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A show designed to help local and regional businesses market and promote themselves and their stores. We focus on brick and mortar locations but also touch on e-commerce and various marketing tactics.

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A show designed to help local and regional businesses market and promote themselves and their stores. We focus on brick and mortar locations but also touch on e-commerce and various marketing tactics.

    Welcome Corey Elliott to The Local Marketing Podcast

    Welcome Corey Elliott to The Local Marketing Podcast

    The Local Marketing Podcast is back this week with another exciting guest! This time, Jason is joined by Corey Elliott, Executive Vice President of Local Market Intelligence at Borrell Associates (try fitting that title onto a business card!), or, as Jason jokingly states, the “Chief Data Dude.”

    Corey brings a friendly, fun, and genuine vibe to the podcast, sharing with Jason how he got his start in the marketing industry, how he came to work with Gordon Borrell, and just what exactly that title of his means. Hint: He spends a significant amount of time recording, tracking, analyzing, and forecasting local marketing spend data, which includes advertising promotions and digital services, with a concentration on local business. Yeah, that won’t fit on a business card, either!

    Corey reveals how he originally wanted to be involved in movies, having lived in Los Angeles with his wife in his 20s, before moving to Phoenix. From there, someone took a chance on him at The Arizona Republic, back when advertisers needed someone to support them, and then it was on to The Dallas Morning News, followed by Gannett, and finally, wearing down Gordon Borrell with excessive phone calls and questions that eventually led him to where he is today. Of course, hard work, tenacity, and common sense played their parts, too.

    Additionally, Corey hosts his own podcast, Corey’s Local Marketing Minute, which is definitely worth a listen!

    During their chat, Jason and Corey discuss the importance of knowing your specific audience (and targeting them), how two out of three dollars in local marketing is being spent digitally, creating content, getting data that doesn’t necessarily fit your narrative, and what those in the industry can expect as 2022 progresses.

    Later, the gang's all here—Shannon, Adam, and Amanda—detailing their thoughts on the interview, as well as feelings on unrelated topics, like drunk Olympics and thirst queens. You have to hear it to believe it!

    As always, everyone has their preferred beverage in hand: Jason sips on Lucky Star Gin by Coastal Bend Distilling Co., while Shannon enjoys Colonel Fannin’s Whiskey, also by Coastal Bend Distilling Co., a “summer whiskey,” according to her. Both Adam and Amanda choose not-so-adult beverages this time: Adam drinks Lemon and Ginger Tea from Taylors of Harrogate, while Amanda prepares for her Pilates class with a Sparkling Tropical Twist BCAA+ energy drink by Celsius.

    Are you ready? The fifth episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now!

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    Mike Blinder Chats with The Local Marketing Podcast

    Mike Blinder Chats with The Local Marketing Podcast

    New year! New month! New episode of The Local Marketing Podcast!
    We hope your 2022 is off to a great start. To help make it even better, we’ve got an exciting episode of The Local Marketing Podcast to share with you. This time around, Jason chats with Mike Blinder, a special guest once known for being the “ad guy” in newspaper and media. For those unfamiliar with Mike and his impressive background, he currently owns E&P (Editor and Publisher Magazine), which has been the authoritative voice of news publishing since 1884.
    Though Jason and Mike have known each other for decades, a few surprises pop up during the interview. For starters, Mike was originally on the path to becoming a doctor. Even before that, while still in high school, he visited his best friend’s DJ dad in the studio and immediately fell in love with radio. As they say, “the rest is history.” Well, sort of—okay, not really.
    From pre-med to marine biology student to station manager of numerous radio stations to sales director to author to consultant . . . We weren’t kidding when we said Mike’s background is impressive. And while he’s worn many hats and explored a variety of endeavors throughout his career, the mantra his mentor once shared with him has always stayed at the forefront of his journey: It’s vital to have “a thirst for knowledge of business.”
    Mike so generously shares his thirst for knowledge of business with Jason in a very straightforward, open way that we guarantee you don’t want to miss.
    Later, Jason is joined by the rest of the team—Shannon, Adam, and Amanda—to discuss their perspectives of the interview and all the golden takeaways. One, in particular, unanimously agreed upon is that Mike has a true passion for what he does and thoroughly believes that journalism must survive.
    Interested in learning more? You know what you’ll have to do: Listen to the full episode of the podcast! We also recommend checking out E&P’s YouTube channel for even more of Mike’s insight.
    Finally, no one went thirsty on this episode. Jason enjoys a Torpedo IPA from Sierra Nevada, while Amanda sips from a Violet the Blueberry Blonde from Hi Sign Brewing. Adam chooses a relaxing cup of Earl Grey Tea from Taylors of Harrogate, and Shannon refreshes with an “Organ Pumper” cold-pressed juice from Para Vida Wellness.
    The fourth episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now!

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    Gordon Borrell Stops by The Local Marketing Podcast

    Gordon Borrell Stops by The Local Marketing Podcast

    On this week’s episode of The Local Marketing Podcast, the team is shaking things up a bit. Keeping you on your toes is important—not to mention, fun! After all, who enjoys the staleness of routine?
    This time around, Jason is joined by a very special guest, Mr. Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, and an all-around superhero in the advertising industry. Gordon has been a big name in media for the last few decades. So, if his name is new to you, we want to know where you’ve been!
    During this exciting and in-depth interview, Gordon shares his observations and predictions for the industry, as well as how and where he got his start. Fun fact: It all began at a boy scout camp in Canada! Thanks to his mom, who red-lined all the grammatical errors in his letter home, Gordon gained the notion that he could actually write. Later, he became an editor and writer for his college newspaper, followed by a reporter and editor for a metro daily newspaper, and then he moved to the corporate side of the business in 1988, eventually becoming vice president for a billion-dollar corporation at the age of 30. (No, we weren’t lying when we said he’s a very special guest.)
    Two terms that are often used in sync with Gordon’s name are “disruptive innovation” and “disruptive technology.” In fact, Jason reveals that the first time he ever heard these terms applied to media and newspaper was from Gordon.
    What do these terms mean? How was Gordon able to predict future trends in media? And just how old was Gordon when he sent home that infamous letter from summer camp? Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out!
    Additionally, Gordon shares his take on the Metaverse, which initially caught Shannon Ellisor by surprise. Yes, Jason later chats with both Shannon and Amanda Bowlby (Adam Mahan is absent this week but sends his regards to all UTSA fans) to gain their perspectives on his fun, fact-filled interview.
    Of course, it wouldn’t be The Local Marketing Podcast without cocktails! This week, Jason’s drink of choice is Tito’s, while Shannon and Amanda sip from beers. Shannon enjoys a Melted Salted Caramel & Waffle Cone Ice Cream Ale from the Marin House Brewing Company, while Amanda refreshes with an Island Citrus Ale from the Islamorada Beer Company.
    The third episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now. Enjoy!  

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    Supply Chain Issues, Google Analytics, Holiday Marketing, and NFTs—Oh, My!

    Supply Chain Issues, Google Analytics, Holiday Marketing, and NFTs—Oh, My!

    Ready for the second episode of The Local Marketing Podcast? Jason Holmes and company return (with adult beverages in hand) this week to chat about a variety of marketing topics, including supply chain issues and holiday marketing tips. By the way, if you haven’t started your holiday marketing campaign yet, you’re late—like, really late. A successful holiday marketing campaign should start in the summer. Who knew?! Don’t worry, though: Amanda Bowlby and the rest of the team cover options that you can still pursue this month to get customers interested in your products, such as recycling old campaigns.
    Shannon Ellisor brings Google Analytics to the roundtable discussion, hoping to help smaller businesses to better understand the idea of website traffic, as well as the importance of learning about your audience. Jason steps in to offer detailed and informative background information on Google Analytics. And while these analytics can be helpful, it’s also noted that they’re not the be all to end all.
    Finally, Adam Mahan gives an in-depth look into NFTs—or, non-fungible tokens. Not familiar with NFTs? Think of them as certificates of authenticity. Correction: digital certificates of authenticity. They co-exist with Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in a place called “block chains.”
    The word of the hour—er, hour and a half (this week’s episode is a little long-winded but definitely not boring!) is clearly “adapt.” Specifically, it’s necessary for companies to get creative and learn how to adapt in order to find new revenue streams, especially in regard to supply chain complications that many are seeing and currently experiencing today.
    Are you intrigued? Even just a little bit? If so, the second episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is available now. Enjoy!

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    Welcome to The Local Marketing Podcast

    Welcome to The Local Marketing Podcast

    We are beyond thrilled to welcome you to the very first episode of The Local Marketing Podcast. The Local Marketing Podcast is a weekly roundtable discussion where we talk about a variety of timely marketing topics, regardless of specific market or niche. Educational? Sure! But even more important, we’ve created a space that is similar to enjoying a happy hour conversation with friends.
    Made up of members from ThriveFuel, a digital marketing company out of South Texas, regular contributors to the podcast include Jason Holmes, Shannon Ellisor, Amanda Bowlby, and Adam Mahan. Today, they’re all here with a primary topic of their choosing (and an adult beverage because, hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere) to provide a little bit of professional insight. 
    Jason kicks us off by bringing up the ever-evolving world of “Google My Business.” Google. . . Is it a noun? Is it a verb? Is it a . . . Wait, does anyone really know what Google is?
    Recently, “Google My Business” became “Google Business Profiles.” While the change isn’t totally out of left field, considering Google tends to consistently reinvent itself, what does this rebrand mean for businesses? 
    Next, we smoothly segue into a topic that has been on everyone’s mind lately: Metaverse. Metaverse may not have an effect on local marketing right now, but what could it mean for the future? Specifically, where is Metaverse headed and how should the marketing industry prepare itself? 
    Finally, we touch on CRM—customer relationship management—before closing out the chat with the idea of social influencing and how brands utilize recognizable names and figures to create a sense of legitimacy. 
    So, if any or all of these topics are of interest to you, we welcome you to kick up your feet, pour yourself a drink (regardless of the hour; we don’t judge!), and listen to The Local Marketing Podcast—available now! 

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