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The show where talk all things homeschooling, music and motherhood.

The Homeschool Music Collective Podcast Gabi Haberer

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The show where talk all things homeschooling, music and motherhood.

    Growing While Homeschooling: A Chat with Colleen Kessler

    Growing While Homeschooling: A Chat with Colleen Kessler

    Colleen Kessler is a homeschooling mom and author.  In today’s episode, Gabi and Colleen discuss her most recent book, Raising Resilient Sons. They touch on the challenges of parenting while also educating our children and the emotional toll it can take.  Colleen stresses the importance of giving ourselves grace and forgiveness for our mistakes and communicating those things to our children.  She discusses the importance of intentional connection with each child and your spouse as well as group connection each day.  

    You can find Colleen on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest @colleenkessler and Facebook @raisinglifelonglearners or her website.  She is currently selling her book Raising Resilient Sons, wherever you can buy books, and encourages you to find a local bookstore to buy it!  She also has a Membership where you can find support for your unique children.

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    Squilt? Mary Prather tells us about her Homeschool Journey

    Squilt? Mary Prather tells us about her Homeschool Journey

    In this episode, Gabi interviews Mary Prather, founder of Squilt Music and Homegrown Learners.  This homeschool mom runs her business with her husband and they have 2 children, one in college and one in high school.  Mary is a music educator at heart and loves teaching music and the love of music to children of all ages.  This love has led her down a path to owning a business with her husband and teaching children all over the country.  Listen in as we explore her homeschool journey and how Squilt Music came to be.

    You can find Mary on Instagram @squiltmusic and @homegrown_learners and also  at her websites for Squilt Music and Homegrown Learners.

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    Music in Uncertainty

    Music in Uncertainty

    In this episode, Gabi welcomes us back after a bit of a break.  She explains how life has been a bit crazy for her and how music has helped her keep perspective and reset her mindset during this difficult time.  Join us to hear about how music can help us through the difficult times in our lives!

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    Early music education: Jocelyn Manzanarez’s view

    Early music education: Jocelyn Manzanarez’s view

    You are in for a treat today! I'm speaking with music teacher Jocelyn Manzanarez in today’s episode.  
    Jocelyn and I are very like-minded when it comes to introducing music to our little ones as well as our support of the recognized benefits of music learning!  Jocelyn owns and operates Musically Minded and until 2020, took her amazing skill and talent to child care centers, teaching music to the little ones in their care.  She began her career as an elementary music teacher, but quickly discovered that it wasn't the best fit. She wanted to expand music learning to a greater population--she set out on a journey to do just that!
    2020 rocked her world, as much as it did everyone else’s and she switched gears to provide virtual classes.  These classes not only provide music learning for students, but also help parents and teachers to learn and recognize the many benefits of music education.  The research is there.  Music helps build a better brain. Jocelyn is set to show the world just how well it does that.  
    You can find Jocelyn at her Facebook Page, her Youtube channel, her website, Instagram and if you're interested in support, her Facebook Group: Circle Time Success.

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    Burnt out? Erica Johns tells us about her journey.

    Burnt out? Erica Johns tells us about her journey.

    Every new homeschooler I meet is brimming with excitement or nervousness with all the plans in the world about how they are going to educate their children.  Sometimes everything is completely planned out to a 'T' and sometimes not, but always there is an energy that suffuses everything.  We homeschoolers like to think about what is best for each of our children and we get excited at being able to reach them and teach them ourselves.
    Many times, we get so engrossed in what we are doing each day that we don’t take the time to stop and assess.  Things start to pile up, Mom gets stressed out and stuff starts to fall apart.  Burn out happens.  This week,I is talk to homeschooling momma Erica Johns.  Erica is at the end of her homeschool journey, within the last year with the youngest child.  She has been through the ups and downs of homeschooling and she shares with us about her burnout experience and what she learned from it.
    You can connect with Erica at her website, Enrichmentstudies.com , where she helps other homeschoolers find activities that enrich their lives while improving brain function--what a as a bonus!

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    Music education and Homeschool: Get 2 perspectives with Amber and Ann Marie Semerau

    Music education and Homeschool: Get 2 perspectives with Amber and Ann Marie Semerau

    What a treat it is to speak with mother and daughter, Amber and Ann Marie Semerau, in today’s podcast!  Ann Marie is a pianist and composer and Amber taught her all the way through school.  Amber talks about why they chose not to give Ann Marie formal music education.  Ann Marie talks about her experience and how being given the time to dabble and play with her passion has opened doors for her.  Listen to get some perspective on the end game of homeschooling and seeing the results of the work of love that homeschooling can be.
    Ann Marie Semerau has two albums, “The Forgotten Quest” and “My Heart” that can be found on Spotify, iTunes and anywhere you buy music digitally.  She can be found on Instagram @pianoannmarie and Facebook Ann Marie Semerau. Amber Semerau has a podcast called Homeschool Success Stories that can be found at all the podcast places.

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5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

KJ_P1 ,

Fun, Encouraging Content

I’ve known Gabi for a few years and know her passion for music education (my son took her preschool classes). It’s amazing to listen to her enthusiasm for music education (she really wants every child to be able to access music) and I’ve learned a few things by her show guests! I’m looking forward to more episodes :)
Kirsten P.

Chivis_01 ,

Lots of great information

Have enjoyed listening to how to incorporate music in our home!

Damayoman ,

Love this podcast!

Gabi is a friend I never knew I had! She is such a kindred spirit. I truly admire her heart for homeschooling and for music education. She has so much experience, and I love learning about the “music and the brain” research that she does. But, the best thing is that she and I both have a passion for helping homeschoolers include music in their homeschools! ~ Gena Mayo

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