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The Life Purpose Advisor Podcast asks spiritual leaders and difference makers the deep questions around living a life of purpose, meaning and joy. We discuss their life purpose, spirituality, personal growth, spiritual practice, aha moments and life lessons.

The Life Purpose Advisor Podcast with Angie Swartz Angie Swartz

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The Life Purpose Advisor Podcast asks spiritual leaders and difference makers the deep questions around living a life of purpose, meaning and joy. We discuss their life purpose, spirituality, personal growth, spiritual practice, aha moments and life lessons.

    58: Christine Stevens: Drumming Her Way to Life Purpose

    58: Christine Stevens: Drumming Her Way to Life Purpose

    In this episode, internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and drumming expert Christine Stevens tells of reclaiming her life and traveling the world as a drummer and music therapist, gratitude as a way of life and her spiritual journey.

     “Drums circles are really on the rise. It is because we need it and we're doing it now for different reasons.   We're not performing.  We're not trying to become good drummers.  We get it.  It's stress reduction.  It's bonding.  It's beyond words.  It turns off our brains.  All of that is the why.”– Christine Stevens


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    57: Marc Mawhinney: Inspiring Others to Coach

    57: Marc Mawhinney: Inspiring Others to Coach

    In this episode, Marc Mawhinney shares his experience as a coach in the coaching field, overcoming his business closure, and finding joy in his career.

     “Every failure is an opportunity to start over again. I want to encourage people to not think that it's over. You have a long life. You have a ton of time to make a comeback.”– Marc Mawhinney

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    56: How Relationship Impacts Life Purpose

    56: How Relationship Impacts Life Purpose

    In this fireside chat episode, Angie Swartz sits down with Relationship Expert Rhoberta Shaler to discuss how romantic relationship impacts life purpose.

    "Love Yourself as Much You Would Like Someone Else to Love You and It Will Come True" -Rhoberta Shaler

    Relationship and Purpose Fireside Chat
    Angie and Rhoberta discuss:

    Whether or not you should leave the relationship you're in.
    How a supportive versus non-supportive relationship can make all the difference.
    The soul work that is always one's own to do regardless of what we might want to blame on our partners.
    The Seven Rights of Life
    Easy Steps to Take to Understand What Your Relationship is Telling You

    Links Mentioned on this Episode

    Full Interview with Rhoberta Shaler on Episode 13.
    Rhoberta Shaler's Website
    Rhoberta Shaler’s Books:

    Soul Solitude: Taking Time for Our Souls to Catch Up
    Kaizen for Couples: Smart Steps to Save, Sustain & Strengthen

     About Rhoberta Shaler
    As The Relationship Help Doctor, Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, offers urgent and ongoing care for couples. Dr. Shaler calms the turbulence of troubled relationships and creates the insights, skills and space for new beginnings and positive re-connections. She offers the insights and pattern-breaking skills that lead to blame-free, game-free, non-manipulative relationships at home and at work. Dr. Shaler created The Optimize Center in Escondido, CA, and works with couples globally.

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    55: Angie Swartz Kicks Off Season 2 of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast

    55: Angie Swartz Kicks Off Season 2 of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast

    Host Angie Swartz kicks off Season 2 of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast and shares what's coming in 2016.

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    54: Angie Swartz Receives a Live Astrology Reading from Molly Morrissey

    54: Angie Swartz Receives a Live Astrology Reading from Molly Morrissey

    In this special edition of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast, Molly Morrissey conducts a traditional astrology reading for Angie Swartz.  The reading illustrates how astrology can be a useful tool for helping you understand yourself better and provide hints at your life purpose.  Hear from Angie Swartz' experience what an astrology reading can be like and see for yourself if this is something that might be helpful to you.

    Molly covers the four temperaments (water, fire, earth and air) as well as specifics directly related to Angie.  This is an actual session so some of the references you hear may seem foreign.  However, you can listen for the key points that are relevant to life management.

    Molly has taken Angie's birth date, time of birth, location of birth used them to analyze Angie , her innate patterns, and where she is in her development. Angie had not seen or heard this information before this recording.

    In episode 53, the November 2nd show, Molly was interviewed about her life, her journey, her work and her life purpose.  You can listen to episode 53 at www.lifepurposeadvisor.com/53

    About Astrology
    The following description of Astrology is an excerpt taken directly from Molly Morrissey's website:

    Natal astrology is the second level of complexity in traditional astrology (the primary level being horary astrology). Natal astrology is the study of a person’s birth chart.

    The birth chart will describe the personality characteristics and the events that can be seen or measured in the life.

    With regard to the personality, we can see the general temperament (the sort of person you are – emotional, rational, action-oriented or contemplative) using the 4 Element system of traditional astrology, and more in particularly, we can see the specific internal complexities and contradictions laid out with elegant clarity. For example, we can see that you emotional response might often be at odds with your reason. Or that you hold onto your temper and then you outburst with family. Or that you have a hard time expressing emotion at all.

    While we can describe the specifics of your exhibited personality and see the internal complexities and internal conflicts, we can also see the hints of your divine essence – the soul level part of you that informs everything you feel, do, and experience.

    So – we can describe aspects of a person’s essence as it informs our physical reality. To say with any certainty that we can get at the truly unknowable parts of life is beyond the ego or claims of this astrologer, for sure! What we can know, we are happy to have – and the rest is for the realm of faith.*

    Technically speaking, a birth (or natal) chart is a picture of where the planets in our solar system were in relation to the horizon at the moment a person takes its first breath. For example, if a person is born in the morning, the Sun will be over on the left side of the chart, near the horizon – depending on the exact time. At midday, the Sun is at the top of the chart, etc. If a person is born near a New Moon, the Sun and Moon are together in the chart.

    The season in which the person was born (the phase of the Sun) and the phase of the Moon are extremely important in traditional astrology – these two crucial bits of information are all but ignored by the modern astrologers, making up one major difference among many between the two types of astrology.

    A natal consultation focuses on the birth chart, but then also considers many charts, all derived from the birth chart, to understand a particular event, moment, pattern, personality characteristic or behavior in the person’s life.

    The complexity is increased in that now the astrologer is using the same concepts as horary but doing lots more work to understand patterns as they unfold over the arc of a whole lifetime. The astrologer is, at this point, also starting to consider the fixed stars (the constellations) in addition to the planets in our solar system

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    53: Molly Morrissey: Leading Your Way with Astrology

    53: Molly Morrissey: Leading Your Way with Astrology

    In this episode, Molly Morrissey discusses her experiences as an architecture student in England, a boat captain on a ship, and an astrologer, and how following her curiosity has lead her to discover her purpose.

    "If you want to do it, you'll figure it out. You have to be willing to follow your curiosity. Hard work is not a bad thing. Messy work is not a deterrent. Be willing to slow down long enough to figure out where your curiosity is living.”– Molly Morrissey

    About Molly Morrissey

    Molly Morrissey is a traditional astrologer and resilience coach. She works with inquisitive, contemplative professionals who are ready to build more resilience so they can interact fully with their lives.

    Her work helps the client find a deeper sense of understanding about themselves and their life patterns by unearthing and connecting clues found in their birth chart, their family-and-cultures-of-origin, their emotions, beliefs, intuition, and thoughts. She helps them integrate a structured approach for engaging and responding to their lives with more accuracy and depth.

    With a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science in coaching and counseling from Bastyr University/LIOS and astrological training with master astrologer John Frawley, Molly also incorporates backgrounds in architecture and the marine industry into her unique offerings.

    Molly, her man and her cat split their time between Taos, New Mexico and San Diego, California. She loves walking, big storms, anything to do with the ocean, big cabs, dark chocolate, and spicy red chili – sometimes ALL at the same time.

    ....In this show….

    Molly Morrissey's Life Purpose

    "Resilience" and to help people get through without feeling like their settling.

    Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments

    For the first time in her life, Molly Morrissey, in her late 30's, did not know what she wanted to accomplish next in her life. After many adventures, she realized that she loved having conversations with people and had an idea to pursue communication. Molly saw a counselor and during her sessions, she knew she wanted to do something similar. She signed up for a program to receive her Masters of Art in Applied Behavioral Sciences to align her career with her purpose.

    Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose

    After returning to America from her architecture studies in England, Molly did not want to return to school because of a negative experience. Instead, she followed her curiosity and volunteered for a boat organization, which eventually led to receiving a captain's license.
    In the late 1990's, she started taking yoga classes where she learned about the chakra system. It was her first introduction to self awareness and knowing internal patterns.
    Molly took a job as a boat captain and first mate on a ship that sailed to Alaska, during which she constantly used her observation abilities through all of her senses. This time in pristine wilderness proved to her that she could go on big adventures. She learned that just because something is difficult, it does not mean there cannot be bliss or satisfaction.
    Learning about symbols in space through architecture and symbols on maps for boat navigation lead Molly to pursue astrology; symbols on paper that show patterns in the universe that can help people understand themselves better.

    Spiritual Belief

    She was raised in a Irish Catholic family, however, living in her town of Olympia, Washington gave her a variety of spiritual perspectives.
    Believes in a higher power that she refers to as God, but is open to the many names that other people may like to call "He, She, or It."
    "Faith is a daily practice of learning how to risk."

    Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice

    To remind herself daily of how life is gift.

    Molly Morrissey's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth
    "If you want to do it, you'll figure it out. You have to be willing to follow your curiosity. Hard work is not a bad thing. Messy wor

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5.0 out of 5
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109 Ratings

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Center Yourself with this Podcast

This podcast makes me think about the important parts of my life. Every episode helps me think about and improve my life.

Your College Mentor ,

Love it!

This podcast is all about building yourself and your relationships. You can have the life you want you just have to work for it and this podcast shows you how!

Italykittyjc ,


This podcast has very realistic and practical advise for everyone. I'm looking forward to more episodes.

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