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Birth is innately Magical, not Medical

The Midwitch Anita Katherine

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Birth is innately Magical, not Medical

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Di Tayan ,

Necessary for these times

This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Anita is a true gift to all of us, I highly recommend this podcast for birthworkers, mothers, and anyone who is invested in supporting life on this planet.

Jayjayjayjaybwoangibs ,

A podcast for all women

I first discovered Anita’s work through reading her blog post titled “When Sage came down from the stars” the blog post was a raw and real account on the birth of her first daughter, Sage. I wasn’t pregnant, I wasn’t even planning on it at the time.. yet her sharing her own birthing experience paved the way for my own (incredible!) home birth a short 2 years later. I read her story throughout my entire pregnancy - always humbled by the grace and power of her as birthing Mama and knowing those same attributes lay dormant within me (and every other Mama for that fact!). I’ve since closely followed Anita’s work and have been a member of her previous offering of moon (menstural) courses. Anita has SO much truth, knowledge, experience and inspiration to share. This is a podcast you’ll want to listen to. I hope it awakens something deep within you, like Anita’s journey has done for me. <3 <3

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