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The Intrepid Entrepreneur is here to inspire those who are hell-bent on becoming a kick-ass entrepreneur, striving to level-up their business that they’ve started or are gearing up to launch their incredible ideas into successful small businesses! Join Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, founder of LivingUber and Verde Brand Communications, as she interviews inspirational, motivated, and kick-ass small business owners who have made their mark on the outdoor industry.

The Intrepid Entrepreneur Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

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The Intrepid Entrepreneur is here to inspire those who are hell-bent on becoming a kick-ass entrepreneur, striving to level-up their business that they’ve started or are gearing up to launch their incredible ideas into successful small businesses! Join Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, founder of LivingUber and Verde Brand Communications, as she interviews inspirational, motivated, and kick-ass small business owners who have made their mark on the outdoor industry.

    Introducing: Channel Mastery from Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

    Introducing: Channel Mastery from Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

    Thank you so much for all your support throughout the years at Intrepid Entrepreneur.
    I want to make you aware of my latest project, Channel Mastery. Check it out at: VerdeStrategy.co
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    Thank you, and I will see you over there!

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    A Sneak Peek at 2017 on Intrepid with Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

    A Sneak Peek at 2017 on Intrepid with Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

    Show Notes: http://intrepidentrepreneur.net/solocast-2/ Happy 2017 Intrepid Nation!
    I’m know we’ve all been slammed over the past few months, what with the holidays and now the rush of starting out new years out right. Some of you probably noticed my absence over the past few weeks. I’ve missed you!
    This is a special solocast from me to you, dear audience, to fill you in on the new project that has been keeping me so busy--it’s so exciting! I’m also giving you a sneak peek at the changes coming to Intrepid and the Alliance this year. Get excited for some new programs and some new resources!
    Bravery and Business Quote “We’re in it to build lifestyles, we’re in it to do what we love and to build a tribe around something that we love to share.” -Kristin Carpenter Ogden (click to tweet)
    The Cliff Notes Find out what exciting new project has been keeping me so busy this quarter, and why I’m so pumped about it. Heads up for some exciting changes coming to the Intrepid Entrepreneur Podcast next month! How to make sure you’re on the waitlist for the Intrepid Alliance New opportunities for members of the Alliance, and some special offers for those of you still waiting. I want your feedback and requests for the new year!  Let me know what you’d like to hear about. Send your ideas to: Questions@IntrepidEntreprenur.net “Serving you through this podcast, through Intrepid Entrepreneur & through the Alliance is my favorite thing to do” -Kristin Carpenter Ogden (click to tweet)  

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    How to Start Your Business Without Quitting Your Day Job with Patrick McGinnis

    How to Start Your Business Without Quitting Your Day Job with Patrick McGinnis

    Show Notes: http://intrepidentrepreneur.net/patrick-mcginnis/ How many people are able to quit their day jobs and jump right into a successful entrepreneurial career? Hardly anyone that I know has been so lucky. No matter how passionate you are about your work, it takes time to build a business.
    Patrick McGinnis is an entrepreneur with a background on Wall Street, venture capital, private equity, and the author of “The 10% Entrepreneur”. We’re digging into what it means to be an entrepreneur with a day job.
    Patrick’s explaining what makes someone a 10% Entrepreneur, and how continuing in your current job can profit everyone. We’re getting into the benefits of hands-on experience, diversifying your skill set, and developing entrepreneurial muscle, in just 10% of your time. Patrick knows what it is to work for your money, and how important it is to insulate your income.
    This is an amazing episode for those of you working multiple jobs, and everyone interested in getting started on something new this year.
    Bravery and Business Quote “I decided I was no longer going to do things where I put all of my trust into somebody else.” Patrick McGinnis (click to tweet)
    The Cliff Notes Don’t quit your day job! Start something new and get involved with entrepreneurship with 10% of your time. Diversify your skills by trying different kinds of ventures and business ideas. The more you do, the more you learn. A 10% entrepreneur wants to create a diverse portfolio of living, breathing businesses that function on their own. Developing more skills and entrepreneurial muscle will benefit you in and the company you work for during the day. You don’t have to have money to be a successful entrepreneur. Start small and grow as your business demands. No job is really 100% safe. Things happen, so diversify your skills set and income so you’ll always have something to fall back on. Don’t fall for entrepreneur FOMO! Starting a business is not as glamorous or exciting as it seems. It’s a lot of hard work with slow payoff. Be empowered, not overwhelmed, to take the first step. Spend 10% of your time developing your concept, or getting involved with another new business. You can only learn so much by reading and taking courses. Get out there and start trying things. Working on the side will give you proof of concept for your business before you go all in or try to get investors. “Most entrepreneurs don’t jump right into things. They develop on the side until they get proof of concept.” - Patrick McGinnis (click to tweet)
      Resources About Patrick McGinnis
    Patrick's book The 10% Entrepreneur: Live Your Startup Dream Without Quitting Your Day Job
    Patrick's SPEECH at Google

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    Finding the Right Audience for Your Campaign with Johannes Ariens

    Finding the Right Audience for Your Campaign with Johannes Ariens

    Show Notes: IntrepidEntrepreneur.net/The-Right-Audience-Johannes-Ariens How much have you accomplished this year? Maybe 2016 has been a big year for you and your company-I know it has been full of surprises for me.  
    My guest on this episode is Johannes Ariens, and he’s here for the second time this year to talk about the second project he’s successfully launched in 2016.
    Johannes is sharing how his new project LOGE met its Kickstarter goal in the first week, and what this means for how they’re moving forward. We’re talking about setting stretch goals and how to work towards them progressively.
    Johannes is also discussing how he’s using multiple channels to drive people to their campaign, and what these channels all bring to the perception of your brand. We’re digging into communicating with the right people, not the most people, and giving those people an authentic, inside look at your work.
    I hope you enjoy this episode – It’s part training, part inspiration and 100% entertaining!
    Bravery and Business Quote “If you push, something’s got to happen. No matter what, you’re going to learn from that.” Johannes Ariens (click to tweet)
    The Cliff Notes Think about entry-level consumers. How can you make your business or community more accessible to people who might be interested, but inexperienced? Don’t be afraid of being uncomfortable. If you’re comfortable, you’re probably not challenging yourself enough. Push really hard. Either way, something is going to happen and you’re going to learn from the experience. Acknowledge what you’re bad at. Work on improving those skills and know how to delegate and take advice from experienced experts. Active and engaged followers are much more valuable than many, uninvolved followers. Quality means more than quantity. You don’t need a global audience to be effective, you just need to be dialed in to who your audience is and how to connect with them. Figure out what people perceive your intent to be. Know what clients think that you support and work to bring that perception in line with your vision. Know your numbers. How many people do you need to invest in your project? How many purchases? Views? What, specifically, do you need to succeed? Set different kinds of goals. Have immediate goals and then set stretch goals to aim for next. Know where you’re heading now and where you’re heading next. Make time to talk to people beyond social media. Don’t just share what you’re doing online, but talk to people that you know and network in person. “If it’s uncomfortable, then you’re probably doing the right thing” Johannes Ariens (click to tweet)
      Resources Twitter: @JohannesAriens
    Kickstarter for LOGE Camp
    Show Notes: IntrepidEntrepreneur.net/The-Right-Audience-Johannes-Ariens/

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    Finding Success Outside the Big City with Ron Andrews

    Finding Success Outside the Big City with Ron Andrews

    Show Notes: www.IntrepidEntrepreneur.net/Ron-Andrews/ How many of you are working in a small town? Maybe some of you, like me, sometimes work out of your house and love it. Well this episode is for you!
    I’m sitting down with Ron Andrews of King Cage. Ron runs this highly successful company from his home right here in Durango, and he’s sharing is secrets to small-town success.
    We’re getting into keeping with your founder’s vision, knowing how big you want, or don’t want, to your company to be, and keeping your business organized in your house.  Ron’s also talking about how he got the idea for King Cage, and where his product line has expanded from his original product.
    For all of you trying to hustle outside the big city, this episode is full of advice from someone who’s living the passion-driven entrepreneur’s dream!
    Bravery and Business Quote “Quality and consistency is what you’ve really got to stick with.” Ron Andrews  (click to tweet)
      The Cliff Notes Living near people who are experts in their field is a great asset to you, no matter where you live. Having customers who are excited about your product brings more enthusiasm and energy to your work and company psyche. Don’t feel unable to leave your current job. Find a way to support yourself doing what you love. Look for trade shows in your industry to expand your reach and customer base.   Specialize your products. Once you have a product that sells well, look for ways to improve and personalize it to your niche. Add value to your product. What can you do to help your clients even more than you already are? Advertise at a rate that you can sustain your business. Don’t look for orders so big you won’t be able to fulfill them. Keep your company the size you want it. Don’t feel pressured to expand or grow in ways that aren’t consistent with your founder’s vision. “It’s easy to connect with a person because it is so intimate here and close.” Ron Andrews (click to tweet)
    King Cage
    Interbike Expo
      Show Notes: www.IntrepidEntrepreneur.net/Ron-Andrews/  

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    Athlete and Entrepreneur with Sonya Looney

    Athlete and Entrepreneur with Sonya Looney

    Show Notes: www.IntrepidEntrepreneur.net/Sonya-Looney/ So much has changed in how we market and sell products over the past few years.  It’s not just about using social media, but about understanding what customers want from the brands they support.
    I’m sitting down with Sonya Looney, World Champion Cyclist, writer, speaker, and adventure seeker. We’re talking about how she has re-designed and re-written the relationship between athletes and sponsoring companies.
     Sonya’s sharing how she got into cycling, and how that passion led her to leave her career twice to become an entrepreneur. We’re getting into what companies should look for in the athletes they sponsor, and how athletes can market themselves better. It’s not just about results!
     This is a great episode for anyone looking to build their brand, or maybe even sponsor an athlete.
    Bravery and Business Quote “If you do the things that you love and put everything into it, it’s going to grow in ways that you never could have imagined”  Sonya Looney (click to tweet)
      The Cliff Notes Acknowledge what makes you excited. Sonya was working for a start-up and realized she loved the marketing side of things more than her job as an engineer. Protect your priorities. If a job or hobby is getting in the way of what you’re passionate about, find a way to rearrange. Don’t be afraid to pivot in your career. Just because you’ve spent years growing in it, or getting a degree doesn’t mean you should stay if you’re not happy. Look for partners that have the same passion and following/ clients as you. What brands are attracting the same kind of community that you want to be a part of? Pay attention to what makes other people good at their jobs. Even people in other markets, what makes them so effective? Pull those things into your practice. Focus on two way communication. Respond to people who engage with you on social media, and keep track of what they’re enjoying. Do what you love and believe in. If you’re working hard towards what you’re passionate about, people will take notice and stay connected. Worry less about an athlete’s racing results than about what they can bring to your product. What can this athlete’s personality and following bring to your company? “It’s not just about putting content out there, it’s about responding to every person that you can that’s engaging with you”  Sonya Looney“ (click to tweet)
    Sonya Looney’s Website
    Sonya Looney on TED Talk
      Show Notes: www.IntrepidEntrepreneur.net/Sonya-Looney/  

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5.0 out of 5
87 Ratings

87 Ratings

spence917 ,

Very informative podcast series!

I cannot stop listening to these - love every minute of it. I look forward to hearing more episodes.

SashaGB ,

Great Host

Kirstin is great at balacing practical advice and personal honesty. She knows what it's like to really love your business.

Dkortje ,

Great Content, Great Guest

Kristin is so down to earth, and she clearly loves the outdoor industry. If you are working in active outdoor markets, be that climbing, mountain biking, skiing or whatever, you will learn a ton from Kristin.

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