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Marketing Moxie is all about getting down and dirty on all things marketing for entrepreneurs. Maggie Patterson takes a practical, no holds barred approach to helping you take action.

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Marketing Moxie is all about getting down and dirty on all things marketing for entrepreneurs. Maggie Patterson takes a practical, no holds barred approach to helping you take action.

    MM131: Jen Berson: Generating PR for Your Business

    MM131: Jen Berson: Generating PR for Your Business

    PR is something I regularly get asked about, and it’s because
    it’s a mystery to most of us as business owners. In this episode,
    Jen Berson, founder of Jeneration PR helps demystify some PR basics
    for entrepreneurs. Listen in to hear her pro pitching tips and
    tricks. Show notes with key points, takeaways, and links for this
    episode available at www.maggiepatterson.com/episode131.

    Items Discussed in this Episode:

    If we’re new to PR, Jen recommends where we should get
    Jen shares the biggest mistake entrepreneurs tend to make when
    doing their own PR
    When writing a pitch, you have to read the outlet that you’re
    pitching for, don’t just mass pitch
    Make sure you follow up on your pitches, it can get lost in the
    shuffle of email
    Jen shares her advice on how to try and make a human connection
    with the person on the other side of your email when you pitch
    Success is adding value, treating each relationship like
    something you want to add value to will really help them bloom and
    may come back to you when the time is right
    Jen shares some of the untapped media opportunities that are
    out there for entrepreneurs
    People are paying a lot of attention to videos right now, Jen
    shares some ways you can use this to share your message to a larger
    audience and how to do it right
    We talk about pitching and the best way to make sure our
    pitches are not immediately moved to the trash folder
    You may have a great pitch for one outlet that would be totally
    wrong for another; make sure you’re reading their articles to align
    your message with theirs
    Should we send a press release? Jen gives us her position
    Crafting targeted pitches or having someone do it for you is
    the way to truly get your message and your brand out there

    Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

    Jen shares how to start smaller and then build that into bigger
    opportunities, including local media if you’d like bigger TV
    Do your homework before you pitch. Get to know what they’ve
    written about, the topics they cover and more. Then, connect with
    them via social media before you pitch.
    Keep your pitches short to keep them out of the trash folder,
    and get comfy with following up. No answer doesn’t mean no!

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    MM130: The Straight Truth on Your Services Business

    MM130: The Straight Truth on Your Services Business

    If there’s a single thing I’ve learned, it’s that the Marketing
    Moxie listeners care about growing their business - and doing it in
    a way that’s not sleazy or has them selling out. Today I’m doing a
    solo show where I level with you about how you’re unlikely to make
    ALL the money while working an hour/day or frolicking on the beach.
    Show notes with key points and links for this episode available at

    Items Discussed in this Episode:

    When it comes to earning a services based business, your
    revenue is one of your burning issues: you need it to grow the way
    you want to grow and serve your clients the way you want
    There’s a lack of truth telling and a lot of claims out there
    about how people are earning the money they are in their
    I want to level with you: because we are all selling, we lose
    touch with being of service and with having a soul
    I break down my 3 favorite mistakes, lies and myths with
    running a services-based business
    You need a proven process and reputation to start earning
    passive income: I explain the why and how
    The fastest path to cash will always be working with clients;
    you have to do the work
    Results matter, people need to know you can deliver. Anyone who
    tells you that you can earn money in your sleep or from the beach
    are not giving you the truth
    You can build a successful online business without an email
    list, I explain the why and how
    The days of ‘follow these 5 steps to cash’ or ‘here’s how to
    get to 6 figures’ are over; it is irrelevant and nonsense (maybe
    it’s not over, but I’m o-v-e-r it)
    If you are running a services-based business for the money, go
    get a 9 to 5; the best way to get the results and get paid is by
    playing to your strengths and by doing the work

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    MM129: Kamila Gornia: Grow Your Email List with Facebook Ads

    MM129: Kamila Gornia: Grow Your Email List with Facebook Ads

    Do Facebook ads feel like a financial sinkhole? Do you want to throw your laptop out the window because you’re frustrated as all get out? This episode’s guest Kamila Gornia is going to help us get smart and strategic with our ads so you can use them in a way that’s productive and profitable. Show notes with key points, takeaways, and links for this episode available at www.maggiepatterson.com/episode129.

    Items Discussed in this Episode:

    Kamila shares the number one mistake we tend to make with Facebook ads
    When running an ad, you have to make sure it’s in line with your overall goal for your company
    There’s a lot of things to have in place before actually running an ad, Kamila breaks it down for us
    Kamila shares some of the reasons your ad may not be converting; it’s not just about having the ad
    You can have a really high click-through rate, but it’s not actually converting. The goal is to gain clients, not to just have a high click-through rate
    If you work with everything together: landing page, ads, your offer, your timing, etc. then you can get to the bottom of what’s working and what’s not
    Kamila gives her power tip for getting the most out of our FB ad money
    Find something that’s converting really well and use that until it stops working: Kamila explains why this is important
    Kamila shares how and when to scale your ad campaign
    Holding a webinar and then a launch is no longer enough, you have to have a concrete sequence to get the results you want and ads can help
    Kamila explains how and why to not take it personally when things don’t go well with your ads
    Kamila shares what the good times to run ads are depending on your business
    Kamila shares what we should think about and what we should know before we outsource our FB ad management

    [clickToTweet tweet="FB ads making you nuts? Listen to this - @kamilagornia @magspatterson break it all down -" quote="FB ads making you nuts? Listen to this - @kamilagornia @magspatterson break it all down -"]

    Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode:

    Ads aren’t just about the ads. Get organized with an offer your audience wants and a landing page that converts. It’s easy to think FB ads are a ATM, when they only work if you’ve got everything else handled.
    Get ready to experiment. This is not a cookie cutter thing, every campaign, every offer, every business will perform differently. Be okay with failing and tweaking as you go.
    Before you decide you’re going to hand off FB ads, get super clear on what’s involved, why you should or shouldn’t do it. Also, remember, costs don’t include your ad budget!

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    MM128: Hibiscus Moon: Building a Vibrant Tribe on Facebook

    MM128: Hibiscus Moon: Building a Vibrant Tribe on Facebook

    Have you ever looked at your Facebook page and thought, “what’s the point?”. You’re definitely not alone. In this episode Hibiscus Moon shares how she’s built an active and very engaged following on Facebook with some practical tips you won’t want to miss. Show notes with key points, takeaways, and links from this episode available at www.maggiepatterson.com/episode128.

    Items Discussed in this Episode:

    Hibiscus explains how she’s built such a great following on FB when it’s become so hard to do so
    Treating FB like a conversation by giving personal answers to questions and comments is key
    Using FB to sell all the time can turn people off, Hibiscus explains how to avoid this and why
    Getting people to treat your page like a community is important, it will get people interacting with each other and show they’re with like-minded people
    Hibiscus explains how to make the people on your page feel safe and not abandoned so they keep coming back
    FB badges are new and can get you more users, Hibiscus shares how to earn them
    How can you use your page to stay connected in a way that’s real and honest and not fake or has too much selling?
    Hibiscus shares how often she posts and the basic content of her posts as a guideline
    Using scheduled posts mixed in with real time posts is a good policy, Hibiscus shares how this has worked for her
    Sharing others’ posts is helpful too, it can gain your page more traction
    People want to see real, authentic, behind the scenes posts about what’s really going on
    Hibiscus shares her favorite thing about Facebook and why we should invest the time in our FB page
    Don’t find your favorite platform and then your audience, find your audience where they are hanging out and put the time in there

    Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode:

    Are you making your Facebook page conversational or are you just publishing and pushing your message? Look at how you can make it more engaging and create a real conversation so people come back for more.
    Hibiscus posts multiple times per day with different types of content. So if you’re publishing twice a week and then wondering why you’re not hitting the mark, that may be the reason why.
    One thing that knocked my socks off about Hibiscus’ team is that they try to reply and engage with their tribe so they feel like it’s a safe place and they’re heard. What can you do to create this type of connection on your page?

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    MM127: Vasavi Kumar: No BS Business & Keepin' It Real

    MM127: Vasavi Kumar: No BS Business & Keepin' It Real

    Fasten your seatbelts friends. If you’ve been craving a dose of straight talk about what’s really happening in the online business world, coach Vasavi Kumar is serving it up today. And warning, she tells it like it is, and with no shortage of colorful language. (NSFW if you’ve got a 9 to 5, and this one is not friendly for those who cringe at an f-bomb, because they will be dropped!) Show notes with key points, takeaways, and links for this episode available at www.maggiepatterson.com/episode127.

    Items Discussed in this Episode:

    Vasavi shares the number one BS thing we are doing as female business owners and why we need to cut it out right now
    As women, we are taught not to hustle or work too hard, but we should pride ourselves on being a beast in our business
    We live in a society where we want what we want right now, but we don’t want to do the work it takes to get there
    There is really no such thing as an overnight success, Vasavi shares how her business has been a 24/7 project for years and that’s why she got where she is
    Vasavi shares where she has said ‘no’ to potential clients and why taking someone that’s not a good fit for you on is detrimental to your business
    We are constantly looking to buy courses and coaches but not implement half of what we’re learning
    Vasavi shares her parents’ immigration story and how it has impacted her way of doing business and hustling
    How can we be smart and not fall into the false marketing tactics and be authentic in our business? Vasavi gives us her advice
    Vasavi shares the craziest thing she sees happening online with female business owners and what we can do to stop it
    Stop trying to be the mini version of someone else, be yourself
    Most people are running a services based business, that doesn’t have to be a dirty secret, offering 1:1 services is what most of us are doing and that’s ok
    If the only goal you have is a money goal, you may end up going back to the drawing board. Money should be an external motivator. Vasavi explains

    Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode:

    Sometimes you just gotta hustle and grace isn’t going to happen. That’s totally okay, don’t apologize for committing to making it happen.
    The time honored advice of be yourself is always a good place to start. Show up and do you. Don’t be a cheap imitation.
    If it’s all about the money, you’re going to run out of steam. You need to have other goals beyond making bank or you’ll lose your soul (and maybe your sanity) in the process.

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    Vasavi’s site

    Rent Vasavi’s Brain

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    MM126: Melyssa Griffin: Pinterest Growth Strategies

    MM126: Melyssa Griffin: Pinterest Growth Strategies

    Sure you love Pinterest, but are you using it for your business? You may be surprised at how effective it is, and today’s guest, Melyssa Griffin from The Nectar Collective is going to blow your mind with how Pinterest has helped her grow her business in the last year. Show notes with key points, takeaways, and links for this episode available at www.maggiepatterson.com/episode126.

    Items Discussed in this Episode:

    Pinterest is not just for moms and craft ideas, Melyssa explains why we should be using it for our business
    Whatever niche you’re in, you can really make it work because it’s just not as saturated as other social media platforms
    Using Pinterest was really a turning point in Melyssa’s business last year, she explains how she started using it strategically to significantly increase her followers, email subscribers, and revenue
    Melyssa shares her advice on the best place to get started on Pinterest
    We delve a little deeper into what to pin and how to use your boards best to attract your ideal client
    Melyssa introduces us to Boardbooster and why it’s her favorite Pinterest manager
    The growth at the beginning of focusing on Pinterest can be slow, but if you’re doing all the right things then once you hit that 1,000 mark your growth rate can increase exponentially
    Melyssa shares the one thing you should be doing with your Pinterest account to see an increase in traffic

    Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode:

    Pinterest is legit for your business. If you want to build traffic and your list, give it a shot. Plus, it’s fun, so you’ll actually enjoy doing it.
    Think about your ideal client and what kind of content they really need so you can find the right people on Pinterest.
    Be patient and learn how to do it right. I recommend Pinfinite Growth to help you understand the ins and outs of making it happen.

    Links for this Episode:
    Melyssa’s Pinfinite Growth Course

    Boardbooster (get 1 month free to get started!)

    The Nectar Collective

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5.0 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Barbellarella ,

So Useful

I am so tired of hour long podcasts that take an hour to give me the information I need. Maggie puts real, useful techniques out there without making me sit through the fluff.

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Love, Love, LOVE!!!

Absolutely fantastic podcast!!! Savvy, practical and informative in quick, bite-sized chunks. Sooo much great information here that I've had to pull over the side of the road to write things down. Please keep it up! Thanks, Cindy

ClairePells ,

My Best Marketing Ideas Come from This Show

My expertise is in marketing but I feel WAY better equipped to serve my clients and grow my own business as a result of the terrific insights I’ve gotten from Maggie and her guests. We should be paying for these gems - thank you so much Maggie!

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