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This podcast is for desk-bound employees and employers who need to move more and stress less ....for the HEALTH of it.

The Healthy Desk Jockey FIT2order, LLC

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This podcast is for desk-bound employees and employers who need to move more and stress less ....for the HEALTH of it.

    Episode 31 [Can YOU Boost Your Immunity?]

    Episode 31 [Can YOU Boost Your Immunity?]

    The alarming number of NEW  COVID-19 cases as a result of the Delta variant has led many seeking to “boost” their immune system as a defense to the illness. While we definitely need our bodies’ defenses to be as strong as possible, our immune systems cannot technically be boosted. 
     It can, however, be strengthened and supported with good nutrition and lifestyle habits like regularly exercising, getting enough sleep, and managing stress. 
    Have a listen AND don't forget to grab the 3 workweek-friendly recipes for healthy eating to strength your immunity on our blog https://www.fit2order.com/media 

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    Episode 30 [FITness Really Isn't That Complicated]

    Episode 30 [FITness Really Isn't That Complicated]

    FITness may not always be easy, but it’s certainly not complicated. Living healthfully is really quite basic. As we say at FIT2order, you need to eat well, move more and stress less. 
    [Eat Well]
    Generally speaking, nutrition basics are easy.
    1.     Avoid processed foods.
    2.     Eat a lot of different types of vegetables.
    3.     Choose lean protein sources including legumes.
    [Move More]
    There is no magic exercise or piece of equipment. Move in a way that feels good and move frequently during your day.
    1.     Exercise your heart (cardio).
    2.     Exercise your muscles (strength).
    3.     Take movement breaks if you sit too long.
    [Stress Less]
    Chronic stress is dangerous. Be aware of your levels of stress.
    1.     Get enough sleep. 
    2.     Unplug. 
    3.     Establish mindful habits like meditation, breath work or prayer.
    Know the basics. Eat to be and feel nourished. Choose movement that you love. And try to steer clear from hyped-up social media fitness folks who realize that complicated fitness sells.

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    Episode 29 [Outdoor Workouts]

    Episode 29 [Outdoor Workouts]

    Outdoor Workouts: Too (Hot? Cold? Embarrassed?) for an Outdoor Workout? Think again. The Benefits are Tremendous!
    COVID-19 has brought many challenges to both the fitness industry and fitness consumer alike. Before COVID, Americans largely associated exercise with a trip to the gym or studio, but the pandemic has forced many to sweat it out at home. As a result, digital workouts, have become the norm. In March 2020, the fitness industry saw a 147% increase in consumption of digital fitness purchases, while YouTube announced that since March 15, daily views of home workout videos saw a 515% uptick. 
    Despite the innovative features offered by leading digital fitness brands (e.g., live-streamed classes, leaderboards and star trainers), the one piece of the fitness puzzle that continues to be missing is the energy and community of a live workout class. As such, alongside the rise in digital fitness has been the increase of outdoor fitness. A recent RunRepeat survey revealed that half of the respondents said outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking and outdoor classes, will be their primary mode of exercise in 2021. 
    Have a listen to learn more about the benefits of outdoor exercise....

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    Episode 28 [Healthy FAT/Weight Loss Tips]

    Episode 28 [Healthy FAT/Weight Loss Tips]

    The weight loss industry is full of myths, half-truths and gimmicks. But weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated. There are numerous research-backed techniques you can implement during your typical day that can aid your weight loss goals.
     Some of the tips discussed are purely dietary (like cutting back on sugar), while others are more lifestyle-focused (like chewing food more slowly). By implementing a handful of these small, healthy habits, you’ll be on your way to healthfully shedding those unwanted pounds.


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    Episode 27 [Take Care of Your Most Important Muscle: Your Heart]

    Episode 27 [Take Care of Your Most Important Muscle: Your Heart]

    Welcome back to The Healthy Desk Jockey...

    On today's episode, we are talking about taking care of your most important muscle, your heart!
    Did YOU know?
    Your heart beats about 115,000 times a day; it pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood every day; it’s about the size of your fist; and it can continue beating even when it’s disconnected from the body.
    [So, what are YOU doing to take care of your heart?]
    Your heart is the powerhouse of your whole body. When you take care of your heart, your entire body benefits. When your heart is healthy, you function at your best.

    Listen to learn a few tried and true heart-healthy habits AND a few that you might not be aware of...

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    Episode 26 [Back to Basics] Nutrition and FITness Boot Camp Workshop Replay

    Episode 26 [Back to Basics] Nutrition and FITness Boot Camp Workshop Replay

    Join Stacy Fritz from FIT2order to learn about the the tools and strategies that will help you build the foundation for good health, FITness, nutrition and mindset skills for success....including losing the Quarantine 15! 

    • 39 min

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