Notes offers a specifically ocean-based theme. Don’t forget to check out the new notes platform on Substack at notes.thegreynato.com. Feel free to leave a comment and subscribe if you want the show and notes delivered to your inbox. As for this episode, all you have to do is press play!

    1:36 notes.thegreynato.com https://bit.ly/2T8TImZ
    3:10 Our New Logo from Matt Ludvigson (@lattmudvigson) https://bit.ly/3wd9agG
    8:10 Hassler Instruments Bolt Action Spring Bar Tool MK1 https://bit.ly/2TcOZAH
    13:03 Jason’s Seiko 7002 https://bit.ly/3ccmCcx
    14:04 James’ Rolex Explorer II https://bit.ly/3pAJDvl
    15:40 Everest Rubber Strap http://bit.ly/2VlZEIW
    16:00 Garmin Descent MKII https://bit.ly/3zfbw0s
    23:01 Garmin Fenix 6S https://bit.ly/3cOt33X
    41:47 DEMA show https://bit.ly/3xdaAHN
    54:46 U352 https://bit.ly/3csR4zc
    55:44 Scapa Flow https://bit.ly/3w9UEGo
    57:20 Shadow Divers https://amzn.to/2Ok2l6H
    57:25 Submerged https://amzn.to/2RD6FVF
    57:30 Into the Planet https://amzn.to/3zhJJMA
    59:05 Garmin Outdoor on Instagram https://bit.ly/3csRXrw
    101:10 The Urchin Diver via VAER watches https://bit.ly/3cv8ew4
    1:03:41 Perpetual Planet: Heroes Of The Ocean (via Rolex) https://bit.ly/3gd6avf

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    The Grey NATO - 146 - Collection Inspection 9 (Seiko and Halios)

    The Grey NATO - 146 - Collection Inspection 9 (Seiko and Halios)

    After a long break (almost 50 episodes) we’re back with the 9th installment of Collection Inspection! But, wait, there’s more news, we also have a brand new home for show notes – notes.thegreynato.com! We have completed a full migration of the show notes, for every episode, onto the Substack platform. Substack not only gives us a simple and easily accessible home for show notes, but it also means that we now have comments for each episode and, if you subscribe to the Substack, the notes (along with a fully embedded player for the show) will be delivered to your email. Please check it out, sign up for an account, leave a comment, and subscribe if you want TGN in your inbox. We are thrilled to have this solution and Jason and James hope you love it.

    Back to the show at hand, the TGN boys are chatting gardening, new zines, an amazing new t-shirt, limited edition Scurfas, a lovely new diver from Serica, and a whole lot more. For this Collection Inspection, Jason has brought a properly beaten old Seiko and James is sharing his impressions of the more recent Halios Universa. After that, stay in the mix for a mountainous Final Notes that may see you fighting forest fires and would-be assassins while questioning the reality of the world’s summits.

    Thanks so much for listening. As always, you get can in touch via thegreynato@gmail.com, leave a comment on the episode in the notes, or even send us a voice memo as a question for the upcoming Q & A episode. For now, just press play, and thanks so much for listening.

    00:30 New Show Notes at notes.thegreynato.com
    8:40 Sunblaster Growlight Garden https://amzn.to/3wJkZLc
    10:30 Depth Charge https://amzn.to/3tRPsG9
    11:35 MKII Guinea Pig zine issue 1 https://bit.ly/2SSf9Zy
    13:15 Kill Hubris Washed Pocket T http://bit.ly/2zC9kAf
    13:25 Standard H “Avant T” T-Shirt https://bit.ly/3vM0Vrx
    13:45 Standard H Podcast https://apple.co/3uQInoZ
    16:09 Scurfa MS21 Limited Edition https://bit.ly/2TBn6m8
    18:22 Elliot Brown Holton Nivo https://bit.ly/3g4G1gv
    24:55 Serica 5303 Diver https://bit.ly/3wVjfPj
    31:23 Tudor Black Bay 41 Ceramic https://bit.ly/3i6p1cB
    40:00 Jason’s thrift store Seiko 7002 https://bit.ly/3ccmCcx
    44:14 Seiko Prospex SPB239 https://bit.ly/2RgYNZY
    57:30 Halios Universa https://bit.ly/3mwWqNF
    1:10:46 Has Anyone Really Summited The World's 14 Tallest Mountains? https://nyti.ms/3uI5dif
    1:15:42 Those Who Wish Me Dead https://imdb.to/3c6RpaE

    • 1 hr 21 min
    The Grey NATO - 145 - Catch Up Q And A!

    The Grey NATO - 145 - Catch Up Q And A!

    Not much else to say except that this is a long overdue Q & A show and we loved the questions you sent in. Jason and James got to well over half of the collected questions so we’ll do another Q & A soon (send in your questions!). But this one is jam-packed with watches, gear, hypotheticals, and a whole lot more.

    Thanks so much for listening, weekly episodes start on June 3rd. Any questions? Let us know at thegreynato@gmail.com.

    6:13 James’ Buren Min-Stop https://bit.ly/34BgrtC
    13:52 GO Sea-Q Diver https://bit.ly/3bEq0N5
    15:40 Glycine Combat diver https://bit.ly/3fz6key
    16:38 Breitling Superocean II diver https://bit.ly/3ymeBuZ
    17:30 CWC Royal Navy Diver http://bit.ly/2Q4erBQ
    25:35 Panerai Luminor PAM372 https://bit.ly/3hJJDHz
    27:35 Panerai 42mm Submersible https://bit.ly/3f192dR
    32:00 Hamilton Intra Matic 38 in gold https://bit.ly/2S3w6Qa
    34:00 Junghans Maxbill gold https://bit.ly/2QyolkX
    35:50 Paul Scurfield interview http://bit.ly/2u60z41
    39:20 Farer Watches Worldtimer review https://bit.ly/3owUeab
    49:38 IWC Spitfire UTC https://bit.ly/33ZnXiy
    50:04 Bremont Pilots watches https://bit.ly/3ftKQQh
    53:30 Patagonia MLC bag https://bit.ly/3yoyAt6
    54:11 Topo Mountain Briefcase https://bit.ly/3wlsTui
    54:50 Topo Global Briefcase 3-day https://bit.ly/2SSJneH
    55:30 Tenba DNA 15 https://bit.ly/3v373LK
    1:00:52 Aquastar Deepstar https://bit.ly/3t7z9nM
    1:06:33 Seiko “Arnie” https://bit.ly/3ddkAGN
    1:07:30 Buck 501 Squire https://bit.ly/3hDxBzp
    1:08:22 Victorinox Hunter Pro Alox https://bit.ly/2S8S9oq
    1:09:30 Garmin Instinct Tactical https://bit.ly/2QzC2jy
    1::09:50 Casio G-Shock Rangeman 9400 https://bit.ly/3hA7DNb
    1:13:45 Finch Cimarron Knife https://bit.ly/3bFlUmW
    1:10:57 Benchmade Knives https://bit.ly/3v3XvQG

    “A prudent question is one half of wisdom” - Francis Bacon

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    The Grey NATO – 144 – A Rolex For 1 Million Subscribers With Jakub From The Stright Pipes

    The Grey NATO – 144 – A Rolex For 1 Million Subscribers With Jakub From The Stright Pipes

    Episode 144 features an extra special chat episode with one-half of the wonderful – and Canadian! – team that hosts and creates videos for The Straight Pipes YouTube channel, Jakub Wrobel! The Straight Pipes is one of James’ fav car youtube channels and Jakub (along with his excellent co-host Yuri) makes some of the more fun-to-watch and down-to-earth car reviews on YouTube. In an in-depth chat that forms the middle of this episode, Jakub and James dig into the reality of making a living on YouTube, the intricacies of moving from a conventional job to that of a self-driven content creator, and of course, the story behind the Rolex that Jakub got to celebrate hitting 1 million subscribers (and many more watches he has owned along the way).

    First up, Jason and James have some show updates (big news!) and Jason gives us an update on Depth Charge and how the book (and other developments) are progressing. After the chat with Jakub, stay in the mix for a gadget-heavy Final Notes that will have you thinking like a spy while snapping the freshest of selfies. A huge TGN thank you to Jakub for being on the show – please take a moment to subscribe at the links below. Other than that, thanks for listening and just press play.

    6:40 Depth Charge https://bit.ly/3avVi8d
    7:07 Jason on the Worn and Wound podcast https://bit.ly/3emTxN3
    7:10 Jason on OT: The Podcast https://spoti.fi/3h52VXA
    13:30 Jason’s Seiko “Safarnie” https://bit.ly/3eWQc6r
    16:21 The Bremont S302 GMT https://bit.ly/3xRn3lV
    1:15:00 Kimi Raikonen autobiography https://amzn.to/33iu5Sz
    1:16:50 The Straight Pipes (Instagram) https://bit.ly/3troWlz
    1:16:55 Yuri Tereshyn (Instagram) https://bit.ly/2PUBGni
    1:17:00 The Straight Pipes (YouTube) https://bit.ly/3tgUL0w
    1:19:40 Ring Light for Phone https://amzn.to/3b7kSAV
    1:22:30 Spycraft (Netflix series) https://bit.ly/3nOVh4V

    • 1 hr 26 min
    Depth Charge - The Original Soundtrack by Oran Chan

    Depth Charge - The Original Soundtrack by Oran Chan

    Composer/producer Oran Chan created an original theme song for Jason’s new thriller, Depth Charge, and here’s the full extended version for your listening pleasure.

    Posted with direct permission from the artist (thank you, Oran!).

    For more information or to get a score of your own, please visit https://www.organiccompositions.com/ or contact oran@organiccompositions.com | https://www.instagram.com/oran__chan/

    • 5 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
641 Ratings

641 Ratings

sameeroquai ,

Great content and great chemistry between the hosts

Love this show, great background show while working and worth paying attention to otherwise. Keep it up!

IceTahoe ,

My 2 sherpas for an expensive hobby

I titled this my 2 sherpas for an expensive hobby because in their truest sense, James and Jason are guides.
I very much appreciate the variety of topics covered on TGN. While I am 80% here to think about watches, the other topics covered are fun, interesting, and well thought out.
I thoroughly enjoy the way J & J can speak to any corner of the watch market with equal enthusiasm and knowledge. This isn’t
like and death stuff but it’s great to have resources like TGN to help guide our passions. They have also helped shape the way I view the watches that I own, why I own them, and watches that I only need to appreciate.
Well done lads, I appreciate you time and efforts to create this entertaining and informative hour of my life every week.

Giosdad ,

An introspective look at gear and adventure

James and Jason are enthusiastic about every topic they bring forward. I have listened to every episode and appreciate their choice of topics, though mostly enjoy the watch talk and EDC topics the most. They are consistently authentic in their views and don’t become swayed in their opinion of products. Looking forward to many more years of TGN.

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