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The people and things you need to know to launch, grow, and elevate your independent fitness career- brought to you by MyFitPod.

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The people and things you need to know to launch, grow, and elevate your independent fitness career- brought to you by MyFitPod.

    The Value of the Omni-Channel Experience with Maria Parrella Turco

    The Value of the Omni-Channel Experience with Maria Parrella Turco

    One of the many huge shifts in the past couple of years, in the way that content and services are delivered and consumed, Is that people expect now to be able to choose, at any point in their relationship with a provider, how that content or service is accessed- live and in person, on demand, or  by live-stream. It’s called the Omni Channel experience. Today we get to hear one of the fitness and wellness world’s top entrepreneurs and visionaries, MyFitPod founder and CEO Maria Turco, break down what it all means and why it is critical to the success of independent fitness pros that they learn to navigate this new and expanding territory.

    • 22 min
    "Streaming with Sound" with AV Now's Ken Lyon

    "Streaming with Sound" with AV Now's Ken Lyon

    It's often said, because it's true, that, while people might tolerate less-than-optimal video quality when the content is engaging enough, they'll quickly click away if the sound isn't clear. Sound quality became a lot more important, and a lot more complicated for independent fitness pros when the whole world started live-streaming. Now, not only do you need to ensure that your participants hear you clearly, you need to hear them, too. And if you use music, streaming the sound so that you and the music can be heard, and that it all syncs up, can get a lot more complicated if you aren't sure what to do or where to turn.
    Well, fortunately for all of use, we found the man with all the answers. He's Ken Lyon, the Director of Commercial Integration & Technology at AV Now, and we got him to sit down and talk us through some simple solutions to what seemed very daunting, but in talking with him found how it can be very doable.

    • 32 min
    Building Authentic Community with Rodney J. Morris

    Building Authentic Community with Rodney J. Morris

    One of the most powerful motivators in sticking to a fitness or wellness program is knowing and feeling that you are part of a community. How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really don’t feel like sticking to the program today, but I really DO want to connect with the others who are sticking to the program”? …  Or something like that So, cultivating that community can be an essential accelerator in any independent fitness pro’s success. 
    How has the importance of community, and how you begin to build it, changed, along with almost everything else, in the past couple years? And how can you tap into the value of your pre-existing high equity relationships? You might be surprised to learn that the foundations of your future community of participants already exists. 
    I sat down with MyFitPod’s Chief Operating Officer Rodney Morris to learn all of this and more. In a conversation about building authentic community.

    • 27 min
    Four Words to Outlaw Now with Shannon Fable

    Four Words to Outlaw Now with Shannon Fable

    Let’s talk about why we say the things that we say. Today on the podcast we continue our chat about women in fitness with Shannon Fable, one of the industry’s top consultants, speakers and thought leaders, about four words to avoid using if you wish to have a successful and satisfying career. 
    Shannon has spent a couple of decades developing strategies for leading fitness brands and individual fitness pros, as well as writing and presenting on what she’s learned, and today she’s going to share with us her observations about four little words that, when repeated automatically over time, reveal a lot about who we are and why we do what we do- and they can really get in the way of success. 
    What is so interesting about this topic isn’t just the word themselves, or the meanings of the words … it is why we say them. What are you really saying when you use these words and, sometimes more importantly, what are you not saying when you use these words? 

    • 21 min
    Success Secrets for Women in Fitness with Shannon Fable

    Success Secrets for Women in Fitness with Shannon Fable

    While the business world as a whole has been evolving in the past few decades to be more suited to women, the fitness world has been doing it for a long time. In fact, 75 percent of IDEA Health and Fitness Association’s 22,000 members are women. So, what can be learned in an environment where women’s strengths and skills are so well suited? 
    Today we are so happy to share a conversation I had with one of the industry’s most recognized thought leaders on the topic of women in the fitness business, Shannon Fable. She’s spent more than two decades helping impressive brands with business development and strategic innovation and she’s helped guide the careers of countless individual fitness pros like you. 
    I sat down for a chat with Shannon about some of the ways that she has distilled what she’s learned about women in fitness into a couple of powerfully helpful lists, and we are sharing them on two podcast episodes, so that they each get the space and focus that they deserve.  
    On this episode, we hear about Shannon Fable’s Six Success Secrets for Women in Fitness. And you might be surprised to learn that some of these secrets might be useful to those who work outside the fitness business and, even to those of us who are not female. 

    • 35 min
    Social Media 101 with Kate Carroll

    Social Media 101 with Kate Carroll

    Love it or hate it, this much is true: your independent fitness business must have a well-curated, engaging social media presence. more than half the people on earth use social media regularly and the number of users, the amount they engage, and the ways they engage just keep growing. 
    Social platforms help you connect with your existing customers and help you find more customers, while providing a free or low cost way to increase awareness about your brand.  
    But you are in luck! Because in this episode we get to chat with Kate Carroll, the social media director for MyFitPod and the teacher of all things social in the MyFitPod Academy. Learn about which platforms you need to be on, how often and what kind of content to post, different tools you can use, and the importance of being authentically you- all critical to leveraging the undeniably immense value of social media. 

    • 34 min

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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

nofal93 ,

Thank u!

Much needed inspiring and encouraging podcast for fitness professionals. James Brown is the perfect host! Looking forward to hearing more.

Anita Stevens ,

“Who Are You?” 🦁

I found this podcast to be extremely beneficial and inspirational. Has me thinking a lot about my own attitudes and behaviors! LOVED the Lion King reference, “Who Are You?” James excels as an interviewer, interjecting humor, while staying on topic. Looking forward to more from this company!

Ktcat0202 ,

The solution I’ve been waiting for

Finally, a podcast that is geared towards helping the everyday fitness professional! I am so excited for the next episode, Wednesday can’t come fast enough!

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