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The Jason Clause Show is a podcast dedicated to finding and sharing the best ideas, tactics and strategies for busy managers.

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The Jason Clause Show is a podcast dedicated to finding and sharing the best ideas, tactics and strategies for busy managers.

    What is a fair IT support service price?

    What is a fair IT support service price?

    A fair price is not as simple as, "You get what you pay for."

    What is a fair IT support service price? The simple answer is that, “You get what you pay for.”  Most of us probably had a grandpa that told us that helpful little nugget at some point in our adolescence.  Logically, it makes perfect sense, but at the same time, no one wants to pay more for something than is necessary.

    This is true for IT support service price but because of the variability of the options and differences in the quality delivered, the fairness of the price relative to the experience the offering delivers gets pretty muddy pretty quickly.

    In this episode we talk about:

    * The variation in IT support service price and delivery service models* The cost of human capital* The efficiencies that come from process, tools and automation* The risks that get passed back to the client (whether you know about it or not)* How you can use the inputs listed above to help get at a fair price

    Show notes:

    * Outsourced IT provider frustrating you with bad service?* Endsight Pricing: What am I paying for?

    • 26 min
    So what is CCPA anyway? #26

    So what is CCPA anyway? #26

    What is ccpa and what do you need to know right now about the California Consumer Protection Act.

    That's a common question and there are a ton of answers.  In this episode, my guests, Jason Cooper and Robert Gillette helps us to start to understand what this law is, who will be impacted by it and what the best next steps are to address the implications of this broad and confusing new law.

    In this episode we talk about:

    * What is the CCPA?

    * Who will be subject to CCPA's provisions?

    * What is most misunderstood about CCPA?

    * How is your technology going to be impacted?

    * What happens if I don't do anything?

    * What is the one best next step for you to take?

    My Guests:

    * Jason Cooper on LinkedIn

    * Robert Gillette on LinkedIn

    Show notes:

    * Identity Theft Post Equifax

    * CCPA Webinar registration page

    * Are your frustrated with your outsourced IT provider?

    * Rombauer Vineyard

    • 37 min
    Covid-19 work guide with Julie Chendes | #27

    Covid-19 work guide with Julie Chendes | #27

    Business leaders have their hands full as our community attempts to re-open in the shadow of this pandemic. As a result, there's a real need for a covid-19 work guide of some kind.

    For example, it seems like there are new guidelines and regulations everyday about how to protect our teams. The effect is that it causes confusion and likewise can also potentially expose the business to all kinds unanticipated risks.

    My guest, Julie Chendes, the founder and owner of Next Level Strategies joins to help us understand some of those new challenges and to highlight a new covid-19 work guide she and her team created to help ease the transition back to work.

    Manage your people, Manage your Risk

    Get the covid-19 employment guide to keep your people and your business safe

    Get you Guide Now!

    Show Notes

    * Next Level Strategies* Juile Chendes LinkedIn* Covid-19 Guide * Top 5 Steps to Securely Work From Home* Are your help desk services slow to respond with you need help?

    • 32 min
    Decoding child behavior

    Decoding child behavior

    If I can understand the beliefs behind my child's behavior.....

    I can focus my attention on changing the underlying belief thereby changing the behavior. In chapter 2 of the book, "Positive Discipline Parenting Tools," we're introduced to a couple of tools that can help translate misbehavior into it's coded message.

    In this episode we talk about:

    * The logic and history behind this parenting methodology from the previous episode* The 4 mistaken beliefs driving misbehavior* The Mistaken Goal Detective Clue Form* The Mistaken Goal Chart* Demonstrating the use of the tools

    Show Notes:

    * Mark Goodman* Rick Callaway* Robert Gillette* CourageHub - Hosted by Samuel Hatton* Samuel Hatton* Rudolf Dreikurs* Positive Parenting Discipline Introduction* About Positive Parenting Discipline* 5 Root causes of employee under-performance* Mistaken Goal Chart PDF* Mistaken Goal Detective Clue Form* Feelings Wheel* How to use the Mistaken Goal Chart - YouTube Video* Positive Parenting Discipline Parenting Tools Book

    • 19 min
    Introduction to Positive Discipline Parenting Tools

    Introduction to Positive Discipline Parenting Tools

    Raising children is hard and I often wonder if my parenting is doing more harm than good.  This book, introduced an interesting question that caught my attention.  “What if misbehavior was just the symptom of a deeper root issue?”  If that’s true, then maybe I can learn how to identify those root issues and solve for that instead of constantly treating symptoms.

    In this episode I talk about:

    * The underlying theory and history  guiding the Positive Discipline parenting style* The 4 false beliefs that all children have that drive misbehavior* Comparisons to the more common parenting styles * How kindness & firmness can be used to encourage children allowing parents to work with kids instead of against them.

    Show notes:

    * Slide Deck * Positive Discipline Parenting Tools – Book* Rudolf Dreikurs* Alfred Adler* Positive Discipline Website* What they say vs. what they hear

    • 17 min
    Top 5 Steps to Securely Work From Home

    Top 5 Steps to Securely Work From Home

    In this episode, I'm sharing  five simple steps to securely work from home.  The best part is all of these steps not only help secure your work, but they will make you and your family far more safe as you create a cyber secure home.

    In this episode I talk about 5 steps to securely work from home

    * Protecting yourself against social engineering attacks

    * Securing your home network

    * Creating strong passwords and multi factor authentication

    * Updates & passwords

    * Accommodating kids and guests

    Show notes:

    * How to create strong passwords

    * 1Password

    * Protect yourself from CEO Fraud

    * Cyber Security Training for your team in less than 10 minutes

    • 14 min

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5.0 out of 5
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2 Ratings

L Michelle Boss ,

Worth a Listen

I’m not a business manager, per se, but a buisness owner. Also not ‘techy, but for having such a broad theme - collecting good management ideas - delivered by a technical professional, this Podcast is interesting and valuable. Jason does a great job relating to his audience, sharing his perspective and giving a useful, informed presentation. I usually laugh at least once when listening to each episode, too!

Geekconsortium ,

Great podcast for managers

I've enjoyed this podcast from the beginning and it is getting better. Some of the ideas are immediately usable, some are obvious but a reminder is sometimes needed.

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