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Building an online business is more than branding, content, and sales. It’s what happens behind the scenes, during the highs and lows that make or break a business. I’m your host, Kim Doyal, and this is the “Kim Doyal’ show. I’ll be sharing my own journey of 10+ years growing an online business as well as talking to entrepreneurs who are on the ground, creating, building, and showing up every day. Remember, do business as only you can do.”

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Building an online business is more than branding, content, and sales. It’s what happens behind the scenes, during the highs and lows that make or break a business. I’m your host, Kim Doyal, and this is the “Kim Doyal’ show. I’ll be sharing my own journey of 10+ years growing an online business as well as talking to entrepreneurs who are on the ground, creating, building, and showing up every day. Remember, do business as only you can do.”

    Creating the Runway for a Successful Offer

    Creating the Runway for a Successful Offer

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I get closer to launching a community of my own. I think we all have experiences of launching something and it doesn’t do as well as we had hoped.
    We plan for it, we create the thing, and we get ready to start marketing it.
    Then when the time comes to release our offer to our audience it falls flat (or at least doesn’t do what we had hoped it would.
    I want to go deeper into this today because I’ve experienced both sides of the coin.
    It also fits nicely with my https://kimdoyal.com/fthehustle (#FtheHustle )movement because doing better work should lead to less hustle and greater rewards.
    What makes me most excited about this is it’s opened my eyes to a completely different (and more deliberate) marketing strategy which, if done intentionally, will always work.
    Creating the runwayBefore I dig into creating the runway, I want to be clear that what I’m referring to is more like setting the stage and being in alignment.
    As an example, when Jodi and launched the https://contentcreatorsplanner.com/ (Content Creators Planner) it wasn’t out of left field for me to be creating a physical planner for developing a content strategy. I had started the Content Creators group on Facebook two years prior, had been talking about content and content marketing, and was living by my #EverythingIsContent motto.
    Creating and selling the Content Creators Planner was completely in alignment with how I had been showing up.
    The time it took from our initial conversation about creating the planner together and launching it to the world was only four months.
    It was a pretty crazy four months, but we did it. So even though that window was small, people were already used to hearing me talk about content marketing.
    As soon as we had a logo and initial pages drafted, we started sharing it.
    This is why it worked.
    We went from a failed Kickstarter to a presale on our own website the week after Christmas (and announced the presale on New Year’s Eve) and successfully funded the production. We didn’t have the planner in our hands until March but people had been on the journey with us for months already…
    They were perfectly happy because they knew we were invested in getting our creation into their hands.
    This isn’t only about the launch of your product/service/offer. It’s making sure that when you’re ready to market your offer it’s in complete alignment with what you’ve been doing and how you’ve been showing up.
    This is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t as intentional as it is today.
    https://kimdoyal.com/?p=124691andpreview=true#cb8f20a078 (Join the #FtheHUSTLE movement!)
    More runway means more freedomThis is where the magic happens.
    Because you’re allowing yourself the space and consistency to be in alignment with what you’re doing, you can easily test the market for validation on offers.
    So as an example: I have a friend who is in my Email Insiders VIP group right now (I’m running another group very soon). She does social media marketing for clients and is very active on these platforms.
    She doesn’t just create images and accompanying text and then schedule it, she digs deeper into what is working for the different platforms and tests/tweaks engagement.
    One of the things I asked her about recently was Twitter threads. As I’ve gotten more active on Twitter lately I’ve noticed how popular Twitter threads have become (well, it’s new to me, probably been around a while) so I asked her about them.
    I was saying that I think Twitter threads would be a great way to share the newsletter every week because I could tag people I was mentioning and referencing in the newsletter on Twitter and that the segments of the newsletter could make for unique tweets.
    She loved the idea, talked about what she knew about Twitter threads, and encouraged me to test it.
    My first thought was to ask her if she’d be interested in doing a paid workshop on Tw

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    Write Your Book in 7 Days with AI: Interview with Darby Rollins KDS: 076

    Write Your Book in 7 Days with AI: Interview with Darby Rollins KDS: 076

    In this episode I talk with Darby Rollins, founder of the "Writing with Jarvis" book challenge. I connected with Darby in the Jarvis.ai Facebook Group (formerly Conversion.ai) and as soon as I was settled in Costa Rica jumped in to sign up for the latest book challenge.
    The Writing with Jarvis book challenge is loaded with pre-work so you can do your research, plan the direction of your book (which journey you'll take the reader on), and creating your book outline, and writing your book. All with the help of AI... which in this case, is Jarvis.ai

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    Life in Costa Rica and Getting Back to Business KDS: 075

    Life in Costa Rica and Getting Back to Business KDS: 075

    I made it!
    I’m officially in Costa Rica.I’ve been thinking about how I would do this episode in hopes that I could create some structure and not simply ramble at you about the process. I’m sitting here writing the post watching men hang from the trees outside my window to trim branches (they started with machetes and are using chainsaws now).
    The bonus is my view of the ocean keeps getting better.
    At the time of this writing/recording, https://kimdoyal.com/its-official-im-moving-to-costa-rica/ (I’ve been in Costa Rica for two weeks). The first 8 were with my daughter and we were really busy trying to see and do as much as possible (which kind of bit us in the ass since we were pretty wiped before we got on the plane).
    Today is only day 2 of a somewhat normal routine… and that was a little nuts (housekeeper, someone fixing the refrigerator, high speed internet install, and yes, tree trimming outside my windows).
    My goal for the next few days is to get some rest while getting back on track with work. I need it and my dogs need it (they’ve done amazing considering everything they’ve been through).
    *Fast forward a few days and I’m back to working on this episode*
    Update: I’m sitting out on my patio writing. I’ve got my coffee, there’s a slight breeze, and I’m staring at the ocean listening to birds.
    I’ve shared my reasons for moving here (and will probably go more in depth in another post on my PuraVidaJourney.com site), so let’s start with the journey here and the last two weeks.
    https://puravidajourney.com/ (Follow my life in Costa Rica at PuraVidaJourney.com)
    Getting to Costa RicaBest laid plans, right?
    The truth is it actually went pretty smoothly.
    The two months I spent at my Dad’s after leaving Boise was busier than I expected, but really nice. It was great to get to see family a few times as well as my friends in the Bay Area. I had a great night with my girlfriends (these are friends from high school who I’m so grateful for), saw some family friends, and basically worked on getting things (myself), prepared for this move.
    My daughter drove up from LA on Saturday, May 29th so we could have a graduation party for her with the family. She left her car at my Dad’s because we needed my car to get all my bags, the dogs, and computer in and I’m letting her use my car for a while.
    We turned around Sunday morning and hit the road back to LA (it’s about a 6 hour drive) and checked into a hotel near the airport (the intention was to do a park and ride… then we found out they weren’t running shuttles because of Covid. They didn’t have the staff to clean them. Tip: make sure you’re talking to the actual hotel and not a reservation line).
    We decided to stay there anyway (it was only 5 min from the airport) and found a parking garage that would shuttle us over…there was no way we could Uber with all our stuff + the dogs).
    To enter Costa Rica right now you have to purchase medical travel insurance, which I did. The night before our flight I logged in to fill out our health certificate, which then gives you a QR code so they just scan it at the airport. This was snafu #1.
    My daughter couldn’t find her passport (and she is super on top of things so we had a moment of freak out). Fortunately, she lives in LA and her place was only about 25 minutes away. We drove to her apartment and she couldn’t find it (where she thought it should be).
    I had a feeling it was there so went out to the family room to look around and it had fallen on the floor.
    Hallelujah! Crisis averted.
    We allowed for plenty of time in the morning to park the car and get to the airport, which is good because we needed it for snafu #2.
    I had bought the wrong dog kennels for the dogs.
    Of all the things to NOT check in terms of regulations, it kinda blew my mind that I had forgotten this (and by the way, in terms of transporting the dogs: it was $1000 for their vet visit which included the required health certifications and

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    Making the Offer & My Costa Rica Countdown KDS: 074

    Making the Offer & My Costa Rica Countdown KDS: 074

    Making the offer doesn’t have to be difficult.I spent way too long making this a much bigger deal than it needs to be. In this episode I want to talk about making the offer, what offers look like, and how to simplify the process.
    But first…
    As of the time of this writing, I am literally two weeks away from moving to Costa Rica! 🌴I made this decision three months ago and it’s been go-time ever since. Getting out of Boise was a lot of work, which took me through the end of March. I’ve been down in Northern California for 6 weeks since leaving Boise and the time has flown by.
    After selling, donating, and dumping as much stuff as possible in Boise (I literally got rid of as much as I possibly could), I’ve still got a storage unit here by my Dad’s house (where I’ve been staying). I’ve got a handful of my daughter’s stuff in my storage unit and am still condensing and getting rid of more of my own things (I’d be content to only hold on to photos and all my scrapbook stuff… eventually I’ll pick that up again).
    I went down to the Bay Area twice so I could see people and take care of a few things and it’s like all of the sudden here I am.
    Two weeks from moving out of the country.
    The closer this gets the more emotions I’m experiencing.
    The majority of what I’m feeling is pure excitement! I feel like a little kid counting down to Christmas. I’ve been pretty goofy about it… when I check out at a store and someone asks me how I’m doing I respond with “great! I’m moving to Costa Rica in a few weeks!” 🤣
    It’s a little bit nutty but I don’t care.
    Not only is this a huge move for me it signals the beginning of an entirely new chapter in my life.
    As strange as 2020 was, it was exactly what I needed.
    I needed a year to myself after losing my Mom, to heal, rest, and have some quiet.
    I moved to Idaho as a first step to seeing if I could live out of California (born and raised and all my family are here, not to mention lifelong friends). I was open to Idaho being “home”, but it was only meant to be a temporary move. Realizing I wasn’t cut out for the cold and was craving a new experience (it felt a little like “different city, same story”), I made kind of a last minute decision to move to Costa Rica.
    My lease was set to renew in 5 weeks and I knew Idaho wasn’t where I’d be putting down roots and it just felt like “why NOT?”
    Within a week I had given notice and found my place in Costa Rica. 😊
    Fast forward to today (May 17th), and I’m finalizing all the details for my move (there are a lot of moving parts).
    All I have left to do is:
    Get the dog’s health certificates (they have appt.s on the 28th)
    Buy my medical travel insurance (required because of Covid)
    Transfer my car registration back to California after getting a smog check
    Buy my return flight the day before I leave (and will refund within 24 hours… you have to show you’re going to leave the country at 90 days. I’ll be doing a border run to Nicaragua… at least until they pass the Digital Nomad visa – fingers crossed!)
    Probably not that exciting to hear about, but it helps me to repeat it, so thanks for that.
    I will be sharing my journey living and working in Costa Rica on a new site, called “PuraVidaJourney.com” (if you’re not familiar with that saying, Pura Vida in Costa Rica means pure life or simple life). I’ll have a newsletter that sends updates and am *thinking* about doing a podcast where I interview other digital nomads/entrepreneurs living in Costa Rica (this sounds fun as well as being a great way to meet like-minded people, although I don’t want to only connect with other entrepreneurs).
    Making OffersMan… if only I had understood this sooner.
    Most people don’t fail online because they don’t have the skillset or something valuable to offer (i.e, having a solution to someone’s problem)… they fail because they’re not making enough offers AND/OR they’re not m

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    Design for Conversions with Piccia Neri KDS: 073

    Design for Conversions with Piccia Neri KDS: 073

    Piccia Neri joined me on the podcast to talk about Designing for Conversions... how simple little things like the language on a button or the color of something can create a better experience for your visitors and increase conversions. She has an upcoming live summit where you can learn from top experts in this industry.

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    Lead Gen, Email, and E-Commerce with Trey Lewellen KDS: 072

    Lead Gen, Email, and E-Commerce with Trey Lewellen KDS: 072

    It's been a while since I had Trey Lewellen on the podcast.
    Trey and I met 7 years ago in a mastermind that started off teaching Facebook ads and eventually pivoted to a more general mastermind with an emphasis on FB ads. The first time we hung out together was in Maui at one of the in-person events and I felt like I'd known him forever.
    Trey's energy is infectious.
    He's fun, super smart, and simply "goes for it", which is one of the things I admire most about him.
    Trey's business has evolved quite a bit over the years (you can read or listen to the first few years of his business in the first https://kimdoyal.com/growing-business-t-shirts-interview-trey-lewellen-wpcp-035/ (podcast episode) I did with him here). Once he found his sweet spot with e-commerce, he started coaching and mentoring other e-commerce owners as well as keeping his own e-commerce businesses running (he left his first niche.... which you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out what that was).
    With everything that has gone on in the world in the last year+ it's clear that e-commerce is only going to get stronger and stronger. And you don't have to be Amazon to do well with an e-commerce business.
    Trey's superpower is importing products from China (can you imagine how much easier that would be if you had someone in the U.S. who already knew how to do that?)/
    I knew that Trey was using a lot of different traffic methods (beyond Facebook), because his Facebook account had gotten shut down.
    Naturally, I was curious as to how he was driving traffic and what he was teaching, so I asked him to hop on and do another podcast with me.
    You'll also hear about his latest endeavor, a documentary series called "The Death of Brick and Mortar", where he highlights e-commerce entrepreneurs and shares their stories.

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70 Ratings

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I've been following Kim for ions - since she was the Wordpress Chic. Kim has amazing content and surrounds herself with other online experts. Everything she does is 100%. She's consistent and the more you keep up with her the more you feel like you know her and want to be her friend :). I am in her Facebook Group Content Creators as well. Commit and #justshowup.

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