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Each week Pierre Quinn shares interviews from great leaders and insights from his personal leadership journey to help emerging and millennial leaders make a greater difference.

The Leading While Green Podcast Pierre Quinn

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Each week Pierre Quinn shares interviews from great leaders and insights from his personal leadership journey to help emerging and millennial leaders make a greater difference.

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5.0 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

The Clax Factor ,

My new binge

As an entrepreneur, ministry leader, and family man myself, this powerful podcast speaks to me on so many levels. Pierre has a God-given energy and passion that exudes through everything he does and empowers everyone within his sphere of influence. His uncanny ability to speak life into your own from a practical level will resonate even with listeners who aren’t believers but simply want to achieve personal goals, combat complacency, up their leadership game, and make a difference in this world. I have been so impressed binge-listening to these podcasts on my Android phone while driving that I signed up for an iTunes account (a tedious, even disdainful process for PC users like myself who abhor just about everything Apple) just to be able to leave this review. Thanks Pierre for your transparency, clarity, and dedication to share your talents to build up others, and I pray that the blessing you have been to so many individuals is returned to you and your family a hundred fold.

K. Eisele ,

Just found you!

Started listening today with Dr. Heather Thompson Day’s episode. I feel like any piece of advice she gave (and she gave a ton) was enough to need time to process. Really informative and encouraging, I’m looking forward to going back and checking out other episodes now!

@e_keys (twitter handle) ,

The ONLY PODCAST I listen to!

In the event that you considered scrolling past my wonderfully detailed review; here’s the summary in one line.

The Leading While Green Podcast is THE ONLY PODCAST that I listen to based off of the amount of real raw data, value, personality, effectiveness and consistency!

Specializing in film production, my creative process is simply time consuming (although I love every minute of it)...I constantly find myself battling the clock. I simply never have enough time to edit and learn at a rate that I feel will generate any level of measurable success. That was at least until my friend Miguel informed me of the “Leading While Green” podcast. Hesitant to incorporate another podcast into my already dense rotation, I scrolled through the Leading While Green library title list and realized that the topics being discussed were scratching several of the creative and leadership itches that I have been unable to reach for YEARS! Clearly, I decided to tune in to see what all of the hype was about…little did I know that my life and commutes to work were about to change FOREVER! Through the Leading While Green podcast I am able to acquire insight on pertinent challenges that I and many of my peers face. Examples of this would include and certainly do not limit: establishing a broader understanding of the patience that couples growth in my journey as a leader, refining my circle of friends (influencers) to those who I aspire to be like and/or reflect the lifestyle and success I desire to obtain and the beauty of how music can be used to educate and groom leaders on the daily challenges faced by their teams…just to name a few! It’s safe to say that I am able to fulfill my thirst for education now and satisfy the requirements of my creative responsibilities on a daily basis. Leading While Green is the only podcast I listen to!

I have been struggling with consolidating what often feels like thousands of thoughts that come across my mind when planning a new initiative or project. I’m the only person who experiences this though so just try to relate to my challenges please. In Episode 051 I learned that I needed feedback…which was something that I was not receiving from my current business coach at the time. Resultantly, I chose to invest in one of Pierre’s Ideation sessions. I met with Pierre and we went over all of my plans for my upcoming project, the current challenges that I experience with my business, my short and long term goals, the core constructs of simply why I do what I do, and so much more! Within the first 20 minutes of our session I had already received more valuable information from Pierre than I had throughout the entire 3 month duration of being coached by an industry leading entrepreneurial advisor. Unbeknownst to Pierre, I decided at that exact moment that not only would I be letting my current coach go…but I also strongly desired to hire Pierre as my consistent business coach/mentor. I left our session with actionable goals, a tactical strategy on how to complete my project with excellence, an actual understanding of the micro victories needed to build a platform for my macro victories, a new understanding of my weaknesses and strengths as a leader, and a level of confidence that I feel we all strive to acquire. In essence, Pierre helped me drill down through the barriers that were preventing me from tapping into my God given potential. I strongly feel that leaders create leaders. I can’t thank Pierre enough for helping mold my vision and assisting me in overcoming what has felt like a mountain in my professional success for so long. Based off our one ideation session, I decided that Pierre is the coach that I need on a consistent basis to help guide, analyze and converse with as I strive to accomplish objectives that have yet to be completed within my field on a global level.

If you’re like me and absolutely LOVE this podcast…I encourage you to take action and schedule a session with Pierre as well. It literally changed my life!

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