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The social mutual improvement club you never had, but always wanted. Hosted by Cornelius McGrath. A production from Everyday Entrepreneur. Inspired by Patrick Griffin and Benjamin Franklin.

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The social mutual improvement club you never had, but always wanted. Hosted by Cornelius McGrath. A production from Everyday Entrepreneur. Inspired by Patrick Griffin and Benjamin Franklin.

    #48: Student Loans, Side Hustles, Creator Businesses & Tokenized Communities — Junto Besties

    #48: Student Loans, Side Hustles, Creator Businesses & Tokenized Communities — Junto Besties

    The OG Junto Besties return for our first-ever group podcast. It's something we've talked about doing for years, as we've always had incredible conversations off the record. 

    Now that Mateo, Amaan, Jihad, Rubino & I either live in different cities or rarely see each other (because of life), this felt like the right time to bring the group back together. We're aiming to do an episode like this at least once a month. Shout to the All-In Podcast for the inspo, and bear with us while we perfect audio.

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    #47: jeen-yuhs — Peter Pham

    #47: jeen-yuhs — Peter Pham

    LOS ANGELES, CA — My guest today is Peter Pham. Founder of Science Inc.

    Peter runs the venture capital firm behind brands like Dollar Shave Club, PlayVS and Liquid Death. He's also the co-executive producer of jeen-yuhs, the incredible documentary on the life of Kanye West.

    As a venture capitalist, producer, and prolific dancer, Peter has a unique view of life, entrepreneurship, character, psychology,  confidence, and everything in between. I had the chance to unpack what drives Peter, how he decides what investments to make, what founders to back and why he's so in love with dancing. But, most importantly, I got an inside look at the making of jeen-yuhs and how this incredible documentary came to life.

    See transcript: https://everydayentrepreneur.co/magazine/issues/5/jeen-yuhs
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    #46: Putting The Content in Capital — Karin Kildow

    #46: Putting The Content in Capital — Karin Kildow

    LOS ANGELES, CA — My guest today is Karin Kildow — Founder & CEO of Content Capital.

    I reached out to Karin at the top of the year ahead of my first trip out to LA since February of 2018. I had tracked her on social for a long time and admired how she used the platform to tell stories.

    It turns out we were meeting at the perfect time. Karin — who has had an illustrious career at RedBull, Uninterrupted and Beyond Meat — was getting ready to go full-time on Content Capital and make it a cutting-edge media company focused on helping athletes tell their stories.

    Karin and I had the chance to sit down together in LA to record this episode. We dissect her life story, her approach to social, what drives her philosophy behind storytelling and her biggest dreams for her new company.

    Without further ado, here’s Karin Kildow.


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    #45: Are You Ready to Uproute? — Sam Viola

    #45: Are You Ready to Uproute? — Sam Viola

    CHICAGO, IL  — My guest today is Sam Viola, the Founder of Uproute Travel. I first met Sam three years ago during a hot summer’s day in Chicago, watching the England vs USA women’s semi-final at Cleo’s Pub in West Town. The blue sky quickly turned to rain, and I invited Sam and his two female chaperones (who turned out to be his sisters) under the umbrella. We got chatting, and the rest is truly history.

    Almost three years later, Sam and I have become incredibly close friends and partners to each other on and off the field. Sam came into Breakouts III in January of 2021, crushed it, landed his first client off the back of Demo Day, and recently completed his year-long School Fellowship.

    A year on from Demo Day, Uproute Travel is a reality. Not just an idea. And Sam isn’t stuck behind a Zoom screen but travelling to a new country each month. I am incredibly proud of his progress and was blessed to get some time to sit down with him to reflect on this fantastic journey during his three weeks back at home in CHI.

    Our conclusion? It’s just the beginning. 


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    #44: Lift As You Climb — Eric Matthews, Jillian Friot & Othman O'Malley

    #44: Lift As You Climb — Eric Matthews, Jillian Friot & Othman O'Malley

    MEMPHIS, TN — my guests today are Eric Matthews, Jillian Friot and Othman O’Malley. These three power players based in Memphis travel seamlessly between entrepreneurship, community, and wine.

    I kicked off Q2 by spending the weekend with them and some old friends in Soul City. We shared some fabulous meals, explored almost every corner of town and capped it all off by hosting a 6-hour long wine tasting at Jillian and Eric’s home. Othman and I were slinging the best ancient and natural vino’s we could get our hands-on. And the conversations were ongoing for hours.

    In short: we were building gravity. And in this episode, we unpack what that meant for each of us, our highlights of this incredible weekend and our biggest ambitions for the future of this community in Memphis.

    Sit back, relax and feel the gravity.

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    #43: Shy Bairns Get Nowt — Daniel Ross

    #43: Shy Bairns Get Nowt — Daniel Ross

    MIAMI, FL —  My guest today is Daniel Ross. A travel connoisseur and arguably the most global Northern bloke I’ve ever met. 

    Dan and I first connected back in December of 2019 during a black-tie dinner on the Intrepid in New York City. Carly Rae Jepsen performed. We rubbed shoulders with travel influencers and celebrities. It was a magical evening. Little did we both know it would be the last time we’d see each other until March 2022. Our travel schedules finally intersected and we had the chance to sit down in Miami for this conversation at the stunning MIAMI EAST hotel in Brickell.

    Over the pandemic, Dan made the bold switch from cashing in a paycheque and working for somebody else to breaking out on his own as a freelancer. We caught up during the latter end of his 8-week press trip to the United States. This was Dan’s first time in America since the pandemic.

    In this episode, we discuss Dan’s origin story as a Geordie, how his life has changed since the pandemic, why he ultimately decided to make the jump to freelance, how he thinks about his role today in the travel space and why he absolutely refuses to be called an influencer.


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4.6 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Philip B. Clark, II ,

Austin podcast

Just listened to the Austin podcast. Clear thinking and loved the openness to contrarian thinking to one’s own narrative. Keep up the great work.

PQtime4Greatness20 ,

Sensational Storytelling

Cornelius McGrath has crafted a listening space of vulnerability, truth, and unreal insights. How he manages to find the most interesting and captivating individuals of this world... I don’t even know. Whether it’s his smooth speaking style or ability to have a conversation that’s never been had, Cornelius speaks from the heart and ultimately elicits a side to his listeners that many times has never been tapped into... There is magic in “The Junto” and magic coming from Cornelius himself... This podcast is transformative...

cole.feldman ,

You’ve got to listen to this guy!

Cornelius has a brilliant way of telling people’s stories. It inspires me to do more for my own story.

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