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Biweekly podcast on the history of Spain following a chronological order.

The History of Spain Podcast David Cot

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Biweekly podcast on the history of Spain following a chronological order.

    The end

    The end

    Today I’m announcing the cancellation of The History of Spain Podcast, and instead I’m making […]

    • 6 min
    Al-Hakam II, the cultivated caliph

    Al-Hakam II, the cultivated caliph

    This is episode 46 called al-Hakam II, the cultivated caliph, and in this episode you […]

    • 39 min
    Umayyad interventions

    Umayyad interventions

    This is episode 45 called Umayyad interventions and in this episode you will learn:


    - A brief overview of the history of Catalonia of the 950s and 960s

    - Muslim expeditions against the Kingdom of León during the reign of Ordoño III

    - The Umayyad interventions in North Africa and Umayyad-Fatimid conflict in the 950s

    - Civil war during the reign of Ordoño III of León and its aftermath

    - The coup d’état against Sancho the Fat

    - The trip of Toda of Pamplona and Sancho the Fat to Córdoba to ask for the help of Abd al-Rahman III

    - The Umayyad-Christian coalition to depose Ordoño IV of León

    - The legacy of Abd al-Rahman III

    - The humiliating audience of Ordoño IV with al-Hakam II of Córdoba

    - The failed Christian anti-Cordoban coalition and the succession of Sancho the Fat

    - A reflection about why the fact that Christian rulers declared themselves vassals of the Caliphate of Córdoba is often forgotten

    • 49 min
    Slavery and Jews of al-Andalus

    Slavery and Jews of al-Andalus

    This is episode 44 called Slavery and Jews of al-Andalus and in this episode you will learn:


    - Introduction to slavery in the Islamic world and al-Andalus

    - What’s the difference between a captive and a slave

    - Captivity for women and the social problem that captivity supposed

    - Which were the occupations and jobs performed by slaves in al-Andalus

    - Captivity and slavery in the context of the campaigns of Almanzor

    - What determined the price of a slave and how were auctions and transactions done

    - Jews under early Umayyad rule and the case of Eleazar of Zaragoza

    - Why Jews in al-Andalus were Arabized but not Islamized

    - A brief biography of the great foreign minister and physician Hasdai ibn Shaprut

    - Jews under the Taifa kingdoms, the case of Samuel HaNagrid, and the Golden Age of Jewish culture

    - The end of the Jewish golden age in al-Andalus, with the 1066 Granada Massacre and the arrival of the Almoravids

    - The expulsion and forced conversions of Christians and Jews under the Almohads

    - Why Jews were sometimes tolerated and sometimes suffered repression, understanding the political and economic logic behind it

    - A reflection on the lives of captives and enslaved people

    • 43 min
    Fernán González, Count of Castile

    Fernán González, Count of Castile

    This is episode 43 called Fernán González, Count of Castile, and in this episode you […]

    • 44 min
    Battle of Simancas

    Battle of Simancas

    This is episode 42 called Battle of Simancas and in this episode you will learn:


    - Who Ramiro II of León was

    - The pompous parade of departure of the campaign of Osma of 934

    - The first revolt of Muhammad ibn Hashim of the Banu Tujib clan and the tactical declaration of the Kingdom of Pamplona as vassal of the Caliphate

    - The campaign of Osma itself

    - The rebellion of Muhammad ibn Hashim, the offensives of the Christians, and the submission of Zaragoza

    - The treaty of submission of Zaragoza and its implications

    - The preparation of the campaign of the Omnipotence

    - The Battle of Simancas-Alhándega and why the Caliphal forces were defeated

    - Public execution of the traitors of Simancas at Medina Azahara and the Umayyad social contract

    - The long-lasting consequences of the Battle of Simancas

    - The immediate aftermath of the battle

    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
108 Ratings

108 Ratings

Flamenco Vail ,

Spanish history don’t go

Please don’t erase this podcast . I really want to know more about the history of Spain. I would also like to learn more about the gypsies, and the development of Flamenco

herekedikedi ,

Good content, challenging delivery

This podcast is probably a great primer to Spanish history and would be exactly what I’m looking for. However, as an American with limited exposure to Spanish-from-Spain accents, listening takes a level of concentration that I would ordinarily only apply when listening to actual Spanish. So not for me, but if you’re familiar with Spanish accents then I’d give it a try.

bybuck ,

Charming and Fascinating

This guy has a charming delivery. l wish l could understand his accent better. Even though l speak some Spanish, and grew up on the Mexican border, the accents of Spain and Mexico are really different. Anyway, l have been wondering about early Spanish history for years, ever since l started studying my ancestry. l’m totally addicted to this series now that l have discovered it.

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