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Pissing Statist off one idea at a time!

The Logical Anarchy Podcast Jon and Joe

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Pissing Statist off one idea at a time!

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3.4 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Texas independence 2012 ,


So far this show seems really interesting. It's just a couple of guys on a journey of ideas!

Fromthegroundup ,

Very poor understanding Milton Friedman

Guys, please do your research on Friedman and update your episode. The lack of understanding of his negative income tax among other views is glaring and misrepresents his work. On that note, the NIT was only suggested to bridge our current welfare state to something less rewarding for individuals refusing to provide value to society.

Demanding Better ,

Illogical Liturgy

Being a fairly outspoken memeber of radical intelligentsia, I was hoping that, given the name, this podcast would be a step above. Unfortunately, it decends quickly into the same troublesome gutter as most "radical" ideological camps.

Like most is corollary programs, this podcast suffers the same lack of methodological and epistemic rigor that afflicts most radical sects. For instance, interpreting a single case (without weighing any other possible interpretations)--which would be problematic in and of itself--then mapping the findings of this one case onto any multitude of other situations and contexts without the slightest consideration to it's cross-sample validity.

Common among these podcasts (and the ideologies themselves, to be honest), at least in my opinion, is a religiousity that venerates the persons or works central to the school without any examination of the ideas espoused. What follows (and I cannot say for certain which direction causality functions here) is a frequent (and often logically fallacious) assertion of "knowing the true truth" and leading others to is, as a shepherd.

Personally, I am sick of this--and this podcast, from the episodes I could finish, ranks among the worst (second only the the Fourth International's). Whether it be due to intentional (i.e. feigned) stupidity, intellectual laziness, or merely an inability to understand the complexity of the ideas they are presenting, I was sorely disappointed in this podcast.

That said, these ideas are too important to allow to be mistreated and misrepresented in such a way. I am calling for this podcast to live up to its name from now on. The very fact they are heterodox necessitates that they live up to even higher standards of examination--something this podcast has, as of yet, failed to do. I am calling for them to show themselves worthy of their name, offering logically (and methodolgically) rigorous discussions that don't merely fetishize knowledge of the "one, real truth, above all others" as an ego-trip feeding off the ill-read. Lets see what you can do?

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