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If you want to dive deeper into human design for business this is THE show for you to HD Your Biz! As an entrepreneur, you can leverage your human design to create a life (and business) in high definition. Are you ready to tune up the definition in your life and business using your unique human design blueprint? If you want to activate your business genius, build a life on your terms and space more joy, abundance, and flow then stay tuned for the HD Your Biz podcast.

I firmly believe that if each one us can embody and become who we are meant to be the world will be a better place. I am your host Jamie Palmer and this is the HD Your Biz Podcast.

The HD Your Biz® Show - Human Design for Business with Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer

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If you want to dive deeper into human design for business this is THE show for you to HD Your Biz! As an entrepreneur, you can leverage your human design to create a life (and business) in high definition. Are you ready to tune up the definition in your life and business using your unique human design blueprint? If you want to activate your business genius, build a life on your terms and space more joy, abundance, and flow then stay tuned for the HD Your Biz podcast.

I firmly believe that if each one us can embody and become who we are meant to be the world will be a better place. I am your host Jamie Palmer and this is the HD Your Biz Podcast.

    Living in Congruence with Your Human Design - The Know Embody Become Process

    Living in Congruence with Your Human Design - The Know Embody Become Process

    Have you entered into your human design experiement? In this episode, I dive deep into talking about my Know Emobdy Become Process for getting back to the nature of who you are through the lens of human design. I delve into why it is essential to not only know but to have depth so you can get to the root of the issue instead of treating the symptom. I share how to begin to recognize when you are shoud'ing yourself and how to shorten your window of awareness so you can step out of the not-self faster and then reckon with that not-self and the story you are telling yourself there so you can step on the path to the embodiment, inhabiting this iteration of yourself that has been buried so that you can step into your becoming. 

    In human design, there is a lot of talk about living your human design experiment and how it takes seven years to find complete alignment. I believe becoming yourself is a lifelong process of peeling back the layers and the conditioning so that you can step into who you were born to be and get back to the nature of who you are before the weight of the world and all of the not-self, should's and expectations were placed on you. 

    Dive into this episode on The Know Embody Become Process to live in alignment with you human design. 
    If you want to dive deeper and see the graphic, check out the blog post here. 

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    Yearly Planning & Goal Setting with Human Design - Plot, Plan and Map your Destination

    Yearly Planning & Goal Setting with Human Design - Plot, Plan and Map your Destination

    In this episode of the Human Design Your Business Podcast, we dive into yearly planning and goal setting with human design. 
    As the year comes to a close, this is the season when many entrepreneurs reflect on the past year and set goals for the year to come. 
    Today, I am going to share my process for yearly planning in alignment with your human design. I encourage you to throw out all of the rules of how you are "supposed" to plan your year and I encourage you to embrace the possibilities of what you desire and the life you want to create. 
    When I think about human design and yearly planning, or goal setting, I can't help but realize that not all of us are meant to plan out our goals and achievements for the year in the same way. For example, manifesting generators may not want to write anything down. They might want to sit in an exercise of visualization. Generators may need someone to ask them questions so that they have something to respond to. A projector may want to think about what they need to do in order to be seen and therefore recognized. If you have left-facing arrows you might want a more detailed plan vs. right-facing arrows. You might want more fluidity. 
    The reality is I like to take the pressure off when setting goals particurlarly through the lens of human design because we are not all designed to operate in the same way. I encourage you to take what resonates in this episode and leave the rest. The first I consider when yearly planning with human design is the ethos of the year. The ethos of the year is going to set the tone for what is to come for the year and the milestones along the way. The second thing I consider is the domino effect. The domino effect is from the book, The ONE Thing, which is essentially the idea that if I were to move this one thing forward it would support in moving all other things forward. Now the reality is the Domino thing may not be something that you can achieve in one year...but that's ok. As you move through this exercise I encourage you to remember the fact that we often overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in five. 
    When we think about the Ethos of our year I have boiled it down to 4. 
    The Experiement Year
    The Foundation Building Year
    The Expansion Year
    The Sustainable Year
    Each have themes to them and depending on the theme we can get clear on both our destination and goals as well as the plan to get us their in alignement with our human design. 
    Tune into the full episode to learn more about how to plan your year and set your goals in alignement with your human design. 
    If you would like to come study human design with me in my HD Wild program you can learn more at here. 

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    Begin Again - Reflections on Letting Go

    Begin Again - Reflections on Letting Go

    For those who are caught in the in between and messy middle This is a love note, poem, short story or novella on peeling back the layers of the world and beginning again. Those who are straddling two worlds and stuck in between. Those who are breaking cycles. Those who are letting go. Those who are shattering the way things are supposed to be done and doing it in their own way. Those who are getting vulnerable. This is for every person who’s doubted themselves, who said yes when they wanted to say no, who has shrunk themselves into the box of someone else’s expectations. This is for the dreamers, the creatives, the artists, the entrepeneurs, the ones who want to do it on their own terms.
    You know who you are.
    I see you, I believe in you and there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way out when you break the chains of the chatter of your mind. I’ve spent the last 9 months tuning out the noise and tuning into my being, my knowing and my truth. Nine months of truly leaning into my power. I know the pains. I know the heartache. I know the struggle. I know it’s easier to sucomb then become but I promise you there is light. I promise the air is crisper. The light is lighter. The being is purer when you come out on the other side. It gets easier, lighter, and more fulfilling.

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    Not Self Of the Mind in Human Design - Should'ing Yourself in Business

    Not Self Of the Mind in Human Design - Should'ing Yourself in Business

    Shoulding yourself and the not self of the mind in business.
    The not-self of the mind in human design is centered in logic and sense making. While this can be useful in business, it can also lead you to 'should'ing" yourself with all those things that you are supposed to be doing. Learn more about the centers in human design, their not self themes or "should" themes in business. How to recognize with more speed when you are shoulding yourself in business. 
    Have you ever thought to yourself, “Oh I should do that.” Or “ I should do this”. Over the last couple of weeks I have been hearing it more and more, with clients, colleagues and in social media. The reality is I’m guilty of “should’ing myself” from time to time as well. The more I pay attention the more I hear it in different iterations as well, “this makes sense” or my personal favorite. “on paper this looks great.”
    When I take a step back to think about what “should’ing actually is especially through the lens of human design it is the not-self.
    The should’ing shows up in our
    Marketing & keeping up with the latest trends like tik tok or reels Sales & selling systems & tools Need to try the new thing, tool, or thing aka Glittery Object Syndrome Offers & business model trends What our idea of “success” is Working hours Pricing Time frame to respond If we examine our “should’ing” through the lens of human design this is the not self of the mind. The not-self of the mind is the spokesperson or mental monologue of the mind when we are out of alignment within one of our centers or with our strategy and authority.  In the human design body graph there are several places where we can be in the not self or low expression
    With our type – projector – bitterness & resentment, manifestor – anger & shame, manifesting generator – frustration & anger, generator – frustration, reflector disappointment.
    And with the 9 centers – head, ajna, throat, identity, heart, sacral, spleen, solar plexus and root.
    For this discussion on should’ing and the not self of the mind in business, we are going to stick with the not-self of the centers. There are three ways centers show up in the bodygraph – defined – colored in, undefined – white with only gates, open – no gates. Within each center there is a polarity and a dichotomy. The high expression and the low expression, particualy with the undefined centers (the white ones). The undefined centers are the places where we take on conditioning and end up in the not self. Of which, the mind, is the not-self spokesperson of these centers or the voice of the “should”. The conditioning comes from friends, family, coaches, those around us, society, culture norms, social media and more. When we are in the “not self” we are out of alignment with our strategy and authority. The not-self of the mind is a tricky thing because it wants to logic us. It’s sole purpose is to keep us alive. The mind, through the lens of human design, is here to be in service of others. It is not here to be used as a decision making tool for us to operate on ourselves. That is what our strategy and authority is for.
    The mind, is rational, reasonable, sense-making and logical. It yearns to do the thing or things that make the most sense based on what we have seen, read about or experienced. The mind operates from a place of fear and pressure. It is primitive in this sense even though it is very powerful (and convincing). For many of us we live in the place of “if this makes sense then it must be correct for me.” I know I have operated in this way in the past even when my gut was screaming for me to go in a different direction. The challenge with this is that our gut, intuition or inner knowing will often nudge us to do x and our mind ‘logics” us out of those decisions.
    When we leverage human design as tool we rely on our authority for our decision making process rath

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    The Human Design Reflector In Business

    The Human Design Reflector In Business

    Let's talk about the Human Design Reflector in Business The human design type reflector accounts for less than 1% of the population. The reflector is here to be a mirror to the envirornment, people and community that surrounds them. The reflector sees the depths of humanity, the flaws, the strengths, the weaknesses and everything in between. Relfectors have the ablity to see the gifts and potential in others. The reflector strategy is to wait 28 days before making decisions. The reason reflectors need to wait 28 days is because that allows the moon to cycle through the 64 gates in the human design chart. This allows the reflector to one day have an inner knowing what is correct for them. In business, the reflector, is here to cultivate an envirornment and community that sparks joy and excitement for them. An aligned reflector is one who lives in the present, is in an envirornement that makes them feel really good, surrounded by people they trust and gives them gift of wonder and awe of, "who am I today?" Since a reflector is reflection of their envirornement they are constantly changing and/or are chameleon like.  A healthy reflector is one who is part of or has created a community that makes them feel really good. They are aware that their have a great deal of openness in their chart and regularly spend time in nature to filter off the energy that is not theirs. They are an old soul, often, wise beyond their years. They have a knack for seeing the depth of people and a kean sense for when someone is ready to step into and live their full potential. Relfectors are here to see the true authentic potential in others. 
    Reflector's signature theme is that of excitement and delight. A reflector experiences this when the people and community they are a part of surprise them. This could be an actual surprise or a surprise in getting invited to do something they didn't expect. Reflectors want to sample all that life has to offer. They love to experience the depth of the world and all its dichotomy. This excitement and delight of the surprise happens when the reflector doesn't expect the behavior of the other. Since reflectors see the highs and lows of the human experience the excitement of this surprise is a delightful surprise something the reflector didn't expect. 
    The not-self theme of the reflector is disappointment. Disappointment for the reflector often happens when those in their community don't reach their potential. When the reflector experiences the lows of the human experience, when someone isn't fulfilling their potential. Reflectors have to learn to dance with this disappointment as it is real but it is not their own. The reflector cannot own that the other is not fulfilling their potential. They job is simple to see the potential in others not carry it. Disappointement can run rampet for reflectors when they are in the wrong envirornement. This is because envirornment plays such a key factor in the health and success of the reflector. The role for the reflector is to find the envirornement where they thrive and that feels good to them in all aspects of their life. Creating practices where reflectors dispell the energy of others is key for them in living to the highest expression of themselves. 
    In business, reflectors do best in communities where there is a healthy, vibrant culture, whatever that means for them. Reflectors will need to honor their chamleon like personality as it cycles through the lunar cycle and understand which gate definition is actually theirs. This definition can offer some insight into the passion and fulfillement that the reflector seeks. Allowing reflectors the space to be who they are on whatever day is key for them to live in alignement. Reflectors live in the moment and find joy in the hear and now. Cultivating a business that doesn't lock them into one thing is key. 
    In summary, reflectors are the rarest of the types. Reflectors are truly unique people who are here to mirror back

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    The Manifesting Generator In Business

    The Manifesting Generator In Business

    The human design type manifesting generator accounts for 32% of the population. The manifesting generator is here to first visualize the outcome they want to achieve, then tap into their sacral response and then inform the key parties in their life of their actions.  In business, manifesting generators are best suited in a fast paced work environment where they can bounce from task to task, project to project since multi-tasking is their superpower. Manifesting generators are here to do work they love, work that brings them joy. They thrive in business when they can interact with different projects and people and can pursue multiple passions.  Manifesting generators need to balance time in relation, working alongside people and time alone. MG's move quickly and can feel slowed down by others however MG's need others in order to be successful.  A healthy manifesting generator is one who is tapped into their sacral response of un-huh (yes)  and ut-huh (no). They can literally feel the push and pull from within their bodies. It is almost as if they light up from within if something is a yes for them. Many adult manifesting generators struggle to connect with this feeling in their body. A great way to reconnect with a manifesting generator's sacral is to find someone you trust and have them ask the manifesting generator yes or no questions. This could be something as simple as, What do you want x for dinner? Your name is X? Are you x years old? Open-ended questions don't work well for a manifesting generator. Many of my clients are manifesting generators and they thrive when they have space and freeom to do what they want and oscilate between working with people and doing their own thing. Manifesting generators do not like to be tied down. They like their space and multi-tasking process. Do not try and change their process, it works for them. Manifesting Generators may seem to the outside world to be super human in what they can achieve since they are always working on multiple projects.
    The not-self theme of the manifestng generator is anger and frustration. If a manifesting generator is experiencing anger or  frustration then they are often out of alignment with their design. Frustration happens for manfiesting generators when often when they have said yes to something that was really a no or if they are feeling like other people are slowing them down and they would like to move faster. Anger happens for manifesting generators often when they have failed to inform the key people in their lives and created turbulance with their inner circle. MG's will often be angry when they are asked to focus instead of honoring their unique process of getting things down. Manifesting generators often like to move fast but they must balance this quick movement with understanding that to speed up they must first slow down and respond. An unaligned manifesting generator finds timeselves in a dance with the universe carefully visualizing the outcomes they desire, pausing to dance with the universe and then taking taking action. Of course, the caveat to this is the emotional authority manifesting generator. 
    In business, manifesting generators do best in envirornments that move quickly where they can multitask or are not stuck focusing on one project. For example, this could be in a mastermind envirornment where there are lots of people to interact with or with course where they can both teach, research/learn and then do. Manfiesting Generators are here to do work they love to do and they often see an interconnectedness between things that they other types might not see since their focus is more singular. Manifesting generators are often happy to work along doing their own thing for hours at a time. They apprecaite having freedom and don't like to have to be teethered to a computer for hours on end. Walk and talks are a great way for manfiesting generators to burn off their energy while also working/doing something they love.
    In summary

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Melassilia ,


Thank you! What you’ve said about the Reflector type was on point! I would love to listen more about this Human Design Type!

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