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Your podcast resource for opinions, reviews and news on our favorite crown princess! Find us in the iTunes Store and on SoundCloud! #elenaofavalor

The Magic Within Podcast Princesses

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    • 4.6, 10 Ratings

Your podcast resource for opinions, reviews and news on our favorite crown princess! Find us in the iTunes Store and on SoundCloud! #elenaofavalor

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

diamond godess ,

The best show ever hi my name is shelby and i am 12 years old

Elena is the best carector and i looked up an episode called” niomi knows best”( and it is when elena and matao and estebon fall for a trap ) and i am totaly addicted to the show and elena is a totally different race but i think that could help us respect other races better and i am inspired by this show and ash(a malvago ) is going dooooooown !!!!!!!!!!!!! .this is the best show and dont let other peple tell you otherwise about this show .this show is the best and did you see elenas expresion wen kitamos told elena that suriki was not her big test that was soooo funny if i could rate elena of avalor i would give it 100000000000 stars and i would give your podcast 10000000000. And i think you people are crazy i am shipping elena and gabe because gabe is really strong and elena is realy brave (or really stupid🙂) and if gabe hadn't been there to protect her in many occasions she would be dead 💀!!. And i did review the show and this is what my thing said ( I have seen elena of avalor niomi knows best and that is one of my favorite episodes and when elena fell for the malvagos trap that was stupid of elena 💃🏽 . And when ash told elena she was going to take elenas magic and elena may not survive. ash told elena she could rest in peace knowing that elenas magic was going to make ash the most powerfull malvago that ever lived .i was going to cry 😭 If elena died .i can actually picture elena’s funeral . Elena laying in a coffin with her arms bent over her chest holding flowers wile being carried to her grave then elena’s coffin being lowered into her grave as her family watching while crying. P.s. i ain't crazy. O and plese reply 🥺.(plese tell me why you dont think gabe and elena are a good match o and somtimes i could not really hear what you guys were saying . Sorry if i sound really mean.(update 2019 het guys i am 13 now so yea and how come you guys dont do a podcast for every episode like sugar rush and team isa now that would be cool and how elena looks in that episode when she is hipmotised hahaha.please do more podcast episods serously i am diying to find out what happens )

JamesEasonGarcia ,

¡Viva Avalor!

Hello ladies,
I am one of the production coordinators on Elena of Avalor and I wanted to tell you how much we all love your podcast! The entire crew from the creator, directors, and producers, and everyone in between has been listening to the podcast this last week and talking about it around the office. We were working on this very special Sirenas movie for over two years and it means a lot to us to hear how much you all appreciated it. Your insight is spot on and all the small details you caught made all the hard work totally worth it. We can’t wait to hear more podcasts and discussions about future episodes (we have a lot more exciting things to come!) All the best, James!

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