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Got a cheating spouse or significant other? Listen to these culprits CAUGHT IN THE ACT!

The Kane Show Presents: War Of The Roses HOT 99.5 (WIHT-FM)

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    • 4.7, 138 Ratings

Got a cheating spouse or significant other? Listen to these culprits CAUGHT IN THE ACT!

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
138 Ratings

138 Ratings

Bwalz177 ,

Best War of the Roses - MN Fan!!

I grew up listening to my local stations war of the roses... But I love this one 10x more. I get excited when I see there’s a new episode available since I’m not able to listen to you guys live on air in Minnesota.

SueZQ1989 ,

Kind of annoying & fake

I have downloaded every War of the Roses Podcast that I can find, & for the most part, the majority of them sound pretty fake, but are still a little entertaining sometimes for a drive to work. I won’t say I hate this one, but I will say that most of the stories sound pretty fake, the responses even more fake, & to be honest, I don’t understand how anyone could really believe the calls when Kane plays a florist because he’s constantly saying “Uhm” in a weird sort of groan & he’s always hesitating & cleay sounds like he’s either lying or has no clue what he’s talking about whatsoever. I hate to talk about the way anyone talks, but the reason it’s irritating is because the stumbling & weird noises make up a big portion of the segments. Also, the fact that he taunts the people he’s supposedly tricking, is very annoying. I understand he’s trying to be funny, & sometimes it is, but usually it just sounds forced & fake & doesn’t at all sound like the way he’s talking is the way he normally talks, especially when he says “bro”. He tries to sound so big & bad, but he sounds ridiculous most of the time. Please work on making the segments sound less scripted & fake. Or just, maybe don’t have them be scripted & fake & actually do real War of the Roses...

queenofdance ,

Guilty Pleasure

This is easily the guiltiest pleasure in all of podcast-dom!! I love how Kane, John, Riley and Rose work hilariously together to bring this delight to our ears. This team has such great chemistry, I’d hate for them ever to part. Major crush on intern John (adorbs). My walks are enhanced greatly by listening to you guys. Especially when I laugh out loud and my neighbors give me those side glances. No regrets whatsoever. Love love love

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