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A show designed to help local and regional businesses market and promote themselves and their stores. We focus on brick and mortar locations but also touch on e-commerce and various marketing tactics.

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A show designed to help local and regional businesses market and promote themselves and their stores. We focus on brick and mortar locations but also touch on e-commerce and various marketing tactics.

    Donald Jirkovsky and Heidi Shook from UHV-CRC Discuss Local Opportunities | TLMP #9

    Donald Jirkovsky and Heidi Shook from UHV-CRC Discuss Local Opportunities | TLMP #9

    On this week’s episode of The Local Marketing Podcast, Jason is joined by not one but two very special guests! We’re excited to welcome Donald Jirkovsky and Heidi Shook to the show! Don and Heidi are from the University of Houston – Victoria’s Center for Regional Collaboration. Don, the Director, and Heidi, the Community Development Specialist, are here to discuss and detail this important program for those out there who may be unfamiliar with it.
    Specifically, UHV Center for Regional Collaboration (UHV-CRC), reflects the goal of growing UHV regionally, as well as increasing UHV brand awareness. Don reveals that back in May 2017, UHV received a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration to help make this collaboration possible.
    The UHV-CRC concentrates on Victoria and the surrounding areas, with a particular focus on the rural counties. There are a total of 11 counties, 12 including Victoria, in the region. Don and Heidi share the same objective of wanting—hoping, really—to provide a neutral environment where communities and counties can come together and become involved in mutually beneficial regional partnerships.
    Simply put, the mission of UHV-CRC is to provide leadership as a regional facilitator and connector.
    If the word “networking” immediately comes to mind, you’re not alone. Later, Adam and The Local Marketing Podcast newcomer, Bethany Hernandez, ThriveFuel’s National Account Executive, share the same sentiment.
    Fun fact about Adam and Bethany: Before ThriveFuel, the pair actually worked together in the cell phone/retail space. Small world, huh?
    But, back to networking, Adam and Bethany reflect on just how necessary it is for everyone, everywhere—especially in overly rural areas—, and in every industry to network in order to stay connected. After all, you never know when that connection will lead to a deeper relationship.
    Of course, drinks are had—well, sort of, thanks to Bethany. She does the heavy lifting this week, sipping on Porch Swing by Sweet Rose from H-E-B. Adam, in preparation for a Victoria Generals baseball game, responsibly (yes, you read that correctly) chooses water.
    Tune in to learn more about UHV-CR, directly from Don and Heidi, what can be accomplished in our local community, and why accessibility and visibility are vital for growth.
    Episode 09 of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now—don’t miss it!

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    Karissa Winters Describes the Importance of Connectivity and Community | TLMP #8

    Karissa Winters Describes the Importance of Connectivity and Community | TLMP #8

    On the latest episode of The Local Marketing Podcast, Jason welcomes a very special—and local—guest, Karissa Winters. Karissa is part of Innovation Collective, where she works as the community lead for Victoria, Texas.
    Karissa describes herself as being “born into a multigenerational family of entrepreneurs and creatives,” which she details at the beginning of the chat. Interestingly enough, her great grandparents owned a string of bars and restaurants, including the Reno Club, while other members of her family established cafes, daycare centers, hotels, and thrift stores. It is this background and collective familial mindset of wanting to help others for the greater good and give back to the community that helped guide Karissa to her position with Innovation Collective.
    If you’re unfamiliar with Innovation Collective, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The IC system offers empowerment by providing the necessary tools to create value and beauty in the world, but more importantly, within your own community . . . right here in Victoria!
    That’s perhaps the biggest and most important takeaway from the conversation: There are countless opportunities to connect with others, share ideas—no matter how big or small—and build something amazing. . . yes, again, right here in Victoria. The resources are all here, simply waiting to be accessed.
    It can be argued that the foundation of Innovation Collective is connectivity. This organization not only works to bring people together and make ideas happen, but it also showcases what can be done within the community when the right people are given the time and space to connect.
    That’s the ultimate goal of IC: getting people within the community to work together and make things happen. After all, anything is possible when you stop seeing competitors and start seeing connections.
    Shannon and Adam later discuss Jason’s chat with Karissa, but they’re not alone this week. Joining the pair is podcast-newcomer, Blakley Young. Blakley is ThriveFuel’s Lead Account Manager for the southeastern region of the U.S. Welcome, Blakley!
    If you thought cocktails ensued, you were right! Shannon refreshes with a Texas Liquor Barrel Pick, Condigo 1530 Resposado Tequila, while Blakley sips from a crisp glass of La Marca Rosé. Leave it to Adam to spice things up: He chooses coffee—yes, coffee!—and chocolate. He enjoys a cup of HEB Café Ole Mexican Altura Americano with a piece of Mayan Chocolate from Quintessential Chocolates out of Fredericksburg.
    Interested in learning more about Karissa and Innovation Collective? Episode 08 of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now! Additionally, Karissa is an author. Discover her works by clicking here. Enjoy!

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    Gary Moore Stresses the Importance of Forward Thinking | TLMP #7

    Gary Moore Stresses the Importance of Forward Thinking | TLMP #7

    It’s been a minute . . . Okay, maybe longer than a minute, but (finally!) The Local Marketing Podcast is all new this week! Have you missed us? We’re thrilled to share our latest fun and exciting episode with you.
    Joining Jason is Gary Moore, President/CEO of both Insight Edge and Local Broadcast Sales. Gary has had quite an impressive career, spanning three-plus decades and a variety of industries. His resume offers well-known companies, including The Houston Post, McClatchy, and San Diego Union-Tribune.
    Fun fact about Gary: He started as a lifeguard in sunny San Diego, before catching the attention of a professional in the newspaper space. Yes, networking has always been—and continues to be—an important component in, well, all types of business.
    Throughout this interesting and, at times, surprising conversation, Gary reveals the myriad disruptions of technology he’s experienced during the span of his career in broadcast, print, and digital media. While his takeaway is simple, it’s still difficult for many to grasp today: Don’t be afraid of new things. Additionally, keeping an open mind and having the willingness to accept and prepare for change can almost always lead to success.
    Gary also discusses his company, Insight Edge, and how it utilizes personality to place employees with the most appropriate companies. After all, building the right team for your company is challenging, to say the least, but also extremely rewarding.
    Later, Shannon and Adam share their thoughts on the chat. Of course, it wouldn’t be The Local Marketing Podcast without cocktails! Adam chooses Hendrick’s Gin, sipping it with ginger ale and lemon from a coffee mug, while Shannon refreshes with a N/A craft beer: Upside Dawn Golden from Athletic Brewing Company.
    The seventh episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now. Enjoy!

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    Jed Williams Brings New Conversation to The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #6

    Jed Williams Brings New Conversation to The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #6

    Welcome back! This week on The Local Marketing Podcast, Jason is joined by a very interesting guest, someone out of the normal purview listeners have come to expect over the past several weeks: Jed Williams. Jed is the co-founder and chief revenue officer of Check Out DFW, a new company in Dallas, Texas. What makes this conversation different than previous ones largely has to do with this innovating venture Jed and his business partner, David Arkin (co-founder and chief content officer), have created.
    In Jed’s words, Check Out DFW is a B to C site that serves everyday consumers, including the business community and real estate community. Specifically, the site creates original content to help those moving to or within the North Dallas suburbs by providing expert advice, local recommendations, and reliable content to easily navigate the real estate market. Not sure where to look for a home, school, or fun activity group? This dynamic, life-changing digital platform is for you.
    Both Jed and David had ideas to start a business for a while, but it was this particular one, filled with passion and promise, that led to Check Out DFW. The site has been live for two months now. So far, the reception has been great and audience growth continues to rise, which Jed details during the conversation.
    Perhaps one of the biggest or most motivating highlights comes from Jed at the beginning of the chat, a kind of mantra that anyone in any industry can appreciate: stop asking why?; start asking why not?
    Later, Jason regroups with Amanda, Shannon, and Adam to touch on additional highlights, such as the importance of content quality—not quantity, a business’s ability to problem solve and pivot, the art of niching down, and the idea of building a habit-forming product.
    Of course, the team enjoys a round of cocktails while conversing: Jason drinks a Boston Lager by Samuel Adams, while Amanda sips from a Dreamsicle Orange/Vanilla Ale by Paladin Brewing. Shannon chooses a Cucumber Refresher Energy Tea (which she may or may not have added vodka to) from The Health Bar by Complete 360, and Adam refreshes with a Double Down IPA by Saint Arnold.
    Other fun topics touched upon this week include Ohio, a bit of Samuel Adams trivia, and Adam’s previous experience in a metal band.
    Are you intrigued enough to listen to the full exchange? Good news! The sixth episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now. Enjoy!

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    Welcome Corey Elliott to The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #5

    Welcome Corey Elliott to The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #5

    The Local Marketing Podcast is back this week with another exciting guest! This time, Jason is joined by Corey Elliott, Executive Vice President of Local Market Intelligence at Borrell Associates (try fitting that title onto a business card!), or, as Jason jokingly states, the “Chief Data Dude.”

    Corey brings a friendly, fun, and genuine vibe to the podcast, sharing with Jason how he got his start in the marketing industry, how he came to work with Gordon Borrell, and just what exactly that title of his means. Hint: He spends a significant amount of time recording, tracking, analyzing, and forecasting local marketing spend data, which includes advertising promotions and digital services, with a concentration on local business. Yeah, that won’t fit on a business card, either!

    Corey reveals how he originally wanted to be involved in movies, having lived in Los Angeles with his wife in his 20s, before moving to Phoenix. From there, someone took a chance on him at The Arizona Republic, back when advertisers needed someone to support them, and then it was on to The Dallas Morning News, followed by Gannett, and finally, wearing down Gordon Borrell with excessive phone calls and questions that eventually led him to where he is today. Of course, hard work, tenacity, and common sense played their parts, too.

    Additionally, Corey hosts his own podcast, Corey’s Local Marketing Minute, which is definitely worth a listen!

    During their chat, Jason and Corey discuss the importance of knowing your specific audience (and targeting them), how two out of three dollars in local marketing is being spent digitally, creating content, getting data that doesn’t necessarily fit your narrative, and what those in the industry can expect as 2022 progresses.

    Later, the gang's all here—Shannon, Adam, and Amanda—detailing their thoughts on the interview, as well as feelings on unrelated topics, like drunk Olympics and thirst queens. You have to hear it to believe it!

    As always, everyone has their preferred beverage in hand: Jason sips on Lucky Star Gin by Coastal Bend Distilling Co., while Shannon enjoys Colonel Fannin’s Whiskey, also by Coastal Bend Distilling Co., a “summer whiskey,” according to her. Both Adam and Amanda choose not-so-adult beverages this time: Adam drinks Lemon and Ginger Tea from Taylors of Harrogate, while Amanda prepares for her Pilates class with a Sparkling Tropical Twist BCAA+ energy drink by Celsius.

    Are you ready? The fifth episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now!

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    Mike Blinder Chats with The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #4

    Mike Blinder Chats with The Local Marketing Podcast | TLMP #4

    New year! New month! New episode of The Local Marketing Podcast!
    We hope your 2022 is off to a great start. To help make it even better, we’ve got an exciting episode of The Local Marketing Podcast to share with you. This time around, Jason chats with Mike Blinder, a special guest once known for being the “ad guy” in newspaper and media. For those unfamiliar with Mike and his impressive background, he currently owns E&P (Editor and Publisher Magazine), which has been the authoritative voice of news publishing since 1884.
    Though Jason and Mike have known each other for decades, a few surprises pop up during the interview. For starters, Mike was originally on the path to becoming a doctor. Even before that, while still in high school, he visited his best friend’s DJ dad in the studio and immediately fell in love with radio. As they say, “the rest is history.” Well, sort of—okay, not really.
    From pre-med to marine biology student to station manager of numerous radio stations to sales director to author to consultant . . . We weren’t kidding when we said Mike’s background is impressive. And while he’s worn many hats and explored a variety of endeavors throughout his career, the mantra his mentor once shared with him has always stayed at the forefront of his journey: It’s vital to have “a thirst for knowledge of business.”
    Mike so generously shares his thirst for knowledge of business with Jason in a very straightforward, open way that we guarantee you don’t want to miss.
    Later, Jason is joined by the rest of the team—Shannon, Adam, and Amanda—to discuss their perspectives of the interview and all the golden takeaways. One, in particular, unanimously agreed upon is that Mike has a true passion for what he does and thoroughly believes that journalism must survive.
    Interested in learning more? You know what you’ll have to do: Listen to the full episode of the podcast! We also recommend checking out E&P’s YouTube channel for even more of Mike’s insight.
    Finally, no one went thirsty on this episode. Jason enjoys a Torpedo IPA from Sierra Nevada, while Amanda sips from a Violet the Blueberry Blonde from Hi Sign Brewing. Adam chooses a relaxing cup of Earl Grey Tea from Taylors of Harrogate, and Shannon refreshes with an “Organ Pumper” cold-pressed juice from Para Vida Wellness.
    The fourth episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now!

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