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A history of New York free form radio told through the lens of stories and interviews from legendary DJ Vin Scelsa's show Idiot's Delight

The Kate and Vin Scelsa Podcast Kate and Vin Scelsa

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A history of New York free form radio told through the lens of stories and interviews from legendary DJ Vin Scelsa's show Idiot's Delight

    Episode 23 - Laurie Anderson

    Episode 23 - Laurie Anderson

    Songwriter and performance artist Laurie Anderson visited Idiot's Delight late one Sunday night after a concert appearance in NYC. Vin says, “This was a real intimate late night/early morning conversation that included talk about John Cage, Tupperware, and silence.“ Originally broadcast live on April, 9th, 1995 on WXRK (K-Rock)

    • 1 hr 31 min
    Episode 22 - Joan Baez

    Episode 22 - Joan Baez

    Vin's interview with Joan Baez from January 31, 1993 - right at the beginning of Bill Clinton’s first presidential term. Joan Baez was 52 years old and entering a new phase in her already decades-long career at the top of the American folk music world. “Play Me Backwards” - her 21st solo album - is featured during this appearance on Vin Scelsa’s New York radio program Idiot’s Delight, highlighted by live performances and warm conversation. Joan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017 and has since ended her six decade long performance career.

    • 1 hr 40 min
    Episode 21 - Ray Price

    Episode 21 - Ray Price

    Vin’s interview with country music legend Ray Price from June 11th, 2000 on WNEW, during one of the few appearances Ray ever made as a solo artist in New York. In which Vin and Ray discuss Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, and Ray’s role in the history of country music, as one of the key figures who took it from honkytonk to pop.

    • 2 hr 6 min
    Episode 20 - WNEW Part 3 - 12/8/80

    Episode 20 - WNEW Part 3 - 12/8/80

    Vin talks about being on WNEW the night that John Lennon died

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Episode 19 - WNEW Part 2 - T-Shirt and Razoo Kelley

    Episode 19 - WNEW Part 2 - T-Shirt and Razoo Kelley

    Part 2 of Vin's time at WNEW, chronicling the years that Vin received a series of mysterious letters from the legends known only as T-Shirt and Razoo Kelley. How the phenomenon grew, and how no one will believe Vin that he didn't write the letters himself.

    • 1 hr
    Episode 18 - WNEW Part 1

    Episode 18 - WNEW Part 1

    Vin's journey to WNEW in the 70's, including unemployment and a misguided stopover in Long Island. Dave Herman, Scott Muni, Alison Steele, and WNEW's brief moment with an all-female DJ lineup.

    • 1 hr 16 min

Customer Reviews

mikec89 ,

Will we get more from Vin?

Grew up dying college years and beyond listening to Idiot’s Delight from 8PM Sunday to whenever Vin felt like ending it on Monday

Distinct shows but between Vin and The late Pete Fornatele (Mixed Bag), radio dominated

Now WNEW is gone....WPLJ is gone as of two hours ago. WFUV is still with me (through the stream as Princeton is far too far away from the Bronx for over the air)

Vin...tell us more. Most of all, be happy and healthy

chappaqua steve ,

Brought back memories

The two WNEW podcasts were terrific. At 66 years old I was right there. Vin was always an intellectual step above the rest, but that radio team (Herman, Muni, Elsas, Schwartz, Pete Fornatele , Steele, and Scelsa. What a bundle of radio history. The right players for the right time. Sort of like Carson was the right guy for those times. Vin, congratulations on the podcast and on an extraordinary career.

Billnobes ,

Thanks, Old Friend

In the 70s Vin helped get me through grammar school. I wasn't allowed to stay up late but I would turn the radio on in my room past bedtime and listen (and, yes, my cat was named Razoo Kelley).

In the 80s Vin helped me get through college. I was a young and idealistic student (um, droput) who was listening to Abby Hoffman on WBAI and Vin on whatever station he was on.

In the 90s when a divorce made me loose my buisiness Vin not only got me through the weekends but introduced me to great musicians in NYC some of whom I got to know and work with personally which led to so many amazing experiences. I could never adequeately express my gratitiude.

The Mid 2000s found me living on a chicken farm in NJ, a second divorce left me a single parent of a 4yo son. Vin was still there.

Now it's 2016 and my 15yo son and I still live on the farm (though the chickens are gone) and we're working to turn the house into a recording / artistic space. I googled "vin scelsa hal blain" because that was the single most amazing interview I ever heard and I wanted to share it.

What's this google is telling me? Vin is PODCASTING? I run and grab my phone and subscribe. Within minutes Vin's voice is in my ear and a sense of calm descends. Times may be tough and my choices remain... unorthodox -- but it's always worked out. I learned so much from Vin and his guests over the decades. Hearing his voice again reminds me of that.

Kate is a great addition to this next incarnation. I listened to her grow up through Vin's stories (except for the years he wasn't allowed to talk about her!) so it seems like a natural progression. Her contributiuon and insight is valuable.

So old fans -- you know what to do. To new fans you're in for a treat.

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