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The MarketBeat Podcast features stock market and financial news with special guests from MarketBeat.com, and interviews with the top names in investing and trading the market hosted by Kate Stalter.

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The MarketBeat Podcast features stock market and financial news with special guests from MarketBeat.com, and interviews with the top names in investing and trading the market hosted by Kate Stalter.

    3 Small Caps With Big Upside

    3 Small Caps With Big Upside

    Today, Kate’s guest is Randy Baron, portfolio manager at Pinnacle Associates. The three stocks Randy discusses today have small market capitalizations. In a market pullback, small stocks get hit first but are also the ones that do best in a new rally.

    -Amyris is in the synthetic biology space.
    -How Amyris is leveraging the consumer business to attract enterprise customers to license the technologies
    -Its consumer products are based upon a molecule called hemisqualene
    -Why Randy believes Amyris could double revenue beyond what analysts are expecting and why he sees the stock price rising in the next 18 months to two years
    -What value Randy sees in a small U.K.-based healthcare stock called Renalytix that addresses the issue of chronic disease
    -The biggest companies in the dialysis space are DaVita (DVA) and Fresenius (FMS), but Renalytix offers another approach to treating kidney disease before the late stages
    -Why Randy sees potential in another small British company, WANdisco, which is available over the counter to U.S. investors
    -WANdisco owns the algorithm that allows live data migration to the cloud
    -This algorithm can be used by big end users globally, including Microsoft, Google or Alibaba.
    -In May, WANdisco announced the largest contract in the history of the company. The stock began a big move.
    -Why Randy says consensus estimates for WANdisco revenue is too low
    -Why Randy believes being listed in the U.K. has impeded WANdisco’s ability to grow

    Stocks mentioned in this episode:

    Amyris (NASDAQ: AMRS)
    Renalytix (NASDAQ: RNLX)

    The video Randy refers to, to learn more about Amyris’ plant in Brazil:


    How to learn more about Randy and Pinnacle:


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    Google, Amazon and Tesla, Why These 3 Big Stocks Are Likely to Move Higher

    Google, Amazon and Tesla, Why These 3 Big Stocks Are Likely to Move Higher

    Today, as the MarketBeat podcast celebrates the milestone of Episode 50, Kate welcomes back a popular guest, Jason Brown of the Brown Report. Today, he discusses three widely held large caps. If you don’t own these as individual stocks, you may own them inside index funds. Their sheer size means they have influence over index direction.

    Jason presents a strong bull case for the future of each stock, regardless of the current market downturn. And he shares why he believes they are likely to hold near recent support levels, rather than continue falling.

    In today’s episode, Kate and Jason discuss:

    -Why Amazon could be considered a “good company” because it has carved out a secure role as a company consumers trust to buy the goods they need and want. It’s hard for other companies to compete with that.
    -Jason believes the downside potential for Amazon is limited, but based on the chart, he sees more room to grow to the upside. He walks listeners through some of the price points he’s seeing.
    -What is the significance of the “unknown” business (at least to consumers) Amazon Web Servers, which has huge corporations as customers?
    -Jason’s next stock is Google/Alphabet, which he believes is one of the best positioned to emerge from the post-pandemic, interest-rate driven selloff
    -Why Google’s ad-based business model is likely to hold up even in a recession, or gas price increases or interest-rate hikes, even if some advertisers slash spending
    -Jason’s third stock is Tesla, where he sees ongoing potential due to the business itself, and the stock’s chart
    -Why Jason says it’s more important to look at Tesla’s future, not the news today, such as disappointing Q3 deliveries
    -Is there upside in not-yet-available products such as electric boats and motorcycles?
    -Why Tesla’s focus on EVs means it can continue growing without distractions, as the legacy automakers have

    How to find Jason, and download the Stock Market Starter Pack and Stock Options Starter Pack:


    Links mentioned in this episode:

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    Down Market, Good Stocks, Southern Company, PepsiCo, Caterpillar

    Down Market, Good Stocks, Southern Company, PepsiCo, Caterpillar

    Kate’s guest this week is Brian Mulberry, client portfolio manager at Zacks Investment Management. Brian brings three large-cap ideas today and discusses why one utility may have potential beyond the traditional role of a dividend payer.
    Stick around until the end, because Brian shares how to access Zacks research to get more ideas.

    -Why Brian’s utility pick, Southern Company, has earnings durability that causes him to think it can withstand the higher cost of capital as interest rates rise
    -The company has strong earnings growth, relative to the S&P 500 and may be able to pass along higher costs to its customers
    -Brian attributes the company’s recent blowout quarterly report to investments that the company has made over the years
    -Should investors be looking to utilities for a return beyond dividend yield?
    -Brian’s second stock, PepsiCo, also has earnings durability
    -How the company’s growth through acquisition has allowed it to have pricing power, by focusing on strong brand names
    -How Pepsi’s focus on Gatorade and its distribution deal with Celsius is helping the company expand its presence and loyalty in the youth market
    -Why Brian sees Pepsi’s distribution strategy as an edge in the supply chain where other manufacturers have fallen short
    -Brian’s third stock is an old-school industrial, Caterpillar, which has also navigated supply chains well
    -Why Brian sees Caterpillar as large earnings per share grower, based on increased infrastructure spending and the Inflation Reduction Act.
    -Why he sees this stock as attractive, although it’s not one he expects to behave like a red-hot growth stock

    Stocks mentioned in this episode

    Southern Company (SO)
    PepsiCo (PEP)
    Caterpillar (CAT)

    How to learn more about Zacks Investment Management

    Links mentioned in this episode:

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    3 Stocks Growing Their Businesses for 2023

    3 Stocks Growing Their Businesses for 2023

    Kate’s guest today is Kirk McDonald, portfolio manager at Argent Capital Management. Today, Kirk has three stocks to discuss, and all from different industries and with different market caps. He explains why each is a holding in his portfolio, and how investors should evaluate the business case.

    -Kirk’s first stock is Cheniere energy (LNG ): With Russia cutting off natural gas supplies for Europe, Cheniere is well situated to be a supplier
    -The company has the ability to grow its production significantly in the next few years
    -Why revenue growth has been increasing since March of 2021, and will continue
    -For the last decade, Cheniere has been investing in liquefaction facilities, meaning export capacity is increasing, while also increasing cash flow and profit
    -The company has been paying down debt rapidly
    -Why the explosive growth phase is just hitting this established company
    -The second stock Kirk discusses is Fair Isaac (FICO): The company is expanding rapidly from its existing line of business, the well known FICO score
    -How lower mortgage applications are affecting earnings estimates, but mortgages are not the bulk of the company’s business
    -Kirk’s last stock is government contractor ICF International (ICFI), a small cap that is involved in four growing areas in government spending
    -Why Kirk expects this company to benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act
    -How should investors allocate to smaller companies like ICF? Kirk looks at ways to balance market caps within his portfolio
    -How barriers to entry give a company like ICF an edge

    How to sign up for the Argent newsletter and learn more about the investment strategies

    To see the portfolio holdings and get more stock pick ideas:

    Stocks mentioned

    Cheniere Energy (LNG)

    Fair Isaac (FICO)

    ICF International (ICIF)

    Links mentioned in this episode:

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    Fed Raises Rates: 3 Stocks to Watch Newmont Mining, Walmart, AMC

    Fed Raises Rates: 3 Stocks to Watch Newmont Mining, Walmart, AMC

    Today, Kate’s guest is Axel Merk, President and Chief Investment Officer of Merk Investments. Axel has three very different stocks he discusses today, and frames those within the current market and economic conditions. This episode includes:

    -Newmont, the world’s largest gold miner, tends to be one of the first stock on the way up on optimism about gold, but also one of the first on the way down, as pessimism grows
    -Why Newmont and mining stocks are like “gold with a kicker” for investors who believe gold is boring
    -Why miners can give you leverage over owning just the hard asset of gold
    -Why the gold miners have to grow through acquisition, as resources get depleted, but investors wanted to see the big miners spend less money
    -How late-stage economic growth is generally good for gold and gold miners
    -Axel also discusses Walmart, which as a defensive stock, is a proxy for the current macro environment
    -As the economy is slowing, Walmart typically does better, as middle-tier consumers gravitate toward lower-cost stores
    -With a stagflationary environment, which can last a long time, investing in proxies for the consumer price index, like Walmart, can work as a defensive play
    -Why Walmart’s lackluster performance since late 2020 is a feature of a defensive stock, rather than a bug
    -Why Axel considers AMC the speculative stock to contrast with a defensive like Walmart
    -Why he believes the Fed needs to see a contagion risk before they will stop tightening.
    -What factors to watch to determine when the Fed will stop tightening
    -Why the meme stock of tomorrow won’t be the meme stock of today, like AMC
    -What makes Axel believe the market has not bottomed yet

    Stocks mentioned in this episode:

    Main discussion:
    Newmont (NYSE: NEM)
    Walmart (NYSE: WMT)

    Twitter: @AxelMerk

    Merk Investments: https://www.merkinvestments.com/

    Links mentioned in this episode:

    This podcast is hosted by ZenCast.fm

    Do These Dividend Achievers Deserve A Place In Your Portfolio?

    Do These Dividend Achievers Deserve A Place In Your Portfolio?

    This week, Kate sits down with ETF portfolio manager Dave Gilreath, who offers a perspective on “dividend achievers” and why these deserve a role in your portfolio. Dave gives us ideas for some mid-caps that may not be familiar names, but are showing potential, and paying dividends, which offset price declines, even in a market downturn.

    -How do midterm election years in the US tend to affect the market? Why is it common to see a larger downdraft in midterm years?

    -Based on market history, what can we expect in the fourth quarter?

    -How is the strong dollar affecting markets at the moment?

    -What is the Nasdaq’s Dividend Achievers Index, and how does Dave use this in his investment strategy?

    -How do dividends offset the downside in a bear market?

    -Which of the Dividend Achievers has the least downside risk?

    -Why is a high P/E ratio not necessarily a concern when evaluating a stock with strong growth?

    -How companies outside manufacturing industries can flourish in a time of high inflation?

    -Why is a uniform rental and cleaning-supply company among the stocks Dave likes now?

    -How to evaluate whether a company is likely to contract or expand in a recession

    -Why does Dave like a mid-cap industrial distribution company that is a new Dividend Achiever?

    -Why buying during a time of market volatility can be advantageous to investors?

    -Why an old-school tech name has resurfaced as a top pick, despite trading at 1999 levels

    -What is driving the business rebound of this U.S.-based broadband networking leader?

    -How has the business model for networking companies changed over the years?

    -Why a beleaguered big industrial is on Dave’s list, despite being mired in litigation

    How to find Dave and Innovative Portfolios


    Dividend Performers ETF (IPDP)

    Links mentioned in this episode:

    This podcast is hosted by ZenCast.fm

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17 Ratings

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Engaging Podcast!

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