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The Healing You Method, with Gloria Lybecker, explores how the blends of relational neuroscience and resonant language, with the power of somatic empathy, literally rewires our brain and restores our capacity for self-love, emotional regulation, and well-being.

The Healing You Method with Gloria Lybecker Gloria Lybecker

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The Healing You Method, with Gloria Lybecker, explores how the blends of relational neuroscience and resonant language, with the power of somatic empathy, literally rewires our brain and restores our capacity for self-love, emotional regulation, and well-being.

    172. I Can’t Breathe!

    172. I Can’t Breathe!

    After walking up the stairs early one morning, I heard my lungs begin to wheeze, and as a rattling stirred deep in my chest, my mind screamed, "I’m not getting enough air - I can’t breathe!" instantaneously my whole body tightened into resistance with such an intensity that blind panic coursed through me.

    My eyes desperately scanned my outer environment for some means of help, and in that moment, I recognized this inner-state of being on a cellular level; learned helplessness. As I stopped, frozen in the ever-present-past, another layer of implicit belief emerged; “even if there was someone there - they couldn’t help me - it’d make it worse.”

    When that was not instantly made wrong by my inner critic, I felt a slight inner-shift as a tender aspect of my inner self emerged, which seemed very vulnerable and all alone. So completely and utterly alone there was no one else to reach out to, no one to see me, to hear me, or to help me.

    I resisted the inner impulse to flee (where would I go) and slowed my inner experience by leaning forward, elbows on knees, and gently held my forehead in my hands. I consciously focused on self-connection.

    I remember I felt my lungs swell, and my airway began to contract, the terrifying panic once again rose up within. An image of my horse, Shadow, flashed briefly in my mind’s eye, of when he had reared and torn my shoulder from its socket and the associated terror of panic that had reached for me.

    I then remembered how there had come a time when I chose to live the inner practice I had been learning to do. To willingly and mindfully let go of everything at the very moment it rises; notice it is coming, it peaks, and then it leaves. So with every sensation, every emotion, every thought, every yearning or need, to willingly let go of my inner attachment to it at its peak as a continuous, nonstop process, allowing each layer to emerge naturally.

    Empowered by the memory of that vibrant experience, I closed my eyes, looked up above my inner horizon, and sensed the Light. I felt this Light and Love come right in, and consciously breathed the healing energy deep into my body. I allowed the Light’s warmth to shine right into my head, to flow into my 3rd eye, into my ears, my throat, my chest, to flow down my arms, my torso, my stomach, my hips. I allowed this Light and Love to flow into my thighs, knees, and feet, I heard my Essential Self say, "I am open to receiving Pure Source Energy and Love."

    Then I sensed the Light flow from my feet into the center of the planet where - as above and so below - there’s another space that provides Pure Source Energy. It felt warm and welcoming, like "Oh, I’m so glad you are here!" Yeah! So I let that Loving Light bounce back, like a mini-trampoline, up through my feet, my calves, my thighs, my hips, my stomach, my torso, and into my heart radiating out 360 degrees all the way around me so I was in a big bubble of Love and Light from above and below. (This whole inner experience happened in less than 1/10,000’s of a second.)

    I chose with faith to let go of frantically attempting to control my experience by searching for help outside myself, and instead mindfully looked within my sense of Self to become aware of my Essential Self, which is always here, always now.

    What I learned was it’s not so much about verbally describing my experience, as it is simply being willing to feel the sensations in the moment. As I continued to lean my forehead (3rd eye, prefrontal cortex) to rest in my hands, inside I experienced my forehead sinking into the chest of God and being held - tears of relief and recognition began to flow - I am being held all the time, I had just been blocked myself from seeing it and feeling it.

    I had unknowingly bought myself a label, which had been sold to me by well-meaning health care authorities, "I have asthma." I had unwittingly identified myself with the whole "asthma" program.

    I was experiential

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    171. She’s Just So Grumpy All The Time!

    171. She’s Just So Grumpy All The Time!

    I remember when I received a call from a young mother, who was desperately reaching out for support. She said, ”I don’t think it was an accident that you have come into my life. I really need help with my daughter, she’s got so much anxiety building inside her. Maybe it’s not anxiety, but she’s just so grumpy all the time!"

    I gently asked, "Hearing your inner sense of desperation, I’m wondering if you would be willing to receive some empathy guesses from me?"

    "Yes," she responded, "I’m so desperate I will try anything! It’s so hard to parent her!"

    "Oh, feeling so desperate," noticing my tummy contract, I paused for a moment, "I’m wondering if it might be supportive just to drop into your body for a moment and notice any sensations, any sense of where in your body this feeling of desperation reside?"

    After a moment of silence, she answered, "In my stomach."

    "Does it feel tight or hard? Expansive or light?"

    "Tight, and my throat is tight," As she dipped into her bodily sensations the sound of tears filtered her expression,."it’s going all the way into my stomach."

    "Oh," I responded softly, "Do you need to be seen for just how hard it feels right now, in this very moment?"

    "Uh-huh." She answered through her tears.

    "And maybe to be seen for how much courage it takes to reach out for a little hope and support - to experientially tap into the sweetness of feeling felt?" I paused a moment before continuing, "I’m wondering what happens in your body as you receive these guesses just now?"

    "Relief!" She exclaimed, "I feel more relaxed and breathing easier now..."

    We all need to experience the relief of being welcomed with warmth, of being received with empathic understanding when we experience the stress of overwhelm in our relationships, especially with our children and/or partners.

    When we create trusted pockets of empathy support for ourselves, we are strengthening our own capacity to authentically express sincere love and kindness in moments of stress - instead of reacting from old patterns of anger, frustration, fear or disappointment.

    Do you need the relief that comes from connecting with someone who understands? I invite you to reach out to me today at HealingYouSanctuary.com I look forward to meeting with you.

    Thanks for being on this journey with me today, Healing You.
    *Are you ready to step into the light and out of the shadows, to experience the resonance of somatic empathy and warm accompaniment?

    You can start my course introducing The Healing You Method here:

    [The Healing You Method - Episode 171]

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    170. I Felt Shock Run Through Me

    170. I Felt Shock Run Through Me

    When we have close relationships with other people, there are going to be inevitable ruptures that will happen. Some of those ruptures may not make sense in the moment, yet they can leave you staggered.

    I’ll never forget one day talking on the phone with a very dear, close friend. I heard them say, ”I don’t know if I can call you back, I’m so overwhelmed I just don’t think I can."

    When I took in this expression from my trusted friend, I felt a sense of shock run through me, as if cold icy water had splashed in my face. My stomach contracted, and my heart burned, desperately crying out in confusion for companionship, mattering and understanding. Then I felt my whole sense of self slowly become numb, and cellular exhaustion descended upon my heart and soul. The rest of the day was a blur as I experienced everything and everyone as an irritation and annoyance.

    I didn’t bother to arise early the next morning, but hid underneath the warm thick covers, waiting with a glimmer of hope for my scheduled empathy call to ring in. Relief coursed through my body as I answered the call yet I noticed a bit of inner resistance and disconnect as I was asked what age this shocked part of self was.

    "I don’t have a sense of being any age at all." I responded. Encouraged to drop into my body sensations, I felt the familiar burn in my chest, and contraction in my belly. Then, suddenly, my throat clenched, and tears stung my eyes and the remembrance of my best friend’s birthday party, in seventh grade, sprang into my mind’s eye. Time traveling, I heard the new girl from school demand I be left behind in the woods, utterly alone. Shock, despair, confusion and bewildered disbelief numbed me. Even after finding my way back to my friend’s house, and sometime later after everyone returned, I realized I was completely invisible and no longer mattered to my once loved and warm community.

    "This brings tears to my eyes. Does your Compassionate Self have a guess for this little you?" My empathy angel asked, "Or would you like some support with guesses?"

    Barely able to speak, I gratefully received a steady flow of life serving guesses for this younger part of self, and witnessed layer after layer of shame, horror, and embarrassment release from my body. I breathed in the resonant tone of voice laced with grace, care, tenderness and love, and allowed my body to shake as it released the blocked emotions.

    I realized that when I had turned to my mother, for comfort and understanding, she had been as confused and bewildered as I, and simply said she didn’t know why it had happened. Left with no support to make sense of my sudden isolation, my body repressed the sharp pain of the memory until I was held with the kind of support that sought not to take away my pain, but to help me sit with it, acknowledge it, and release it.

    Then my Compassionate Self-Witness, my right pre-frontal cortex, brought two gorgeous black Friesian horses back in time and invited my younger self to ride home with her. With the warm wind blowing through our hair, we rode over the grassy hills, under a warm blue sky, all the way back to the barn. Days later now, I notice the cells of my body feel open, light, energized and present. Such a new experience.

    It is essential to realize that any barrier we experience, when it comes to fully accepting our children or others, originates in our own past conditioning. When we are unable to accept them, it’s because old wounds have been triggered in us. When we are willing to allow these tender, vulnerable parts of ourselves to be held, and welcomed back with loving acceptance and gratitude, we discover the path to holding others in that same Light of Love and acceptance.

    Thanks for being on this journey with me today, Healing You.
    *Are you ready to step into the light and out of the shadows, to experience the resonance of somatic empathy and warm accompaniment?

    You can start my course in

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    169. When You Are Tired And Need Rest

    169. When You Are Tired And Need Rest

    I’ve been experiencing some post-Covid low energy and needing deeper, undisturbed rest for rejuvenation. This morning I paid attention to where my thoughts went when I first awoke.

    What is the first thing you think of when you wake in the morning? Are you looking forward to the new day or do you want to roll over and go back to sleep? Personally, when I paid attention to my thought life I recognized I was getting into the habit of a "roll over and go back to sleep and hide from the day" kinda thing, rather than making myself wrong, I got curious and invited myself into a deeper process with my inner Essential Self.

    "Are you really tired and needing deeper rest?" My Essential Self guessed.

    I felt my body soften, gently uncurling, with my eyes still closed in a semi-slumber. Slowly awakening me, my Essential Self asked with care, "Maybe you are needing some shared reality and acknowledgement for the complexity of all that you hold and do in a given day."

    I spontaneously drew in a deep breath, feeling the relaxation that comes from a deep aliveness as it began to course through my being. "Are you needing the faith and freedom to trust you’ll awaken inspired to create your day doing what you love?"

    A warm smile spread across my face as I opened my eyes, to stretch and gaze at the beautiful ocean painting, which was my mother’s. The memory of my mother, the soft colors and imagery of the ebb and flow of the tide washed over me. I felt a deep healing resonance shift my inner experience from resistance, to one of peace. Endless possibilities gloriously stretched out all around me.

    When we lovingly listen to and accept ourselves at the soul level, right where we are, rather than berating ourselves for not being as we "should" be, it allows us an opportunity to be birthed all over again. When we then open our eyes we can see with the eyes of our soul. When we see the beauty of divinity in not only ourselves, but in each person we encounter, our relationships deepen, and the bonds of our unions strengthen.

    Creativity and inspiration are the opposite of routine. When you consciously know where you are going and have faith you will get there, allowing yourself to adapt to any changes, you can experience your infinite potential. You’ll naturally act differently and attract consistently what you’ve aligned with. Relating to each other from the soul level, we are empowered to radiate out an expansion of love, joy, compassion, and harmony into our world.

    Deepen your inner experience by connecting with me today at www.HealingYouSanctuary.com I look forward to meeting you.

    Thanks for being on this journey with me today, Healing You.
    *Are you ready to step into the light and out of the shadows, to experience the resonance of somatic empathy and warm accompaniment?

    You can start my course introducing The Healing You Method here:

    [The Healing You Method - Episode 169]

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    168. When Kids Like Something Too Much

    168. When Kids Like Something Too Much

    There are times that parents can become dulled to the emotional expression of their children. Especially when it seems as if they never get a break, or there is no one to talk with about what it’s like for them as the parent.

    I remember several years ago walking down a store aisle to stand in line at the pharmacy. I felt my ears prick when I heard a young child cry out loudly. I looked around, to see whether I could be of assistance, when I stepped into the center aisle I saw a little girl of about 2-3 years of age crying. A man, I imagine it was her father, took ahold of her arm, leaned over her small form, and demanded in a very firm voice, "Be quiet! Stop it right now!"

    The little girl shrank back yet naturally continued to cry loudly as her mother turned away from her and began to push the grocery cart, which held an even younger girl, down the aisle. The father pulled on the child’s arm, nearly jerking her off her feet, as he spanked her with his other hand, again commanding, "Be quiet, and stop crying right now!" This time the little girl cried out a wobbly little, "Okay." And gave a valiant attempt to calm herself as he released her and walked on ahead. The child blindly trailed after her family.

    I felt stunned and turned to stand back in the pharmacy line, a sense of nausea was heavy within me having witnessed these young parents’ misplaced responses that shriveled the young child’s spirit.

    When our children are just being themselves, they are unconcerned with the things we parents can so often obsess over - such as how things might look to other people. Children, especially young children, tend to plunge head first into the experience of life, willing to risk it all. Deliberately I took a few deep cleansing breaths and intentionally sent pure Love and Light to embrace and sooth the young family, especially the father and daughter pair.

    I sensed someone was standing in line behind me so I turned and with a bit of amazement saw the same young father standing behind the cart with his younger daughter in it. She was twisting about and crying in distress as she tried again and again to reach the pretty purple Halloween basket that was positioned at the furthest end of the cart, well away from her grasp.

    I smiled and waved at the little one and noticed she paused to focus on me for a moment before reaching again and again for the basket. I caught her father’s eye and asked, "How old is your daughter?"

    "One year." He replied with a look of exasperation.

    "She sure does like her Halloween basket doesn’t she!" I acknowledged.

    With a bit of a sigh and he rolled his eyes and nodded, "A bit too much at the moment."

    Deliberately I turned my head slightly to one side, shifted my body a little sideways, and leaned forward to become smaller as I turned in the direction of the child. I looked into her eyes as I wondered out loud, "Now how could it be possible to like such a colorful basket too much when you are only one? How could that be?"

    The little girl returned my warm eye gaze and broke into a beautiful smile. I returned her smile and wiggled my fingers say saying "Hi!" to which she wiggled her chubby little fingers back. How precious it was this sweet moment of warm, accepting connection.

    I noticed the father’s shoulders relax, and then he pushed the cart so his child was nearer to me. I began playing a little game of peek-a-boo with her as we passed the time standing in line. Before I moved on to engage with the pharmacist I met the father’s eye gaze for a moment and said with heart-felt sincerity, "What precious children you have."

    He nodded thoughtfully before turning to gaze at his little one.

    Many people don’t slow down long enough to consider how the way they show up in relationship affects the children around them. Despite our best intentions we can enslave our children to the emotional legacy we received from our parents, binding them to the incapacitating inh

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    167. Feeling The Weight Of The World

    167. Feeling The Weight Of The World

    How do people change, and how does one move through the ripples that flow from change itself? Do you welcome change with curiosity and openness in your body, or is it something you’d prefer to avoid all together and your body contracts at the very thought of change? Stepping into new schedules can be quite an adjustment for most, and for many others it can require an enormous step of faith, courage, and inner growth.

    When my son, Rylan, was going to begin Junior High he was going to be participating in classes that would open up new opportunities for him; expand his learning, develop inner confidence, and create new friendships in community.

    The last month of summer we deliberately focused on preparing for these changes by gradually shifting our schedules, so that everyone experienced as much ease and flow as possible. One of the ways we prepared was by joining a gym, meeting with a personal trainer, (for Physical Ed) and then going to the gym.

    Waking Rylan up in the morning, to be at the gym by ten, was not a piece of cake. Let me share a story with you. I would speak in a quiet ton attempting to wake him gently. ”Rylan…it’s time to wake up!”

    He pulled the covers up over his head, and I heard a deep groan, "Go away. I’m tired."

    "C’mon buddy," I’d coaxed, "remember we planned to go to Oz Fitness today!"

    "Stop yelling at me, I’m not going!" he said vehemently as he further burrowed into his blankets. "Leave me alone!"

    I felt my tummy clench, while images of a grumpy Rylan sprang to my mind’s eye in living color. I rocked back on my heels and released a deep belly breath to sooth myself. Quickly, I imagined a big beautiful orange flower (his favorite color) opening up to embrace and enfold the grumpy image. I hurled it energetically out of my personal territory and watched it dissipate.

    Then, I turned to gaze upon the mound in the bed that was my son, I pulled back the covers, and said in a cheerful tone, "Okay, getting up is what we are doing! Sean is going to wonder where you are at! We’ve got things to be about - time to get a move on!"

    "Sean’s coming?" he asked as he sat up.

    "Of course he is!" I smiled, "You guys get to work out together, remember?"

    "Yeah, okay, I’ll get ready."

    Ten minutes later Rylan hollered. "I can’t do it! I can’t go! Just leave without me!" He came out of the bathroom with wet hair, and stressed, "I’m trying to get ready and nothing is working for me!" As he grabbed his hair and messed it up.

    As I opened my mouth about to speak, he said urgently, "Don’t say anything! Just leave! Go! Wait in the car! Now!!!"

    My solar plexus and face tighten and tingled, it was as if hot coals were preparing to hit my body with intensity. I shut my eyes slowly and dropped into my body. As I sensed the sensations of anger, a tensing of my back, arms and fists, (as if preparing to hit) I acknowledged the underlying impulses of healthy aggression alerting me of the need for protection and to set clear limits around taking action to obtain the things we need. After the sizzling sensations subsided, I released my breath and took a few deliberate steps back to defuse the energy in my body and in the room.

    When I noticed the time, I felt so torn. On one hand I was worried about being late, and on the other hand I wanted Rylan to have all the space he needed to transition and experience success. In an attempt to reduce his sensory input, I turned my body sideways as I replied, "Rylan, I will be in the car waiting for you, son. The car leaves in five minutes.”

    His eyes widened in fear, and he shouted, "Don’t pressure me! Just leave!"

    My scalp instantly tingled and I felt my Essential Self beckon me, saying, “I’m here with you Gloria. Rather than feeling his emotions in this moment, he has become swallowed up by them and needs some spaciousness, and for you to trust and believe he will find himself again." She smiled and gently wrapped

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4.8 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

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Warm, resonant and authentic

Gloria is an open-hearted friend in an increasingly stressful world. Her podcast has introduced me to ideas, people, and practices that help me through my days. I highly recommend her podcast and her classes.

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Working with Gloria was such a delight. She is an exceptional interviewer that knows how to really listen and respond with a heart felt questions. I love every second of it. Her podcasts offering so much wisdom and healing to this world.

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Heart and Knowledge

Listening to Gloria's podcasts, I feel touched by her open heart and depth of knowledge. Her passion for creating warm community is inspiritng.

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