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How well do you know the human body body? And have you been keeping up with health news? Play a game and hear the latest research; plus other fitnessy fun facts. We've got a combined 25 years of editing and interviewing the experts (doctors, coaches, and nutrition specialists) for T-Nation.com, and we've written some of the highest-read fitness-related articles on the internet.

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How well do you know the human body body? And have you been keeping up with health news? Play a game and hear the latest research; plus other fitnessy fun facts. We've got a combined 25 years of editing and interviewing the experts (doctors, coaches, and nutrition specialists) for T-Nation.com, and we've written some of the highest-read fitness-related articles on the internet.

    The Episode That Changes Everything

    The Episode That Changes Everything

    Is it time to take off the Fit Pants?  The whole show is going in a new direction and expanding on everyone's favorite segment. So be on the lookout for more episodes and more fun... but without the pants.

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    A Legal Pill That Prevents Fat Regain & How To Appear 50% More Attractive

    A Legal Pill That Prevents Fat Regain & How To Appear 50% More Attractive

    A nutrient to prevent yo-yo dieting, an ingredient that causes impulsivity, the trick for becoming more attractive, and when to shift your goal away (!!) from muscle growth.
    On Our Minds
    The theme of an upcoming T-Nation.com article is a fill-in-the-blank with this sentence: "We're not supposed to say this but...." And all the editors have contributed to it.
    But Chris's answer was particularly provocative for anyone who lifts. His take? At some point, stop trying to build more muscle. Sounds cringey at first. But for some, his explanation will be liberating.
    1. HFCS and aggression/impulsivity: Fructose and uric acid as drivers of a hyperactive foraging response: A clue to behavioral disorders associated with impulsivity or mania?
    2. Swagger and Attractiveness: This Way of Walking Makes You Look Twice as Attractive
    3. Mercury and fish: How to Cancel Mercury in Fish
    4. The Exercise For Maximal and Explosive Strength: Kettlebell Swing Training Improves Maximal and Explosive Strength
    Quiz Notes
    To recreate the kettlebell swing study, here's the weight you'd use:
    • Men with a body mass over 70 kg (154 pounds) used a 16-kg (35 pound) kettlebell.
    • Men with a body mass under 70 kg (154 pounds) used a 12-kg (26 pound) kettlebell.
    The researchers didn't study women, but if you're a weight-training woman, chances are, you can use the same weight kettlebells as the male subjects from this study... if not more.
    One of the biggest problems with dieting is the amount of weight most people regain afterward. It's often over and above what the person weighed to begin with. However, according to one study, the use of curcumin may be able to prevent that "yo-yo" effect. Here's a closer look at the study: Curcumin limits weight gain, adipose tissue growth, and glucose intolerance following the cessation of exercise and caloric restriction in rats
    And if here's a breakdown of it from T-Nation.com editor TC Luoma: Take This To Stay Lean After Dieting
    Shugart Cart
    • Ultimate Abs: The Definitive Guide To Building a Chiseled Six Pack, by Gareth Sapstead
    • ON Running: Cloud Flyer (Dani's Shoes), Cloud X (Chris's Shoes)

    • 45 min
    A New Reason To Take Creatine & The Science of Jacked Women

    A New Reason To Take Creatine & The Science of Jacked Women

    How to get revved up for any workout, the unexpected trap-building exercise, a study on the perception of females with muscle, new science on how muscle burns fat, and why creatine deficiency is on the rise.
    On Our Minds
    There's a trick to get yourself excited for any workout: do your favorite thing first. My favorite thing (Dani here) accidentally grew my traps seemingly in a matter of days. And if you’re also a fan of my favorite lift, here’s a similar chain to help you load it up like I did.
    Then we get into a study that looks at the way people perceive different levels of muscularity on women. Without being able to see the pictures subjects actually looked at, it's kind of disturbing how childishly stereotypical that perception is. BUT we don't know the extent of the muscularity the subjects saw.
    We also discuss this new trend of bashing muscular women in an effort to shame them into becoming helpless and stereotypically girly. I’m all for femininity, but these “trad wife” edicts are just vapid and arbitrary.
    Take the quiz and see if you can beat my score! Chris tests our knowledge on these things:
    1. The "vesicles" in muscle cells and what they can do: Study
    2. The least sexy muscle on men according to women: Article
    3. What changes the attractiveness of the female voice: Study
    4. The favorite junk food, state by state: USA Map
    If this doesn't scare you out of veganism, nothing else will. Creatine is now considered a "conditionally essential" nutrient, and you get it from meat and animal byproducts. Even though you can eat it naturally in your diet, many aren't getting the bare minimum. Check out how much our intake has been dropping over time and what it's causing: Study here. Now, the easy solution is to get enough meat/dairy. But if for some reason you can't, supplementation is a smart idea. I wish the general public would stop thinking of creatine as "just a bodybuilding supplement", and stop getting it confused with creatinine. (Those are two totally different things.)
    Shugart Cart
    Here's the plant company I recommend: Bros With Hoes Plant Co
    Here's Chris's recipe for Moscow Mule:
    • 1/2 Lime
    • 2 Ounces of Ketal One Vodka
    • 6 Ounces of any diet ginger beer

    • 58 min
    Weight Loss Gambling & Unhealthy Government Tyranny

    Weight Loss Gambling & Unhealthy Government Tyranny

    How to win money through weight loss, the drug that reduces body fat, the number one cause of death, government overreach, PDA, pick-up artists, and the exercise that lowers testosterone.
    On Our Minds
    Is gambling with your health EVER a good idea? One company says you can make money by wagering on the amount of weight you can lose. So we discuss it.
    1. Performative kissing: Why people make out in public.
    2. Once a cheater, always a cheater? Here's the science. 
    3. Endurance athletes and testosterone: The vitamin you need.
    4. Best athleticism test: Find out if you're athletic.
    Here's some promising research about the drug that lowers the most dangerous types of body fat (visceral, ectopic): "Common weight-loss drug successfully targets fat that can endanger heart health."
    I'm very hopeful about this new drug. But it raises a couple questions: Should prescriptions and medical devices be used for weight loss as a last resort? Or should people just do it all without any medical intervention? Are the side effects of these interventions worse than the risks posed by obesity?
    According to the CDC, the number one cause of death is heart disease.  If the CDC's stats are correct, you're far more likely to die from it than the virus we've all been told to panic over. Here are some shocking things you should know about it: CDC Heart Disease Facts
    So if heart disease kills more people than anything else, why is the government not telling us to get to a healthy weight? This will greatly reduce our risks. Incidentally, getting to a healthy weight would also prevent  – you know what – from sending lots of people to the hospital.
    But maybe a healthy population is not as profitable as an obese one.
    So let's just keep injecting everyone with something that requires boosters every year, doesn't prevent infection, doesn't even prevent you from spreading infection, can't stop variants, and hasn't been studied long term. If the tyrants have their way, that's what we'll be forced to do.
    Shugart Cart
    Dani's cart: Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray
    Chris's cart: Concept 2 Rower

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    A Mostly-Legal Athletic Drug & How to Skip Leg Day the Right Way

    A Mostly-Legal Athletic Drug & How to Skip Leg Day the Right Way

    Train only half your body and still make gains, the banned performance-enhancing drug you can buy at Target, and how to lose fat without changing your diet.
    On Our Minds
    Ever have an injury that forced you to stop training a huge portion of muscle groups? We get into the benefits of only training upper body. Obviously you don't want to do this on purpose, but if you must, there are some perks. We also discuss the Muscle Migration Theory that Coach Christian Thibaudeau presented in an article on T-Nation.com.  
    Here are the topics we covered if you want to check out the science for yourself:
    • The Main Cause Of Running Injuries 
    • Keto and Tumors
    • Multi-Orgasmic Women
    • A Clue To The Status of Your Marriage
    • Vinegar and Fat Loss
    A CrossFit team was disqualified from The Games recently because of a positive drug test. You can read about the athlete HERE. Any guesses what kind of "drug" she was on?
    It's called DHEA: a totally legal, anti-aging supplement we've recommended before on this very podcast. This stuff has quite a few health benefits for women, and based upon the current research, we still recommend it. Read more about it in this article: A Wonder Drug for Women.
    Don't you think these drug tests are a little silly? We do. Why? Because there are plenty of pro athletes – not just in CrossFit but in lots of sports – who've hired drug coaches to help them beat their drug tests.
    Don't believe it? Read this article: Beating The CrossFit Drug Test
    We're not condoning steroid use. We're just saying that lots of athletes get away with using far more effective performance enhancing "products" than the DHEA this poor woman was taking for mood and stress.  Why can't some common sense be applied here?
    We also talk about how CrossFit goes by the same rules set by the international Olympic Committee (IOC). And the IOC is currently allowing biological males to compete against women.  See the irony here? You can't use a supplement from Target, but you can have a lifetime of male hormones and other biological advantages. I wrote about this debacle here: The Death of Women's Sports. If you're a misogynistic male athlete and you're sick of losing, just become a woman!
    Shugart Cart
    The Pupprotector Waterproof Throw Blanket
    True Classic Tees

    PS – Here are the recipe videos Chris mentioned: YouTube Protein Recipes
    And here's where you can go to get in touch with us: Fitpantspodcast.com

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    The New Rule for Advanced Lifters & The Fitness Teeter Totter

    The New Rule for Advanced Lifters & The Fitness Teeter Totter

    Why working out every other day has massive advantages, the problem with virtue signaling, how to choose your trade-offs for a fit – but not restrictive – life, and what your social media says about your relationship commitment.
    A quote from Dr. Laura, "life is a trade-off," hit home for me. If we start thinking about our current level of fitness as a choice we've made (or a trade-off for something else) instead of just the result of bad luck or an aging body, then we'll have way more control over our circumstances.
    The truth is, when we're not as strong, lean, or muscular as we'd like to be, it's usually because we've chosen to prioritize something else. Even if we *think* we haven't. So is there a way to put the emphasis back on the goal? And is the goal even worth it given the trade-offs or sacrifices?
    1. How young will a face lift make you look? STUDY
    2. What surprising food blood pressure? STUDY
    3. Why do video games lead to life success? STUDY
    4. What behavior indicates you're in a committed relationship? ARTICLE
    5. What habit is a good indication of a bad personality? STUDY
    A new T-Nation.com article is making waves because it suggests that lifters over 40 ought not train consecutive days in a row. What are your thoughts? This perspective is a hard pill to swallow at first but in practice the advice has worked out well for both of us. Here are the five other rules that Coach Thibaudeau suggests in the article: 6 Rules for Over-40 Lifters
    Beat bloating and stomach upset with Atrantil: HERE
    Pass the army fitness test and try Chris's new favorite exercise, the leg tuck: HERE

    • 1 hr 5 min

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5.0 out of 5
69 Ratings

69 Ratings

B.Fitz6 ,

Fun quick entertaining

Perfect podcast for a walk or car ride. They cover the newest topics/trends in the fitness business in a fun, entertaining and quick way. I’ve been reading their content for years on tnation and this is a fun addition. Lastly, I don’t listen to podcasts. They are too much talking for me and not enough to the point. This podcast gets to the point and moves along at an enjoyable pace, by the time it’s over you’re like. Wow. It’s over already. I’m looking forward to the next one

mikey motz ,

Perfect duo to segue in podcasts

I’ve been reading Chris’s material fairly religiously for the last 15 years and he and Dani do not disappoint listeners with this show! From one aging FFB to another, well done Chris and thanks for the years of motivation with high end material with first class delivery !

oar2330 ,

Dynamic Duo of Fitness!

I have read Chris’ writing at TNation for years and have always enjoyed his style. The Fit Pants podcast is an extension of his writing and adding Dani to his life (personally and professionally) pu them both over the top! I enjoy every section of every episode.

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