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stories of how career, vocation, and God's voice are intertwined

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stories of how career, vocation, and God's voice are intertwined

Customer Reviews

KrisTydonel ,


It’s been SO good to hear a friend’s voice from afar...and what a great message 😊

"Spring Chicken" ,

Insightful and Deep

Absolutely love the preparation that comes out in these podcasts. The questions and interviewing are very helpful in steering the great content into areas that I can relate to in ministry. I appreciate the spectrum of point of views and how I can always find vital correlations into where I am at in a leadership role in ministry. Make sure you listen to every episode.

GsmithNRA ,

Best Podcast Ever!

Listened to Danielle Shroyer and loved it. Her perspective on Women leaders in the Baptist Church is superb, She is kind of like a Baptist Jara Lee. I really identified with God yelling at her to get in and get out. Her Alzheimer's example of bringing a sense of belonging and being loved is true ministry. The huge Amen moment was "did you listen to what I said or are you bothered that a woman said it"? Great program for 17-27 demographic and great guest. Logistical suggestion, raise Miranda's volume to at least match guests. ou can not even hear her at top volume in intro blog. Thanks, Greg

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