The Homeschool How To Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
59 Ratings

59 Ratings

Jo-Ann Cabbell ,

Hooked from first episode!

Cheryl's questions ARE SO GOOD! She is bold and says things that people are thinking but hesitant to talk about. I'm so thankful I came across her podcast as our children are preschool age and we are making decisions about their education now. Her content has given me the confidence to take the plunge into homeschooling- whatever it takes, we have to do it! I am a full time working mom and it can be done, with my husband's help, family members, nanny's, sitters!

TX-mom-3 ,

Love it!

With preschool aged children, I’ve been considering homeschooling and this podcast has really sold me that this is the best decision for our family. I find the interviews from different homeschoolers very inspiring and informative. Thank you so much putting together this podcast!

livinthescottlife ,

The real deal

I listen to so many podcasts and learn a lot from the hosts who interview experts. But we can also learn a lot from each other and Cheryl is spending time talking to people who are out there homeschooling every day. I’ve learned so much from these people who are just like me. I look forward to every episode!

Sardisco Family Mom ,

Beginner homeschool Mom loving your content!

I am just starting to explore the idea of homeschooling my children who would be starting school soon and I really enjoy the content, thanks so much!
I am currently working on what our family goals with look like

Mom31211 ,

Amazing perspective

I love all of the stories from all the different walks of the homeschool journey. We can always learn from each other, and often do as homeschoolers. I appreciate both Cheryl’s perspective and each one of the mommas she has on her show. Great listen if you’re thinking of homeschooling, but also if you’re in the thick of it and just need encouragement or a fresh look at things. Highly recommend!


Takes the edge off homeschooling

Listening to the path of discovery of a homeschooling parent is exciting. I’ve been there (at the beginning) and I enjoy listening the different families, their ways to do it and insights.

Shupe17 ,

I feel seen!

Thank you for taking the time to do podcast #54, it's the first one I've listened to of yours, and I loved it! I feel seen. I am a first year homeschooler of 2 little kids. I have been having a rough week and thinking about mid year curriculum changes and this episode helped me so much. It gave me answers to why I was thinking the way I was thinking. It also helped me not feel so alone in the rough times when you were discussing your rough week.
Thank you, and I am looking forward to listening to more of your podcasts.

fly jjdhekka ,

Love it!

I love this podcast. I started listening while deciding if I wanted to continue sending my kids to public school or start homeschooling! Hearing all the different perspectives really helped me make the decision to jump in! Cheryl is very realistic about her worries and struggles with being a homeschooling parent. It’s so refreshing to hear her discuss her concerns and then the reassurance from her guests. It’s also refreshing to hear from parents who truly love to be with their kids every week. I look forward to every episode of this podcast!

legba808 ,

Love it

I really enjoy your podcast! It’s interesting listening to people’s reasons for homeschooling. Plus all the different styles people use. As a new homeschooling mom it’s given me insight and resources to explore. Thanks!

meliriss ,

Insightful listen each week!

I’m currently in the same position as Cheryl was when she began this podcast - navigating the decision to homeschool our son! Listening to mothers’ accounts across the country has been so enlightening and insightful that I truly feel more prepared and equipped to take on the challenge of homeschooling! It’s also nice to feel a bit more understood, as the conversations are candid and relatable each week! Thank you Cheryl!