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Weekly marketing & design podcast recorded live at local Atlanta restaurants.

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Weekly marketing & design podcast recorded live at local Atlanta restaurants.

    27: Marketing Trends Ending in 2018

    27: Marketing Trends Ending in 2018

    With 2017 set to expire in just a few weeks there are also a few marketing trends that are set to expire. According to a recent blog post written by Jasz Joseph over at Hubspot, there are 8 marketing trends that have run their course as we know it. That being said, you should be aware of them and get with the times and start making adjustments now.

    Today the guys discuss whether they agree with this article or not. From drip campaigns to ebooks to marketing automation, there is something to be learned and adjusted to take your marketing into the future…the very near future.

    We would love your feedback on whether you agree with the article or not. Tweet us @LunchBreakMkt to give us your thoughts and opinions. Maybe you have one you would add or maybe even take away from this list. Whatever it may be, we want to hear from you.

    Show Notes:
    2:22 – The first one is ebooks. More specifically, long (text heavy) ebooks.

    3:05 – The infographic is by Kuno Creative.

    7:19 – The second one is drip campaigns with NO personalization.

    11:25 – The third is focusing on quantity instead of the quality of a blog.

    14:15 – The forth on is focused overloading on marketing automation.

    16:36 – The fifth one is organic only facebook strategy.

    19:38 – The sixth one is using email to reach the C-Suite.

    25:28 – The last one the guys cover is relying on a text-based SEO strategy.

    26: SEO Tips for 2018

    26: SEO Tips for 2018

    As we draw closer to the end of the year, most marketers are thinking about what areas they would like to see an improvement in the new year. One of those areas is SEO. We have found that most business owners and even some marketers can either be intimidated by SEO or they just don’t have a clue where to start.

    In today’s podcast, SEO Tips for 2018,  the guys dive even further into the SEO world and give you even more tips you should be applying to your website to get better results with your SEO. This topic is a continuation of the tips provided in a podcast from season 1. If you haven’t given that a listen, stop what you are doing and head over there to give that a listen.

    We hope that you find the information helpful and can start applying these tips to your website today in order to see a greater performance from your SEO in 2018.


    5:55 – Jason kicks it off with meta descriptions.

    7:50 – You want to optimize your meta description preview. We recommend Yoast SEO.

    8:40 – You can also use Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule.

    9:18 – Create a template for your descriptions.

    10:57 – Always important to have a keyword focus on your website.

    12:07 – Include your keywords inside the title tag.

    12:36 – Drop your keywords in the first 100 words.

    14:05 – Meta descriptions are marketing gold.

    15:15 – Ask questions in the meta description

    16:03 – You can include CTA’s like your phone number

    17:06 – Test, test, TEST! Always A/B test.

    18:04 – Include SEO friendly keywords in your site URLs, but make sure you keep it short.

    20:58 – Wrap your title in an h1 tag and make sure you only have one h1 tag per page.

    23:31 – Make sure your subheads wrapped in h2 tags.

    24:22 – Check out the Competitive Gap Analysis by SEMrush – The best tool for seeing what keywords your competition is ranking for.

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    25: Business Farts

    25: Business Farts

    Everyone does it. Don’t deny it. It’s something that scares us. It can be your worst nightmare.

    I am talking about farting. It’s not a mystery that everyone farts. No exceptions – it’s science… However, it’s what you do with after you fart that matters. Do you claim it and take extreme ownership? Do you deny it at all costs? Or do you pass the blame to someone else?

    In business, there are moments where a business “farts.” Something happens that is grabbing their audience’s attention for all the wrong reasons. What they do in response is crucial.

    In today’s final episode of season 1, the guys discuss a few businesses that handle their business “farts” the right way and those who did not. This episode will have you laughing and terrified all at the same time.

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    24: Your old sales and marketing funnel is dead

    24: Your old sales and marketing funnel is dead

    The traditional sales and marketing funnels are changing. There is nothing you can do about it. No longer are the days of linear funnels. Because there are so many mediums available today, the funnel is more like a web. Everything is connected in achieving the main goal of conversions.

    It was just 3 years ago when I was sitting in a sales and marketing team meeting, where I pointed out that it takes up to 7 touch points before someone makes a decision. Now, in 2017, I recently read that the number is closer to 11 touch points. That’s a lot of movement in just 3 years.

    So what does a web funnel look like? What do I do to adjust to the web approach?

    In today’s show, the guys discuss what the landscape looks like for sales and marketing and will give you some tips for adjusting to the more web approach. Don’t get left behind. Make your adjustments today.


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    23: Why Your Website Conversions Suck

    23: Why Your Website Conversions Suck

    Your website is your best employee… when it converts customers. If you had a sales team member who wasn’t closing sales, would you keep them around? You would probably cut them from the team OR you could diagnosis the reason why they aren’t converting sales and help them make the adjustments to start succeeding.

    So if your website isn’t converting, are you going to cut the website or are you going to make adjustments? I would imagine you would make adjustments.

    In today’s podcast, the guys take a look at some common reasons your website may not be converting. Even if your website is performing well, you may still be committing some of these mistakes as well. Notify the problem, make the adjustments, and start seeing your website convert like never before.


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    22: How to Stand Out in a Noisy World

    22: How to Stand Out in a Noisy World

    It’s no surprise that we live a world that is bombarded with images, design, and marketing all the time. We have mini computers in our pockets and even on our wrists not. Our attention span is very limited and as a marketer your job is to stand out among all of that noise.

    How do you that today?

    The guys discuss and give you practical tips and tools on what you can be doing to stand out with all the noise around you. From GIF’s and cinemagraphs to real copy and always A/B testing, these are just a few suggestions they made to help you standout.


    Show Notes
    2:55 – Wavve is for real awesome. Shout out to the guys at Wavve and Baird. Check them out and start using them now!

    6:00 – Get on the GIF and cinemagraphs train. They aren’t going anywhere. Start using them right now.

    7:20 – Flixel helps you make cinemagraphs with ease.

    12:48 – Improve on the best trends you see happening around you. Always keep an eye on what’s going on around you and what your competitors are doing.

    15:50 – Here is the design board for upcoming design trends.

    16:08 – Use real copy to stand out. Stop complicating things with jargon. Talk to them like they are a real person.

    19:48 – Take a look at old designs. They are timeless.

    23:10 – Always be cleaning up your design. Keep it simple!

    26:30 – Make sure you are always A/B testing your designs. You will be surprised which one performs better.

    30:21 – Shout out to Canva.

    31:50 – Shout out to Canva.

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5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Willy was here!! ,

Great informative Marketing podcast!

Love these guys! Very informative interviews.

laurengreene29 ,

Informational and entertaining!

Such a great podcast to listen to and appropriately named. A quick listen for a lunch break, and entertaining but informative on the world of marketing and design. Love the feeling of being at lunch with them!

OGDawney ,

Absolutely love it

Love the show, honestly wasn't expecting to get legitimate wisdom and advice for not only marketing but also just life. Great chemistry between the hosts and I love the restaurant aspect to it!

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