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A series of discussions about current legal issues in Hong Kong.

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A series of discussions about current legal issues in Hong Kong.

    Discussing Divorce and Children Matters with Felix Li

    Discussing Divorce and Children Matters with Felix Li

    Raphael Wong interviews Felix Li about his calling and dedication to family law, especially in regards of children-related matters. They discuss the divorce process and the different roles of barristers and solicitors.
    They go on talking about the evolution and specifics related to child custody in Hong Kong and the essential role of co-parenting and handling the relationship with other third-parties, eg. domestic helpers. They conclude delving into the issue of overseas relocation.
    00:00:3 Family law and children matters as my barrister career focus
    00:11:11 Divorce settlements and the court process
    00:17:22 Legal practice: the different roles of barristers, and solicitors
    00:26:17 Child custody law and its evolution in Hong Kong
    00:41:06 The importance of co-parenting
    00:56:17 Domestic helpers
    01:03:44 Child custody and extracurricular activities
    01:10:51 International relocation

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    Employment Law with Frances Lok

    Employment Law with Frances Lok

    Adam Hugill interviews Frances Lok of Des Voeux Chambers about her path that lead her to build a strong career as a barrister in Hong Kong. They elaborate about some contentious employment matters they worked on together in the past 15 years as well as some other cases that Frances deals with, including some in the contentious probate area.
    Frances also discusses her temporary appointments as a judge in the District Court and High Court of Hong Kong and development related to growing work concerning Mainland Chinese parties and arbitration.
    04:07 A career at the Hong Kong Bar
    07:15 Anton Piller cases
    10:02 “Merry Christmas, Frances” and the BFAM v Mills case
    13:22 Increasing number of arbitration cases
    15:51 Contentious probate practice
    18:16 The role as a judge
    Transcripts and more on our Employment practice: https://www.hugillandip.com/2024/01/the-barrister-series-s5e2-employment-law-with-frances-lok/

    • 21 min
    Financial Disputes and Family Law with Azan Marwah

    Financial Disputes and Family Law with Azan Marwah

    Frances Tsang speaks to Azan Marwah and Alfred Ip about the role of barristers vs solicitors and the importance that each role takes in contentious proceedings in Court, especially within the Hong Kong Family court. They discuss some examples of legal matters they have worked on together, during a collaboration that goes back a long time.
    They also highlight the recent growing trend of some clients who are self-represented in Court and several specifics related to pre-nuptial agreements, inheritance provisions for dependants. Azan Marwah concludes talking about his passion for public law and pro-bono work and how helping people has always driven many of his professional and personal choices.
    Show Notes
    03:43 The role of a barrister vs the role of a solicitor
    07:55 Financial statements and Form E in divorce proceedings
    09:43 Where a financial claim starts and strategy
    13:32 Advocacy skills and court work
    19:08 Some cases we worked together
    22:53 Self-representation in court
    25:36 Why do pre-nuptial agreements matter?
    35:09 Inheritance provisions for financial dependants
    42:01 A passion for public law
    45:18 Pro-bono and community service
    Get transcripts and subscribe to our newsletter: https://www.hugillandip.com/2023/10/the-barrister-series-s5e1-financial-disputes-in-family-law-azan-marwah/

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    Launching The Barrister Series Podcast

    Launching The Barrister Series Podcast

    Exciting Announcement: soon the HIP talks will introduce a new legal podcast series, “The Barrister Series"!
    In this innovative series, we will delve into the world of contentious legal matters, exploring a wide range of thought-provoking topics through discussions between renowned solicitors and barristers. Prepare to be captivated by insightful conversations, intriguing case studies, and expert analysis that will shed light on the complexities of the legal realm.
    You won’t want to miss this intriguing discussion that explores the challenges faced by legal professionals in high-stakes cases.

    • 3 min
    Distributing and dealing with trust assets: the boundaries of discretion

    Distributing and dealing with trust assets: the boundaries of discretion

    Our Alfred Ip discusses essential considerations related to the distribution of trust assets with Kerby Lau and Joshua Yeung of Des Voeux Chambers.
    The DVC Trusts, Estates and Succession Series is a collection of seminars and events on topical issues and developments in the law concerning trusts and estates, being explored through the practitioner’s perspective. It aims to create a forum for the exchange of ideas between different stakeholders and practitioners.
    In this inaugural seminar, the focus is on a commonly-used mechanism in structuring wealth and assets: the discretionary trust/power. In the absence of any fixed stipulations as to how assets should be distributed, what guidance does the trustee/administrator have when distributing and dealing with assets? What are the limits of such discretion? What are the pitfalls to avoid? These practical questions and more will be discussed and explored.
    Download the presentation: https://www.hugillandip.com/2023/09/webinar-distributing-and-dealing-with-trust-assets-the-boundaries-of-discretion/

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Employment: Anti-discrimination & the EOC

    Employment: Anti-discrimination & the EOC

    Tiffany Leung and Adam Hugill discuss anti-discrimination laws and the role of the Equal Opportunities Commission in Hong Kong, highlighting details of the process, its confidentiality, the efforts made to reach a conciliation and the eventuality of initiating an action at District Court level.
    Show Notes
    01:31 Anti-discrimination laws in Hong Kong
    02:10 Who’s the EOC
    03:27 The scope of the EOC
    04:38 The complaints process
    09:32 Confidentiality of the investigation
    10:37 The conciliation process
    14:20 Costs related to District Court actions
    More on our Employment practice: https://www.hugillandip.com/legal-services/employment-and-immigration/
    Transcript: https://www.hugillandip.com/2023/07/podcast-s4e6-employment-anti-discrimination-the-eoc/

    • 16 min

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