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Board Game Reviews, Card Games, Videos, Written

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4.7 out of 5
89 Ratings
89 Ratings
macomgaine ,

Early seasons are a 5 star, but not since the change in hosts

The Long View podcast is amazing in concept where it would unravel a game in it's entirety to explore concept, style, lasting power and what makes it truly unique. The host would be familiar with most of the games discussed and if not, would ask poinant questions to make sure that it could be understood by fans of the title or by those who have not played it yet. As time goes on, Jeff (? spelling on name) leaves the show into the hands of TC and friends, hosts of the Good, the Board and the Ugly. What happens is instead of true fans of the games from the general populace as Jeff does, other content creators seem to be the only ones joining in an episode to discuss the games. Add in splashes of odd rhetoric, political views, bashing on certain games and genres as well as a lack of knowledge of about half the games discussed and the show really loses what made it special. To use a TC analogy: It's like if someone took a delicious rib sandwich and gave you a bone on bread or something.

Icecreamgal ,

Food Chain

A middling affair and then came the preaching at the end. I’m here for board game discussion, not virtue-signaling claptrap. So tedious. Lost a subscriber. I don’t want to be preached to from either side of the aisle. Stick to the topic.

grokit85 ,

A far cry from the shows origins

This show is like, you know, so good. It's like, you know, really good. I like can't wait, you know, until, like, the next episode.

PLEASE BRING GEOF BACK! I like what TC brings, but please lay off the political banter.

I haven't listened to the show for awhile and thought I'd check out the Commands and Colors: Ancients episode. I've been considering getting a C&C game, and have been interested in the wargaming aspect of the hobby. But in this episode, everyone but the guest host seemed a little clueless. Why "review" a game, (if you can call what I listened to a review,) if you don't know a lot about the game? The episode continued to be counterintuative as one of the hosts kept bashing wargamers while reviewing a wargame. He gave off a very elitest demenor, when I think that's what he was accusing wargamers of being.

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