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A Bi-Monthly podcast that covers true crime, mystery and the creepy

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A Bi-Monthly podcast that covers true crime, mystery and the creepy

    Missing Mary Moroney

    Missing Mary Moroney

    Chicago Illinois May 1930, during the height of the Great Depression, millions were in poverty. The Moroneys placed an Ad in the newspapers looking for financial help. When a beautiful young woman showed up at their door. They thought their prayers were answered.
    The woman was taken with one of their daughters, Mary Agnes, and wanted to take her shopping. Catherine, wanting the best for her daughter left her leave with the stranger.
    When they failed to returned, it begins one of the longest missing persons cases in Chicago's History.
    What happened to Mary Agnes?

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    • 21 min
    Abducted In Plain Sight Discussion (W/ Heather from Nature Vs Narcissism and Jessa from Getting Off )

    Abducted In Plain Sight Discussion (W/ Heather from Nature Vs Narcissism and Jessa from Getting Off )

    ***EXPLICIT***This weeks episode is going to be different than the rest. I got together for an unscripted discussion with Heather from Nature Vs. Narcissism and Jessa from Getting off pod about the Netflix documentary Abducted in plain sight. With that being said,
    Warning!!!!! This episode contains Adult Language, talks of Child abuse, and other f****d up situations about the documentary. Listener discretion is advised. You have been warned…

    Thank you to Getting Off Podcast and Nature Vs Narcissism for such a fun night of drinking and talking True Crime. Please Check out their podcasts!

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    • 1 hr 19 min
    The Conjure Chest

    The Conjure Chest

    Do you believe in cursed objects? While some people don't, the family of this story did. Listen to the Conjure Chest and draw your own conclusion.

    The Conjured Chest-https://www.amazon.com/Conjured-Chest-Cursed-Family-Kentucky/dp/1976575095/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1547607049&sr=8-1&keywords=the+conjured+chest

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    • 13 min
    Spring Heel Jack

    Spring Heel Jack

    Before Jack the Ripper, there was Spring heeled Jack. He tormented men and women in early 1800's London. Some called him a devil. But he was never identified. Listen about some of his documented haunts!

    Thanks to Jeremy Collins from Podcasts We Listen To and Educating Jeremy for lending his voice to the show!
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    • 9 min
    Halloween Special

    Halloween Special

    Happy Halloween Everyone! This episode has an Urban Legend, Ghost Stories and A creepy Pasta from people you might recognize!

    Thank you to Heather from Nature Vs Narcissism, Jeremy from Podcasts we listen to and Educating Jeremy, Joe from Thinking Sideways, Lanie from True Crime Fan Club and It's Haunted.. What now and Alicia, a long time listener.

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    Don't forget to lock your doors, and hold tight to your flashlight.

    • 31 min
    Ouija Board Murder

    Ouija Board Murder

    In 1933 fifteen year old Mattie Turley shoots and kills her father. Her reason? It was ordered by a Ouija Board. Listen as the Case of the Ouija Board Murder is more than it seems.
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    Voices are
    Rachel from Yours in Murder
    Nina from Already Gone
    Paul from Subject: Found, Diary of a Madman, Who Killed Julie
    Jeremy from Podcast we listen to and Educating Jeremy

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Pms12 ,

Love it

Just finished binging this podcast. Love it and hope you come back!

damionblue ,


I love the podcast. Your doing a great job. I’m sure it will only get better. I’m a big fan of mystery history and paranormal. I can’t get enough. Being a sensitive.

stinger54 ,

Annoying Jewelry ads

I’m just starting to binge this podcast...interesting,other than the VERY ANNOYING jewelry ads that interrupt the podcast

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