The Integrated Leader with Kutsko Consulting Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Marc.j.kyle ,

Lead your team!

If you want to be the best leader that you possibly can then call Loren or Lauren Marie at Kutsko Consulting. Kutsko will help you apply the eight Dimensions to your team. Whether you are a leader in your first leadership position, or if you have been a leader for four decades, the eight dimensions cover in a concise clear way, the basic issues of being a good leader. If you are a new leader you will learn the eight dimensions of being a strong leader. If you have been leading teams for four decades, the podcast is a great reminder of how you can keep your leadership strong.

Harold 45 ,

Solid real life examples

Listening to Lauren and Loren I walk away with a couple of items I can work on each episode. I enjoy the real life scenarios they use and the examples from their experience! A great podcast to share!

bpapek ,

Highly recommend

I’m only one pod in so far but I can already tell this is an amazing podcast done by two people who are true experts in the field. Lauren and Loren have great rapport and play off each other so well to make this easy to listen to and understand. I’ve been in a leadership position for several years and I think their points on how to be a truly effective leader are spot on! Wish I had this available years ago…could have saved a lot of trial and error LOL!

Wardi 007 ,

Two smart people, taking what they have learned and putting it into practice

Hey, I just listened to Lauren and Loren. They both are very knowledgeable about leadership and their desire to influence the world with “better leadership” is evident from their belief that “Business is Personal. So let’s be good at it”.

And true to their mission, we will all become better at it, and may just reach “good” at some point! This is a podcast that can transformation your leadership, but like Lauren says, it’s not just knowledge, we have to put these principles into practice. I journey with them on “getting good at it”, this is personal.

Scottybrownster ,

Practical and Inspiring

This podcast is super helpful for anyone who serves in a leadership or management role. I appreciate how Lauren Marie and Loren offer practical advice but also discuss how issues like Emotional EQ, trust, and compatibility impact team dynamics.

Marc Gia ,

Great Resouce for a growing manager

Not being a natural at managing others, this cast has been extremely helpful as I seek to become a better manager and grow my team. Solid practical ideas to implement with your team right away and see results.

katethoe ,

Great info and easy to understand

This podcast is great for leaders but also can apply to any working relationship. Great information and easy to understand. Highly recommend.

azcj123 ,

Very Helpful and Engaging

Great dialogues around leadership and health/healthy culture in the workplace! Leaders and employees alike will find this well worth their time.

PCReader09 ,

Great Leadership & Management Insights

Insightful and practical content from two experienced and trained leaders who also happen to be excellent communicators. I highly recommend!

DougLaC ,

Professional, accurate, inspiring

Great podcast! Lauren and Loren totally hit the mark on all things leadership. This podcast is a perfect supplement to a professional leadership program I’m taking through work. They’re capturing many of the current thoughts on leadership development in a relatable, enjoyable, and inspiring way. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the series!