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Podcasts about culture, sex, and relationships. From Justin Hancock. Home of the 'Meg-John & Justin' archive. https://linktr.ee/culturesexrel

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Podcasts about culture, sex, and relationships. From Justin Hancock. Home of the 'Meg-John & Justin' archive. https://linktr.ee/culturesexrel

    Eleanor Janega talks about her latest book 'The Once And Future Sex'

    Eleanor Janega talks about her latest book 'The Once And Future Sex'

    Here's an interview with Eleanor, about her amazing new book 'The Once and Future Sex'. We discuss the key themes of the book

    - about how the story of what it is to be a woman was told (and how this connects to power and hegemony),

    - where the beauty standard first came from and how women faced a double jeopardy of following them / not following them

    - how the story of what it is to be a woman meant creating stigma around sex and relationships

    - the role of the medieval mother and why motherhood was central to medieval life (yet women were still seen as inessential 'Others')

    - and why all of this matters for the present day, for feminism, and also why learning from this should be an important, central, part of post-capitalist politics

    Her book is out on 17th January 2023 in the US https://wwnorton.com/books/9780393867817 and here in the UK on 3rd March 2023 https://uk.bookshop.org/books/the-once-and-future-sex-going-medieval-on-women-s-roles-in-society/9780393867817

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    How Covid is Still With Us

    How Covid is Still With Us

    A listener asked me (via Patreon) to chat about Covid. The restrictions might be over, but Covid is still very much with us (and with others more than some). Why do we want to turn away from Covid? Why do we want to think we've 'beaten' the virus? Masks have gone, but does that mean that we've simply learnt nothing? I asked podcaster and storyteller Dave Pickering along to tell their story of Covid and help me put the personal in a cultural and political context.

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    A Workshop About Relationships And Sex Education

    A Workshop About Relationships And Sex Education

    This week I am grabbing some hashtag content from my other Patreon for BISH (https://www.bishuk.com/)and introducing you to my 'Train Yourself in RSE' resources. You can see this (and read the resource) here for free https://www.patreon.com/posts/train-yourself-1-70736726

    If this is the kind of thing that you might be interested in doing here, I could do special CSR versions which are aimed at you the individual (rather than educators). So you would receive really in-depth, adult, sex and relationships education in this way.

    We could also do monthly zoom meetings to chat about some of the activities with each other, and I could even facilitate actual workshops with you. Sign up for the Culture Sex Relationships Patreon to register your interest (from just £1 a month) patreon.com/culturesexrelationships

    Hope you find this useful!


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    Bonk for Britain Booooooo

    Bonk for Britain Booooooo

    I invited Scott Burnett back on the show (here's his first appearance last year when we talked about the manosphere https://soundcloud.com/culturesexrelationships/scott-burnett-masculinities-masturbation-and-no-fap).

    He co-wrote this excellent paper this year called ‘Breeders for race and nation’: gender, sexuality and fecundity in post-war British fascist discourse. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/0031322X.2021.2011088

    It's open access and although it's an academic article I think it's pretty accessible (we also explain it in the show).

    We talked about:

    Why we're having the conversation at the moment (Italy, and the Bonk for Britain story) https://www.theguardian.com/politics/commentisfree/2022/oct/10/the-tory-ministers-bonking-for-britain-idea-is-a-vile-vision-lurking-behind-cheeky-carry-on-imagery
    The general overview of the right and gender
    How this reproduces whiteness and gender subjectivities (and how it is weaponised against the Other (people of colour, migrants generally, feminism)
    Where else we see these kinds of discourses around gender and sexuality
    How some of these themes are taken up in environmentalist discourses around overpopulation.
    But also seeing this as a spectrum where we might also see (seemingly benevolent) references to 'strong families'.
    We can also see this in culture generally in (what I tend to call) hegemonic or common sense sexuality education but also how gender and sexuality have been disciplined as part of the capitalist projects of the last 100 years.
    We talked generally about the failure of left / liberal politics to understand how gender and sexuality are not an 'over there' or 'nice to have' but an essential part of our political bloc.
    Some other reading / podcasts that you might be interested in that we chatted about.

    Hegemony Now - by Jeremy Gilbert and Alex Williams. https://www.versobooks.com/books/4015-hegemony-now They did a video summarising it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuYEKWx5q40

    Abolish The Family - by Sophie Lewis https://www.versobooks.com/books/4075-abolish-the-family
    which is really really interesting (the title sounds scary and bombastic but it's really not that kind of book). I haven't listened to it yet but she did a podcast for Novara Media about it which I'm sure will be worth a listen https://novaramedia.com/2022/10/12/choose-your-own-family-adventure/

    Here's that article by Sophie K Rosa https://novaramedia.com/2022/10/13/did-cuba-just-abolish-the-family/ about Cuba and the cool thing they've done lately.

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    Wittgenstein: Solutions Not Problems

    Wittgenstein: Solutions Not Problems

    As you may have been hearing on recent podcasts, I’ve been training in solution focused therapy / coaching recently. I’ve been finding it pretty transformational, both for me personally but I’ve also found it really useful in work too. It’s a very postmodern practice, in that it just works. In the training that I’ve attended the trainers have been disinterested in the theory, or why it works. Their response is that it does, and here’s how we do it.

    That’s good enough for me, I really enjoyed getting cracking with it and trying it out on lots of my loved ones before doing coaching with paying clients. However, I have a podcast to run and I need that content baby! So what is the deal with solution focused therapy and what’s the theory behind it?

    [for the full blog post that I read out here head over to the Patreon where I've unlocked it https://www.patreon.com/posts/70372857 ]

    If you’re interested in booking a session with me (Patrons get 10% discount) check out the coaching page at justinhancock.co.uk

    If you want to have a session with someone who isn’t me, I can recommend Biba (who I’ve had some sessions with too). She’s great https://ribalon.org/

    If you’re interested in getting some training yourself, I’d recommend the courses at Brief, which is where I’ve been training. https://www.brief.org.uk/

    To help with this I’ve been reading How to Read Wittgenstein by Ray Monk and Ludwig Wittgenstein by Edward Kanterian (part of the Critical Lives series).
    This article by Steve de Shazer is really interesting (and helpful) https://www.sdstate.edu/sites/default/files/2018-06/dont_think_but_observe.pdf
    The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy came up trumps again with their excellent entry (such an amazing resource) https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/wittgenstein/
    The Wikipedia page for solution focused therapy is packed with links to the evidence for how effective it is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solution-focused_brief_therapy
    If you want to understand what I meant by postmodern check out this podcast by Jeremy Gilbert (when Liz Truss was having a go at postmodernism, obviously she didn’t understand what that meant)

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    Porn And Capitalism

    Porn And Capitalism

    Latest episode is an expanded version of some of the stuff I've been writing lately for BISH (my website for over 14s) and for Mashable which you can read here https://mashable.com/article/porn-sites-viewers-workers For a blog post of this article you can head to the Patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/72285998 and while you're there please considering supporting the show. Just £1 a month would really help out. If everyone who listened did that then I could work for 2/5 of a week on it.

    If you want more anti or post-capitalist content check out the work of my comrades at ALE https://www.alternativeleftentertainment.org/

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4.9 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Anthea the Greek ,

The Best info ever on being a conscientious caring human in relationship with ourselves and others!!

I cannot overstate just how fun, warm, informative, kind, gentle, and funny I find the Meg-John & Justin podcast to be. I’m enthusiastically sharing it with my friends, with my kids, & on social media. I’ve been listening to a couple episodes a day to catch up & have learned so much — it cheers me so. It’s brilliant the way Meg-John & Justin open up re: their own vulnerabilities & make it clear that we all feel blue, stumble, & make mistakes. Their wise, humble approach spiced with their special brand of humor is what makes this podcast my very favorite for learning to cultivate consensual, caring relationships with ourselves & with others ... whether they be friends, lovers, family members, coworkers, or the cashier at the corner market. I find their work to be so valuable, I signed up as a supporter of Meg-John & Justin through Patreon. They are SO worth it! Thank you both!

Waywillow ,


So helpful and so conscientious! Detailed advice for all relationship. I’ve been sending this to all my friends. I strongly recommend a listen.

Awf'lyWeeEli ,

Good for ALL Your Relationships

Having been maintaining a healthy marriage for almost 15 years, I thought I had a solid handle on How To Relationship. Listening to this podcast helps me realize there’s always more to learn and always ways to do better. It’s encouraged me to reconsider my entire approach to relationships—romantic, friendly, familial, and self—always in a funny, gentle, consensual, non-judgmental way. The more you think you’ve “got relationships down,” the more you actually need this podcast.

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