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Welcome to the The Ladies Meeting Podcast, where we talk about becoming out best selves in the present moment, while we build extraordinary lives. Find out more on www.theladiesmeeting.com ans our back office wwwtheentrepreneurcollective.com

The Ladies Meeting Podcast The Ladies Meeting Podcast

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Welcome to the The Ladies Meeting Podcast, where we talk about becoming out best selves in the present moment, while we build extraordinary lives. Find out more on www.theladiesmeeting.com ans our back office wwwtheentrepreneurcollective.com

    Meet Brenda Benham our speaker for March 2020 in Vancouver

    Meet Brenda Benham our speaker for March 2020 in Vancouver

    Brenda is a 36-year career as a lawyer – including 28 years at the British Columbia Securities Commission

    While at the Securities Commission, Brenda held roles as Director of Policy and Legislation, Project Head for the New Legislation Project, and Senior Corporate Communication Advisor where she:

    Taught securities law to paralegal students at Capilano
    Presented educational programs to investors on how to protect themselves from fraud and unsuitable investments
    Organized presentation skills training for staff to enable them to give engaging and memorable presentations
    Assisted staff in creating their presentations: coached on the structure and helped them create effective power points
    Spoke frequently at industry education events, including being invited to speak several times at the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s NorthWest Securities Conference

    Brenda retired from the law in 2018 and began her presentation skills training and coaching business.  She can be contacted on her website here! 


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    Meet member Charito Kaay

    Meet member Charito Kaay

    She will be speaking on Effective Communication in Love and Business this month on the last Tuesday of February 2020 in Vancouver.

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    Get to know member Robyn Wyman

    Get to know member Robyn Wyman

    Our speaker at The Ladies Meeting this month is Robyn Wyman on Burn our to Balance. Burnout is the feeling of overwhelm, exhaustion and feeling burdened. Women who live in a burnt out state of being are barely holding it together. To transition out of burnout to a space of balance means better care for yourself and those who count on you! In this talk, you will:
    • Learn coping skills • Understand your Platform of Well-Being • Explore how your thoughts and emotions affect you • The importance of confidently communicating your needs • Establish healthy boundaries, and set time aside for self-care • Energy technique Ladies please come join us for lunch! It is time to Ask For What You Need!

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    Get to know Grace Tan

    Get to know Grace Tan

    Get to know our keynote speaker on The 6 Financial Pillars for Women - November 2019. Grace Tan. 

    Grace Tan graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor in Sociology.  She always had a passion for understanding people and society.  She worked for the Vancouver School Board in 2005 as a special education assistant for seven years and loved her time working with children with special needs and she understood the power of education.  Then she was introduced to the financial industry by her husband and they decided to build their own financial agency together. She realized her love for teaching and empowering families especially in personal finance and she believes that if she can help families in this area, they can have better marriages and focus on important matters and have choices for their future.  Grace has been with World Financial Group for 14 years and leads an amazing team of people at her Burnaby office who she now mentors to do what she does.  She believes wholeheartedly in personal development and as a woman in business, she has learned the value of leadership, total commitment and living a life on purpose.

    Come for lunch on November 26th in Vancouver at The Sylvia Hotel. Registration is required and you may come two times as guest or membership is required in either The Ladies Meeting Business Club or YVR Mastermind Golden Circle.

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    Get to know Connie Warner

    Get to know Connie Warner

    Connie will be speaking at The Ladies Meeting on October 29th, 2019

    The Emotional Mirror- Reality is but a mirror reflecting on our inner world

    The topics she will cover are 



    -Interpersonal Relationships

    -Decision Making

    -Stress Management

    Connie will talk about aligned emotional intelligence, which is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and how to use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.” 

    Discover an insight into your leadership strengths and areas for development in authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation through our 15-minute Skype session. These Emotional Intelligence skills will enhance your knowledge and ability to become a top leader. Knowledge is the biggest modifier of behavior. You will learn to understand, appreciate, and adapt your behavior style for effective communication.  Sign up here https://www.conniewarner.com/

    For more about The Ladies Meeting visit us on social 






    Contact Anyssa through www.anyssajane.com

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    Shelley Shearer High Functioning Habits

    Shelley Shearer High Functioning Habits

    Our speaker this month is Member and Author Shelley R Shearer.

    #theladiesmeeting #TheEntrepreneurCollective #NetworkingYVR

    Shelley Shearer. Mother, grandmother, author and coach. Here are her 8 questions answered and a great conversation.
    You can also check her new guide to building great habits.

    Check out her book High Functioning Habits
    -Take a deep dive into what will actually make a lasting change in your life.
    -Real, Common Sense that leads to Uncommon Results... Quickly.
    -Expert advice to avoid the mistakes we made when we started out.
    You can download it at https://livingwellwithshell.com/ and come out and hear her speak at our next meeting on September
    You can check out other events and member blogs

    We meet once a month at The Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver. We are a social and business networking group for any woman. We are all here to support each other in our definition of success and personal leadership. Please check out our members through their writings on the blog, their ads and in-person at lunch each month. Looking to build more than just a network, join us also for our monthly mastermind in the mornings. See Anyssa for more info. Find out more a business, benefits of being a member and our monthly podcast at www.theladiesmeeting.com/blog

    You may come 2x as a guest - we will put the cost of the first visit towards your membership if you join the month after your visit.

    and follow us

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