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Real estate, wealth building and tax reduction strategies through the eyes of a CPA and tax strategist.

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Real estate, wealth building and tax reduction strategies through the eyes of a CPA and tax strategist.

    EP 040 - Captive Qualified Opportunity Zones & QOZ Strategy Stacking w/ Justin White

    EP 040 - Captive Qualified Opportunity Zones & QOZ Strategy Stacking w/ Justin White

    It's so important to collaborate with your tax advisor, not just on business and investing events, but personal life events. Here's one example of how the client's baby created the opportunity for us to create hundreds of thousands in additional tax savings for our client by timing expenses and qualifying the client for a new tax election - the Real Estate Professional Tax Status. Other times, we've strategically planned around marriages, divorces, job changes and family needs to create transformational current and future years' savings. Make sure you're communicating any major life events and changes in your financials and business to a QUALIFIED tax advisor! 
    Wouldn't it be life-changing if you could mitigate capital gains and diversify your portfolio through real estate investing? Tune in as we host Justin White, a real estate wizard, who pulls back the curtain on the world of 1031 exchanges and qualified opportunity zones. We deep-dive into the intricacies of these investment strategies, helping you understand the tax benefits that could supercharge your profit margins. In particular we touch on captive qualified opportunity zones, and how one can access faster cash flow and more depreciation by investing into vehicles that are ready to operate immediately and offer greater depreciation. This combined with real estate professional tax status can be extremely impactful!  Whether you're a seasoned professional or just dipping your toes into real estate investment, this discussion is a goldmine of insights.
    As we progress, we address the pressing question of extending the 2026 deadline and reshaping the Opportunity Zone map to better serve the communities who need it most. We touch on the impact of Fortune 500 companies on these zones, with a special mention of the Gigafactory. Not to be missed is our exploration of the role of AI in the real estate business and the importance of customer service in enhancing your investment experience. Join us and elevate your real estate journey!

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    EP 039 - Strategic Business Expansion, Capital Gains & Exit Planning with Austin Peterson

    EP 039 - Strategic Business Expansion, Capital Gains & Exit Planning with Austin Peterson

    Looking to grow your business and save on taxes? Austin Pearson, certified financial planner and Backbone Planning Partners' co-founder, can help. He's an expert in cost segregation, bonus appreciation, and more, using these tools to reduce tax and plan for the future.
    Focusing on businesses earning $3-50 million annually, Austin shares ways to move income and growth from the corporation to the owner. He discusses profit-sharing in 401k plans, cash balance plans, and using trusts, especially charitable trusts and Delaware Statutory Trusts for 1031s.
    We conclude with financial planning for small businesses. Austin details how Backbone Planning accelerates client growth with strategies like cost segregation and exit planning. The importance of consistent advice is emphasized, along with Backbone's alignment with its clients. For more insights, check the I Coos podcast by Backbone. Grow your business while managing taxes. For more on Austin and Backbone, visit: https://www.backboneplanning.com/

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    EP 038 - What is Real Estate Professional Tax Status & How it Can Save Save You Millions in Taxes

    EP 038 - What is Real Estate Professional Tax Status & How it Can Save Save You Millions in Taxes

    "The Secret to Keeping More of Your Money: Real Estate Professional Tax Status Unveiled"
    For many real estate enthusiasts, the Real Estate Professional Tax Status remains a key component to minimizing taxes and preserving wealth. Unlocking it could be the difference between mediocre and massive tax savings... Dive deep with us as we uncover the criteria to qualify, why it's so coveted, and how pairing it with positive real estate rentals can make the taxman blink twice.

    Some of the key topics are: 
     - Who has Real Estate Professional Tax Status 
    - Why Does Real Estate Professional Tax Status Matter
    - How to Material Participate 
    - How REP Status Allows you to Create Tax Savings 
    - How Cash Flow Positive Real Estate Reduces Taxes with REP Status 
    - Real World Examples 
    - Alternatives to REP status for tax Strategies
    But there's more:
    Strategy stacking: It's like 3D chess for your finances.Alternatives to the real estate professional tax status: Because one size doesn't fit all.Future-proofing against the ever-looming tax sword.And here's where things get exciting:
    What if you could redirect income streams to pockets of opportunity? Or what if there was a way to capitalize on the "job exit tax strategy" that can neutralize your capital gains tax? We explore these and other goldmine strategies, ending with a segment dedicated to revealing how real estate can transform the finances of those who feel shackled by over-taxation.

    If you're asking, "How do I implement this in MY financial journey?" – we have an exclusive offer just for our valued listeners. Consider signing up for a discovery session with our firm, where we'll dissect and strategize specifically for your financial landscape. Don't miss out! Book Your Session Here!
    Join us in this thrilling episode, and together let's redefine your financial destiny.

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    EP 037 - Tax Planning for Your First Year in 7 Figures

    EP 037 - Tax Planning for Your First Year in 7 Figures

    Ever wondered if you're overpaying taxes as a seven-figure business owner? Imagine transforming your tax fate with strategic planning. This episode is an eye-opener on minimizing your adjusted gross income, leveraging charitable tax planning, and maximizing tax credits. We delve into the nitty-gritty of creating business tax deductions from routine events, thus setting the foundation for long-term savings.

    Get ready to redefine what you thought you knew about tax deductions! We explore overlooked incentives related to charitable giving and real estate investments, and the power of creating tax deductions that surpass the actual cost. 

    Finally, this episode is a goldmine for real estate developers! From the Employee Retention Tax Credit, Research and Development Tax Credit to Solar Business Tax Credits, we discuss all. Learn how to purchase tax credits from other entities, and how to create long-term tax savings. The cherry on top - we give you a step by step guide on how to create a financial vehicle to take full advantage of these incentives. We also share other creative options to help reduce your tax burden. Listen in and learn the art of successful tax planning.

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    EP 036 - The Revolution of AI and Automation in Real Estate w/ Chris Tamm

    EP 036 - The Revolution of AI and Automation in Real Estate w/ Chris Tamm

    Want to explore artificial intelligence and automation? This episode features AI expert Chris Tamm, who shares insights on AI's impact on real estate, including content creation and data extraction. We also discuss AI's natural language capabilities and robotic process automation, offering a glimpse into a future without mundane tasks.
    Our journey explores data analysis possibilities, such as AI cleaning data, asking questions, and drawing inferences. Imagine chatbots simplifying search processes. We also cover robotic automation for tasks like data collection, potentially changing the game for rental property owners.
    We conclude with thoughts on the future of robotics and AI, their revolutionary effects on work, and reflections on the potential transformations they can bring across industries. Get ready for an enlightening discussion on AI's exciting opportunities.
    About Chris:
    Chris Tamm has over 25 years of leadership experience in various roles, including real estate and insurance. As Founder/CEO of Ownership Mortgage and Ownership Insurance, he's helped many achieve financial goals. He's also the founder of Cast Services, an AI and automation firm. Learn more at www.christamm.com.

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    EP 035 - Self-Storage Investing w/ Alese Johnston

    EP 035 - Self-Storage Investing w/ Alese Johnston

    Ever wondered how to navigate the promising world of self-storage investing? Well, wonder no more as we bring in experienced entrepreneur and real estate investor, Alese Johnson, to share her wealth of knowledge. We'll discover how this industry offers a steady cash flow, notwithstanding the market's unpredictable roller-coaster ride. 

    In this insightful discussion, Alese uncovers the potential returns, the key role of cost segregation studies, and the tax benefits that can be reaped. We'll also zoom into the exciting tech advancements such as 24-hour rentals, e-signatures, and government-level identity verification that are reshaping this sector. Expect to be enlightened as we uncover how these innovations are revolutionizing the self-storage industry. 

    Finally, we share how you can reach out to Alese for those thirsty for more knowledge on self-storage investing. We'll take a peek at the complexities of the merger and acquisition process and underscore the significance of due diligence. Whether you're a greenhorn or an industry veteran, this episode promises to be a treasure trove of useful insights that can guide you through the universe of self-storage investing. Learn more about Storage Trader at: https://storagetrader.com/, and Tune in!

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