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A podcast that shines an entertaining light on the Australian Flyfishing scene

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A podcast that shines an entertaining light on the Australian Flyfishing scene

    Episode 110 - Kiel (pronounced Uncletwist) Jones

    Episode 110 - Kiel (pronounced Uncletwist) Jones

    On Episode 110 we chat to staunch Victorian and full time guide, Kiel Jones. Kiel as mentioned is a full time guide working at Millbrook Lakes in Victoria. On the show we chat to Kiel about that 31 lake setup and what sort of diversity that amount of lakes offers customers of Millbrook. Also we learn in this show that Kiel is also very close to setting yup for guiding in the salt also , specialising in Bream. This show in part is like listening to QLD V VIC as Kiel puts the foot down on how lorded introduced species like Barramundi and Saratoga simply because they suit the interests of rec anglers and their devastating impact on less desirable inhabitants is ignored. We also get to the bottom of the Instagram handle Uncletwist. 

    Also on this show we morph into an organic chat about UV resins, the different types there are ( that's right not all resins are the same) in addition to the UV light spectrums and the impacts they have on UV resin performance. 


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    Episode 109 - Dave and Rod from AFO (Australian Flyfishing Outfitters)

    Episode 109 - Dave and Rod from AFO (Australian Flyfishing Outfitters)

    On Episode 109 - Chris sits down with both Dave Bradley and Rod Collings who are Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters, a saltwater fly only guiding operation based in far North Queensland. This interview was recorded on location at AFO house Cardwell and is an organic conversation that covers a little about the AFO Hinchinbrook Challenge at the start but it quickly gets into the nitty gritty which is Dave retiring at the end of this year and handing the push pole over the very competent Rodney.  This is an interesting discussion for anyone who yet to fish Hinchinbrook or for those who are planning on going back and want to know a bit about Rod and what the future of AFO looks like. You will hear in this interview that Rod really is the only person who can take this over and handing things over was not a decision Dave took lightly when considering the high expectations his client base has. We also talk about Hinchinbrook as a permit destination and discuss what it offers anglers as a challenging and arguably the most rewarding permit fishery in Australia. 

    Also in the intro Voltz and Chris discuss Chris' trip away, that permit and the up an coming crab fly called "Gav's Crab". 

    This is an awesome show that happens to be right at the end of an Australian Flyfishing legends career and right at the start of another Australian Fly fishing legends future that all took place over a few glasses of Dingo's revenge Rum in what is arguably the place that Permit fishing in Australia started.... Please, enjoy the show.

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    Episode 108- The Flyline Episode Deux

    Episode 108- The Flyline Episode Deux

    On Episode 108, we chat fly lines with self confessed line- nerd, Bill Mitchell. A multiple Intermediate Line guest, enthusiastic and experienced flats angler, and champion bloke to boot, Bill has a penchant for all things Fly lines. He has a great handle on the anatomy and nuances of the various offerings, particularly saltwater lines. A gifted communicator, Bill and Voltz get down to the nitty gritty and attempt to explain the topic with all sorts of verbosity. I am not sure that they totally right previous podcast wrongs, but they give it a good crack. Chris “too pretty for prison” is away on a “short holiday” but good news comes of that in the end.
    The lads also give the recently run and won Hinchinbrook Fly Challenge a good going over. Bill provides a detailed explanation of what it takes to finish near the top in this one.
    This ones a cracker with plenty for everyone, grab a beer and have a listen!
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    Episode 107 - Dan Costelloe

    Episode 107 - Dan Costelloe

    On episode 107 we chat to returning guest and prominent Tasmanian Dan Costelloe. The basis for this chat is that the Intermediate Line is planning a trip to the apple isle to see what the big deal about Trout is and who better that the biggest deal in Launceston, Mr Costelloe. Dan walks us through everything from where to fly into Tasmania to where to get a great coffee, and where its acceptable to wear waders in town to how to get a hold of a boat. Join us we go from Salt to Streams with big Dan the man Costelloe.


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    Episode 106 - Tyson Palmer

    Episode 106 - Tyson Palmer

    On Episode 106 we chat to FNQ resident Tyson Palmer. Tyson is a go getter who is still relatively new to fly, yet is ticking off some serious goals. We thought it would be interesting to chat to Tyson about his journey so far. Tyson chats to us about the effort that has been put into some of his outstanding captures in his local waters. This podcast is a story that should be observed by anyone who has recently picked up fly fishing or those that are stale in their recent fishing pursuits. Please enjoy the show

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    • 1 hr 53 min
    Episode 105 - Steve Starling ( Starlo)

    Episode 105 - Steve Starling ( Starlo)

    On Episode 105 our guest would need no introduction to many people not only in Australia but all over the world. Steve Starling or "Starlo" is a TV Presenter, Author, Product designer, Blogger, Vlogger and Magazine Editor, but above all that is one of the best fishing communicators we have known. The reason we have Starlo on this show is because Starlo is that conduit between two worlds metaphorically speaking. Starlo is very well known for his contributions to the conventional fishing scene, but is also well known for his successes with fly fishing. This week we chat about that connection and talk to Starlo about why he prefers to flyfish in a lot of circumstances in addition to how Flyfishing can be both effective and frustrating which can make those fly fishing achievements all the more rewarding.  Starlo has travelled the world fishing, but it's his results in his own accessible water that make Starlo an inspiration to many. As many would know, Starlo is no slouch when it comes to bream on fly.

    You can checkout what Starlo is doing on his website Starlo Fishing and subscribe to his YouTube Channel Starlo Gets Real. Or checkout and follow Starlo's Fishtopia that is also on facebook and Instgram.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Mill House 123 ,

Funny, informative, All around great podcast

Chris & Voltzy are two hilarious people that bring out the best in their guests. If you want to learn about influential people in the fly fishing industry or just grab a beer and listen to some fishing stories, these guys do a great job. One of my favorites.....

Kikocb1 ,

Good stuff and laughs!

These guys have a great understanding for history of fishing and an enthusiasm that makes a great listen.

Lots of great conversations on all kinds of fly fishing. They keep it fun while still getting deep on topics.

I’ve listened to a ton of episodes. I may never fish in most of the areas they talk about but, it’s sick to hear about different fisheries and fishy topics in different parts of the world.

Way to go dudes!!!!!

Flyfush ,

Awesome Show

These guys are killing it. Breaking things down for people new to Flyfishing or speaking with Industry people about the latest gear and designs the boys are on it. Great chat with Dean Butler on his first trips to PNG with Rod Harrison and the basics of do it yourself Marlin fishing from a trailer boat. Great job guys!

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