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A light weekly podcast covering the history of India, from 6th century B.C. Enjoying the podcast? Please consider donating to the Snehal Sidhu Memorial Fund (http://tinyurl.com/prkvwll)

The History of India Podcast Kit Patrick

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A light weekly podcast covering the history of India, from 6th century B.C. Enjoying the podcast? Please consider donating to the Snehal Sidhu Memorial Fund (http://tinyurl.com/prkvwll)

    By the dry heart of empire

    By the dry heart of empire

    What was life like in the heart of the Chaulkiya empire? How did they survive in such a dry environment? How was the city defended? In this episode, we chat with Dr Hemanth Kadambi about stone horse hurdles, his youthful misadventures, must-see places if you visit Badami, and how the sacred survives the test of time.

    • 57 min
    Workers stranded by the lockdown

    Workers stranded by the lockdown

    **Special episode on the current crisis** People are stranded all across India. They left to find work. Now the lockdown has come, they are out of work, out of money and out of food. We get to talk to Anushka and Nithya who are chatting to these workers every day, and hear some of their stories. They work for SWAN - the stranded workers action network. They can help you give money to stranded workers directly here: You can get more facts and figures here: or search twitter for @strandedworkers History returns in the next episode.

    • 48 min
    Chalukyas by the book

    Chalukyas by the book

      (www.historyofindiapodcast.in) This week we chat to comic book author, novelist and fellow fan of the Chaulkiya period Dr. Shalini Srinivasan about the book she's been writing set in the Chaulkiyan empire. She tells us about how comic books get made, we share our favourite parts of the ruins, and I learn about how and why she writes. [Patchy audio quality in places]  

    • 49 min
    By the whim of the master (part 2)

    By the whim of the master (part 2)

    (www.historyofindiapodcast.in) ***Warning: contains upsetting details.*** The second special episode on slavery. This week, we hear about the lives of female slaves. We meet slaves in Buddhist monasteries. And we meet a young woman being sold into slavery. Also in this episode: how to construct a Buddhist cave, a boy survives seven attempted murders, and a vengeful woman crosses the ocean.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    By the whim of the master

    By the whim of the master

    (www.historyofindiapodcast.in) ***Warning: contains upsetting details.*** This week, we learn a little about what life was like for slaves in ancient and early medieval India, from becoming a slave to being free. India might have been the best place in the ancient world to be a slave, but slave life was often still brutal. In this episode: four ways you might become a slave, bad food sends a slave running for freedom, another annoying rant about academia, and an ancient Indian slave talks about cold baths and Buddhism with her master.

    • 59 min
    Overtaken by the bogeyman

    Overtaken by the bogeyman

      (www.historyofindiapodcast.in) This week, we meet some of the bogeymen of ancient India; a group among the most feared of the Barbarians. The mighty Kamboja horsemasters. And yet, these are real people. In this episode we hear the tales told about them, but we also get to know a bit about how they really lived, and even them described in their own words. Also in this episode: the moon kings rise, an ocean gets drunk up, I get lost in a rant about pacifist kings, and why you should try some dynastic identity theft. Last week of the regular episodes of season 5; special episodes start next week.  

    • 43 min

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4.6 out of 5
257 Ratings

257 Ratings

Maude The Third ,

Best Storytelling History

Thank you for helping us escape this time and place.

HodorTheTriumphant ,

Lots of fascinating windows into the past

The author goes to great lengths to make some fascinating history and culture accessible. This podcast helped me get more perspective on humanity and our present situation.

zpic ,

Later history needed

You got us so far and then - no more !
It’s a great podcast but a bit too myth-oriented for me . My mind wanders off
I have been fascinated with this country for over 40 years and yet I mostly know Raj history .

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