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Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin is a business + relationship + sex manifestation coach. She is passionate about helping others create the personal and professional life of their dreams. Welcome to conversations about life, love and business.

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Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin is a business + relationship + sex manifestation coach. She is passionate about helping others create the personal and professional life of their dreams. Welcome to conversations about life, love and business.

    We Can Do Hard Things

    We Can Do Hard Things

    Intuitive Business Coach and Content Magic Maker Su Guillory talks with us today about living life with the mantra of "I can do hard things".

    She moves to Italy in just a few months, and dream coming true that she's been working toward for years.

    I pop in and talk about living intentionally through the hard things in life like divorce, and how to live consciously through the hard things that come our way.

    This is a super motivational episode and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

    Find Su Guillory here: https://www.susanguillory.com/

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    2022 Amazon Prime Day Prep

    2022 Amazon Prime Day Prep

    This is a recording I did for MerchantWords last year in preparation for Prime Days.

    3 Growth Spurt Client Best Practices:

    1.  Snag Prime Day Deals - remember this is the perfect time to capture new customers

    July 8, 2022: Prime Exclusive Discounts must be submitted
    Prime Exclusive discounts - Do not cost but only reach Prime members unlike coupons who reach everyone. Will be displayed on a deals page within Amazon for shoppers on Prime days. See guidelines below in order to participate. These will be your best bet to capture new to brand prime shoppers.


    Item needs to be nationally Prime shipping eligible product.
    The Prime Exclusive Discount must meet all regular eligibility criteria.
    Product must have at least 3-star rating or no rating.
    The discount must be at least 10% off the non-prime member non-promotional price.
    The discount must be at most 80% off the non-prime member non-promotional price.

    2. Offer deep coupon discounts - remember this is the perfect time to capture new customers!

    June 10, 2022: Amazon Coupons must be submitted
    Coupons are highlighted and visible to shoppers inside of AMZ, even without clicking on your product page and also impact the buy box. These will be your best bet for Prime Day sales. Coupons work by clips and redemptions. You get charged .60 per clip whether the shopper uses the coupon or not. You can add up to 50 items and take a percent off or a dollar amount off (this amount can't be less than 5% or over 80% of your lowest price on the item). Then you set a budget for your coupons (Your budget will be shared among the following 2 costs: USD equivalent of the discount you are offering and your redemption fee of .60 cents). The coupon will automatically shut off once 80% of the budget is utilized.

    3. Send a Prime Day email blast to your external email list, driving them back to Amazon.

    We saw between a 2X - 12X increase in daily sales over each Prime Day for clients that used the above strategies.

    Prime day is Amazon's Christmas and shoppers like big discounts. There are additional ways (other than above) you can play, listed below.

    *PROMOs don't work unless you Market like crazy outside of Amazon. Not all promos impact your buy box. We had a client send out 10,000 emails and didn't receive one redemption on his promo that ran for 30 days.

    *Bundling doesn't seem to be effective because the AMZ shopper buys 1 item at a time, so the value add of a % off for multiple items in one purchase doesn't seem to translate in this online space the same way it would in say a Bath & Body works.

    *Lightning Deals - Amazon will offer these and showcase you on their deals page - You pay $150-$500 per deal and they last for a certain amount of time, normally an hour or so. We have never had a good return on these.

    FBA inventory cut-off is June 20th, 2022 (Inventory should arrive at Amazon FBA centers by this date)

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    Open Relationships 101

    Open Relationships 101

    Since the beginning of human life, there have been all kinds of different types of relationships.

    There were tribes where women ruled.

    And others where many men "contributed" their seed during procreation to ensure the strength and virility of the babies.

    We lived in community. 

    Today's world is dominated by a patriarchal society where we view partnership as property and ownership and lifelong obligation.

    Today I'm interviewing my closest friends Tony Hatch & Cristina Lopez, an engaged couple in a 9 year polyamorous partnership.

    We discuss the different types of open relationship, the negatives and positives of being "in the lifestyle", and our unique experiences dating multiple people at one time.

    🎙 NOTE: This podcast is NOT kid-friendly so grab those AirPods!


    Sex at Dawn Book

    Polysecure Book


    C4P.com - An Online Community for Swingers

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    Sit Down Into It

    Sit Down Into It

    H E L L O podcast rebrand! I felt limited by the name Bricks & Clicks in that I could only talk about retail and sales. Especially when I want to talk about everything BUT that stuff here on the podcast.

    We are SO much more than our work or industry or title.

    So Welcome to the Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin podcast. Where I get to talk about whatever and bring whomever I want onto this show!

    Today I'm talking with Taylar Jackson, my amazing esthetician. 

    Why? Because she is f*ing magical and has helped me move through soooo much (just listen to today's intro!!).

    Some highlights from our convo:

    > We must sit with our feelings to move into the next phase in our lives.

    > This is how we feel cleansed and refreshed moving forward.

    > Sometimes the “juicy” allows us to be open and feel supported. (Have the s*x)

    > We don’t get to force our partners to be what we want them to be.

    > There are cycles for everything… and it takes two people that are willing to put in the work and have the difficult conversations in order to make it work.

    More about Taylar's skin subscription:


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    Into the Statusphere - Influencer Marketing with Kristen Wiley

    Into the Statusphere - Influencer Marketing with Kristen Wiley

    Today I’m interviewing Kristen Wiley, the Founder and CEO of Orlando-based tech-startup, Statusphere, a multi-million dollar consumer-to-consumer marketing platform that helps digital audiences discover brands they love from people they trust.

    Today’s topic is influencer marketing, and we’re going to be learning about:

    Harnessing what Kristen calls the “power-middle influencers"
    Kristen’s in-house influencer group (& why that’s better than using an influencer agency group)
    The future of Social Media (hello Metaverse!).

    Kristen’s Links:

    Newsletter: https://brands.joinstatus.com/newsletter-subscription

    Blog: https://brands.joinstatus.com/

    Website: https://www.joinstatus.com/

    How to get 30 influencers posting in 30 days: https://brands.joinstatus.com/30-influencers-in-30-days

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    2021 Holiday Shopping Changes

    2021 Holiday Shopping Changes

    AMZ Deals have already started.
    Goodby Layaway, Hello Affirm financing! WMT is doing away with Layaway. Be prepared to find a place to hide those Holiday gifts.
    Shop early
    Think experiences, and out of the box.

    As a brand, assuming you have inventory, this is your time to shine!

    Also, get scrappy! Think out of the box:

    Facebook and IG DM Selling (think like a boutique)
    Social Media Advertising
    Spruce up your website - add add an email capture form, create a holiday freebie (5 ways to stay sane with family in town, or 3 Thanksgiving Day breakfast staples) to capture higher than normal traffic.
    Add subscription options
    Add giftable options (gift pack, gift wrapping)
    Think about your shopper experience long-term and build a strategy around it (this is called a funnel)
    Show up with a deal - just like everyone else!
    But stay profitable

    Get help with your Marketing!


    • 25 min

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