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This is a podcast where I bring you inspirational stories on business and mindset to help you courageously & confidently achieve success beyond anything you ever dream possible.

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This is a podcast where I bring you inspirational stories on business and mindset to help you courageously & confidently achieve success beyond anything you ever dream possible.

    The 3 Top Mistakes New Coach Made in Transition to Full Time Coach and How To Avoid Them?

    The 3 Top Mistakes New Coach Made in Transition to Full Time Coach and How To Avoid Them?

    OK! First of all, let's all agree on "there are no mistakes". Yes? 
    Especially if you are like me, an iPEC coach, then this foundation principle is set in stone and you know it as well as I know it. "You can never make mistake!"
    From the last 3 years in running my own business and making it flourish, I've learned a few things as the opportunity for you to grow and steer clear from so you can recognize them when they show up in your business. 
    In this episode, I will be sharing my personal experiences on this journey on things I observe that can potentially cause slow down, confusion, and sometimes triggers that negative self-talk. 
    What are some of the "opportunities" you have learned so far on your journey? 
    Let's compare notes! lol 

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    When the World Shift I Shift with Ledi Voksh

    When the World Shift I Shift with Ledi Voksh

    Ledi Vokshi is a big believer that the universe always brings people together for a reason. 

    She believes the only way to make an impact in this world is to keep on serving. She is a former Albanian singer who turn into waitressing, being a mom of 2 boys, and finally running a 6 figure business remotely.  

    Ledi and her husband are the founders of an IT company which at the moment, has served thousands of clients. 

    Her husband handled the IT side of the business and Ledi focused on the development/sales & marketing part of it. She enjoyed helping her clients find the solutions to their problems. 

    When the pandemic happened...THE WORLD SHIFTED AND I SHIFTED WITH IT 

    Voltek IT grew even more; saving businesses with hundreds of users to be able to operate remotely. Now more than ever, clients wanted to go fully remote and learn a new way of working and bringing in income. 

     In 2021, Ledi added not just 1:1, but also group coaching where she teaches women starting from mindset to building a business foundation, all the way to the power of story, niche, ideal client, sales, social media, email marketing, and sales. She builds a place for women to feel the power of implementation, accountability, and community. 

    She donate part of the proceeds to bigopenheart.org, providing education, housing, legal, and therapy for sexually abused children. 

    You can find Ledi Vokshi at ledivokshi.com or on IG @ledivokshi

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    Epic Vision Zone with Jane Applegath

    Epic Vision Zone with Jane Applegath

    Jane Applegath is the Founder of the EPIC VISION ZONE, best known for its female business and mindset-focused video-podcast program. Available on leading Podcast platforms and YouTube, the show features world-class female founders, entrepreneurs, disruptors, changemakers, rebel rousers, and more.

    Created to educate, inspire, and champion women to build the Epic Lifestyle, Business, and Freedom they’ve always dreamed of having, the Epic Vision Zone is also a hub for resources and coaching that support women in their business and personal growth ambitions.   

    A serial entrepreneur, Jane has amalgamated a lifetime in award-winning sales, 20 years in T.V. production, script writing, wordsmithing, yoga instruction, and creative intelligence into a framework that enrolls women into their vision, voice, and value, so that they can prosper doing work they love. 

    Jane’s vision is to ignite a revolution of female freedom through entrepreneurship; transforming the landscape of prosperity and leadership for women to live their best life while impacting the lives of those they are here to serve.

    Jane is from Toronto, Canada. She has lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, and now resides in the US as a dual US/Canadian citizen with her husband and kitty, Queen Lucy.   

    You can find her at janeapplegath.com
    or instagram at https://www.instagram.com/janeapplegath/

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    Webinar Secrets with Dr. Victoria Boyd

    Webinar Secrets with Dr. Victoria Boyd

    As an author, developer, and trainer Dr. Victoria Boyd’s work is a living example of her passion to help others reach their full potential. She creates programs, training, and other resources combining her unique synergy of passion, purpose, and profit to successfully guide and produce educationally grounded opportunities focused on organizational growth and systems development. 

    Dr. Boyd gained creative and analytical experience, developing program content as a successful secondary, higher ed, and state education consultant. She gained real-life experience as an educator for 28 years, and leader in numerous nonprofit organizations on local, regional, and national levels.  

    As a consultant, a philosophy she developed emerged which she calls being a Philantrepreneur™. The concept eventually became Dr. Boyd’s motivation and the catalyst to develop a strategic model for cause marketing and launch The Philantrepreneur™ Foundation (TPF), a 501c3 nonprofit where she is now the founder and president. TPF’s mission is to build nonprofit capacity through education, awareness, and resources. Over the last several years TPF and Dr. Boyd have developed several trademark programs such as Nuts & Bolts NPO Training and Board Bound Leadership, The What, Why, and ROI of Cause Marketing, and Webinar Secrets Unwrapped. TPF is also the producer of Systems Summits virtual events, and publisher of Voices From The Field anthology book, an author program designed to help business owners share their stories of community engagement and become a published authors. 

    A career educator and former instructor of Nonprofit Management at UNLV, Dr. Boyd has authored 4 books, and numerous articles published in several journals and magazines. She also has been a ghostwriter and editor for several other authors. She has been a podcast and show host and loves to share her expertise.

    Need a show guest? Schedule an intro chat at: https://DrVictoriaBoyd.com/BookMe

    Voices From The Field Program: https://VoiceFromTheField.now.site 
    Webinar Secrets Unwrapped Training: https://webinarsecrets.now.site 

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    How to be a winner with Shawn Harper

    How to be a winner with Shawn Harper

    With 25 years of experience, Shawn Harper has earned an excellent reputation as one of the
    nation's leading corporate motivational speakers! 

    He is a seven-year former NFL offensive lineman who played with the Rams, the Oilers, the Colts, and NFL Europe and now owns and operates American Services and Protection, a multi-million-dollar security services firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. 

    His journey from the grit and grime of the NFL locker room to the corporate culture of the boardroom proved that both worlds can be won by using the same principles and strategies!

    In this episode, You will learn from Shawn's struggling childhood to being the owner of a multi-million dollar company his definition of winning and succeeding.  

    Are you winning or succeeding? 

    You can follow Shawn at https://www.shawnharper.org/
    or on his Instagram at http://instagram.com/shawnharperspeaker

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    How are we suppose to know?

    How are we suppose to know?

    Ever feel lost and confused as you start out your coaching journey? So many questions and things to do as you scrambling around and trying to figure out exactly where to find your clients.

    Woman, I hear you!

    Marketing was not something I had expected when I first graduated from the coaching certification program.  It's easy to say "Just start where you are". But...exactly...how are you supposed to know? What does that even mean?

    In this episode, I am going to pave the way on how to start your coaching business in 5 simple steps. Take notes, ladies, this is where you start!

    Join my community of The Visibility Confidence Lounge to learn more about building your visible brand through storytelling.

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4.7 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Precious Rutlin ,

Finally A Podcast Show That Feels My Vibe

Michelle through your podcast I have been able to unwrap myself and stand in my authentic power. Thank you for the wonderful tips that you give and teaching your listeners how to see things from a dffierent perspective.

overcomingodds ,


Inspiring podcast, packed with actionable steps to turn your aspirations into reality!!!

Ultrarunner Rob ,

Ultrarunner Rob

Michelle’s podcasts are short to the point with very specific and usable info. A quick pick me up for your day.

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