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Welcome to the Millionaire Maker Show. A podcast helping expert coaches consistently fill their coaching programs to create more time, more money, more freedom, and more impact.

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Welcome to the Millionaire Maker Show. A podcast helping expert coaches consistently fill their coaching programs to create more time, more money, more freedom, and more impact.

    Jaya Rose: Video Marketing Is Not About You

    Jaya Rose: Video Marketing Is Not About You

    In this episode, we dive into the importance of focusing on your audience in video marketing. We explore the critical role of storytelling and authenticity, discuss overcoming challenges as an entrepreneur, and how to transition from traditional marketing to a more human-centered approach.
    Guest IntroductionOur special guest today is Jaya Rose, a Speaker and Video Marketing Coach for people who want to make a big impact with their work. Jaya helps clients fine-tune their message and get seen online as an expert with her signature Story-Based Brand Method.
    Video Marketing Is Not About You: Key TakeawaysAuthenticity in video marketing is essential for building a strong connection with your audience.Understanding and leveraging personal strengths and weaknesses can significantly enhance business growth.Reject traditional pushy marketing tactics in favor of a more human, creative approach.Aligning your business practices with your personal values and well-being is crucial.
    Personal JourneyJaya was diagnosed with ADHD and possibly autism, which made conventional learning methods challenging. She found success through visual learning and hands-on experience. Entrepreneurship allowed her to leverage her unique abilities and strengths.
    Professional InsightsJaya is known for her video marketing expertise, focusing on storytelling and authenticity. She emphasizes the importance of personal experience in building a brand and advocates for longer, more flexible launch periods to avoid burnout.
    Marketing and Sales StrategyJaya rejects traditional pushy marketing tactics in favor of a more human-centered approach. She advocates for longer launch periods to reduce stress and increase effectiveness and believes in integrating personal values and authenticity into business practices.
    Video Marketing TipsJaya emphasizes the value of both short-form (TikTok) and long-form (YouTube, live video) content. She highlights the importance of storytelling and authentic engagement with your audience and suggests batching video content to ensure consistency and manage unexpected disruptions.
    Key Quotes"You aren't talking about you and your message and your offer for you. You're doing it for them.""Entrepreneurship really is not only a good fit, but the only fit. It's the only thing I've ever done.""If it’s really competitive or we're in competition with artificial intelligence, then what can we do to stand out? In my opinion and experience, it’s to be more human."
    Resources MentionedConnect with Jaya on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejayarose Connect with Jaya on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thejayaroseJaya’s website: https://thejayarose.comJaya’s Free Video Marketing Course: https://thejayarose.com/free-courseRegister for my upcoming free live online events: https://www.lindseya.com 
    ConclusionAlign your business practices with your personal well-being and use video marketing to connect authentically with your audience. Prioritize human connection over rigid marketing structures and embrace your unique strengths and experiences to build a successful business.
    Final ThoughtsRemember, success in video marketing and business comes from being genuine and putting people first—starting with yourself. Align your values with

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    Buyer Beware: 3 Programs You Should Not Invest In

    Buyer Beware: 3 Programs You Should Not Invest In

    Today I’m breaking down 3 programs you should not invest in if you’re looking to scale your business online.
    Buyer Beware: 3 Programs You Should Not Invest In - Key Takeaways:Avoiding High-Ticket Coaching Pitfalls: Let's kick things off by uncovering the truth behind high-ticket coaching programs. I'll reveal common pitfalls you should steer clear of to ensure success in scaling your coaching business.
    Freebie Trap: Don't get caught up in the allure of freebies as your primary client attraction strategy. Discover why they may not yield the results you're hoping for and what to focus on instead.
    Membership Trap: While memberships may seem enticing, they often come with their own set of challenges. Learn how to evaluate whether memberships are the right fit for your coaching business and how to navigate potential pitfalls.
    Mini Offer Trap: Mini offers can be tempting but proceed with caution. I'll share why relying solely on mini-offers may devalue your services and leave you feeling disappointed with the results.
    Building a Business That Works:Let's address the chaos that can come with running an online business solo. It's time to shift gears and focus on creating a system that works seamlessly for you.
    Remember, profitability is key to sustainable growth. Avoid overspending on unnecessary expenses and prioritize strategies that directly contribute to your business's bottom line.
    And don't forget the power of strategic selling and nurturing client relationships. These are essential components of a successful business, far more impactful than automated funnels or passive income models.
    The Unlaunch Method Workshop:Ready to consistently sell your high-ticket services with social media? Join me for my free LIVE Unlaunch Method Workshop, where I'll share my proven strategies to do just that.
    For those seeking personalized guidance, consider upgrading to the VIP ticket option for exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions with yours truly.
    Key Quotes:"Stop making that mistake. I'll guide you through what you need to know for your next coaching program and ensure you're set up for success.""Freebies will not work. What you need are genuine connections and meaningful sales conversations.""The membership trap is risky business. It's not always what it seems and may not be the best fit for your coaching business.""Remember, buyers are listeners. Don't underestimate the value of your services by relying solely on tiny offers."
    Resources Mentioned:The Unlaunched Method Workshop
    Conclusion:Remember, understanding the intricacies of the online business industry is crucial for avoiding common pitfalls. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, don't hesitate to sign up for The Unlaunch Method Workshop. I look forward to seeing you there.

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    Posting On Social Media Is Not Marketing

    Posting On Social Media Is Not Marketing

    Hey everyone, welcome to this special milestone episode of The Millionaire Maker Show – it's our 50th! Today, I'm excited to delve into some crucial insights on building and scaling your online business. We're going to uncover a common misconception: that merely posting on social media equates to effective marketing. Let's dive in and set the record straight.
    Posting On Social Media Is Not Marketing - Key Takeaways:VEMS Model: Explore the transformative power of the VEMS model – Vibe, Experience, Methodology, and Seeding. These pillars will revolutionize your social media presence, attracting your ideal clients with precision.Client Stories: Discover why weaving client success stories into your content is an absolute game-changer. Through the seeding method, subtly showcase your achievements and demonstrate the impact of your coaching.Iterative Marketing: Learn why an iterative marketing system is your secret weapon for consistency and effectiveness in your social media efforts. By tracking and refining your approach, you'll amplify your online presence and attract high-quality clients.Structured Sales System: Uncover the crucial importance of a structured sales system. This system is your ticket to converting social media followers into paying clients seamlessly.
    Common Social Media Posting Mistakes:Are you accidentally adopting an influencer persona instead of showcasing your expertise?Don't underestimate the power of sharing client success stories and the methodology behind your approach.Avoid falling into the trap of posting skills without effectively attracting high-quality clients. It's all about strategic content that resonates with your audience.
    Key Quotes:"Posting as an influencer may garner attention, but as an expert, your aim is to attract high-quality clients.""Consistency in social media marketing hinges on having a solid system in place – it's the backbone of your online presence.""The Unlaunch Method Workshop offers a straightforward approach to scaling your online business effectively."
    Resources Mentioned:Don't miss out on The Unlaunch Method Workshop – your step-by-step guide to mastering strategy, systems, and sales techniques for scaling your online business. Head over to theunlaunchmethod.com for all the details.
    Conclusion:As we wrap up this milestone episode, I urge you to take action on these insights. Join us at The Unlaunch Method Workshop for practical strategies to elevate your online business. And if you've found value in today's episode, I'd be truly grateful for your support through a review. Here's to your transformative success.

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    Tish Times: How Learning To Love Sales Could Solve Your Biggest Problems

    Tish Times: How Learning To Love Sales Could Solve Your Biggest Problems

    Sales can sometimes feel daunting. But what if I told you it doesn't have to be that way? Shifting your mindset from just closing deals to actually helping people can make all the difference.
    Guest Introduction:Today, we're joined by Tish Times, an expert in helping high-performing female entrepreneurs boost their sales conversion rates. Tish is all about giving you the tools and mindset you need to rock your sales game. Tish is the visionary behind the Tish Times Sales Agency, is a renowned expert in driving remarkable sales conversions and empowering sales teams to thrive. 
    With almost 15 years of experience, Tish has revolutionized businesses and entrepreneurs, enabling them to establish dynamic revenue-generating connections, fill events, and accelerate program enrollments. With an innate ability to streamline sales cycles and facilitate seamless closures, Tish and her exceptional team deliver an unparalleled "done-with-you" sales solution that catapults company revenue to unprecedented heights.
    How Learning To Love Sales Could Solve Your Biggest Problems - Key Takeaways:Sales as Service: It's more than just making a sale; it's about serving your clients and helping them achieve their goals.Overcoming Fear: Let's tackle those negative feelings around sales head-on and replace them with confidence and positivity.Tools for Success: Equip yourself with the right skills and resources to make sales feel easier and more authentic.
    Shift in Perspective:Tish encourages us to see sales as a chance to make a positive impact, not just in business, but in life too.
    Personal Growth and Development:Facing sales challenges can lead to serious personal growth and empowerment. Let's embrace it!
    Quotes:Tish drops some real gems, like "Sales is service. I love being able to help people get what they ultimately desire."
    Resources Mentioned:Connect with Tish on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoachTishTimesConnect with Tish on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tishtimesConnect with Tish on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tishtimesTish's free Networking and Sales Handbook: https://tishtimes.com/networkingplaybook Join my upcoming free LIVE workshop, The Unlaunch Method: https://www.theunlaunchmethod.com 
    Conclusion:Ready to shift your mindset, boost your sales, and start making a bigger impact? Let's dive in with Tish and make it happen!

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    You Have Six Weeks Left To Scale Your Online Business

    You Have Six Weeks Left To Scale Your Online Business

    On today's episode, we're diving deep into the critical six weeks ahead of us before summer hits. I'm going to walk you through the essential tasks you need to focus on to ensure your business thrives during this pivotal time. We're talking about profit-producing tasks, recurring revenue, and setting realistic goals to propel your business forward.
    You Have Six Weeks Left To Scale Your Online Business - Key Takeaways:It's all about recurring revenue to weather the seasonal storms.Spend time perfecting your programs, gathering testimonials, and creating valuable content.Sales should be your main focus—embrace it!Overcome perfectionism and get laser-focused on your goals.Don't undervalue your services—know your worth.Use technology and automation to streamline your processes.Stay adaptable in the ever-changing world of online marketing.
    Profit-Producing Tasks:Focus on client satisfaction and improving your programs.Keep churning out valuable content to expand your audience.Get strategic with your sales efforts to drive revenue growth.
    Challenges to Overcome:Let go of perfectionism—it's holding you back.Get clear on your priorities to maximize productivity.Don't sell yourself short—know your value.Stay ahead of the curve by adapting to market changes.
    Key Quotes:"Treat money like a really hot chick that you want to date. That's how you attract it.""Get strategic direction because you're currently at a place where you don't know what you don't know.""What I'm offering you here is tried and true basics, things that actually work."
    Resources Mentioned:Visit LindseyA.com for upcoming free live online workshops and events to scale your online business.
    Conclusion:These next six weeks are crucial for your business's success. By focusing on profit-producing tasks, embracing sales, and overcoming common challenges, you'll set yourself up for long-term growth. Remember, it's all about taking action and staying adaptable in the ever-changing landscape of online business.

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    Rocky Garza: How To Get What You Want

    Rocky Garza: How To Get What You Want

    In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Rocky Garza. He's not just any coach; he's one of our successful 1:1 VIP clients and a highly respected figure in the coaching industry. Today, Rocky will be sharing his remarkable insights into the transformative "Get What You Want" method, which has revolutionized the journeys of countless entrepreneurs.
    Guest Introduction:Let's jump right into introducing our esteemed guest for today, Rocky Garza. He's more than just a coach; he's a catalyst for change. With a track record of helping top leaders and organizations achieve monumental success, Rocky's ability to draw from personal experiences sets him apart. Get ready to be inspired.
    How To Get What You Want - Key Takeaways:Mindset and Beliefs:We start by unpacking the pivotal role mindset plays in achieving success. Did you know that 30% of our success hinges on our mindset and foundational beliefs? Our early experiences can really shape our perceptions of wealth and success.
    Authenticity and Self-Discovery:Rocky's emphasis on authenticity is truly refreshing. He shares his own journey from seeking external validation to embracing authenticity, revealing the power of disclosure without vulnerability. This breakthrough can be transformative for anyone on a similar path.
    Breaking Patterns:We delve into the common patterns we all fall into, such as seeking approval and people-pleasing behaviors. Rocky opens up about overcoming these patterns through self-awareness and therapy, highlighting the importance of resilience and confidence in overcoming life's hurdles.
    Embracing Change:Despite facing betrayal in both personal and professional realms, Rocky's resilience shines through. His ability to adapt to change and forge ahead with unwavering determination serves as a beacon of inspiration for us all.
    Key Quotes:"Your business is a mirror of your beliefs and mindset.""85% of daily actions are driven by societal expectations.""Disclosure without vulnerability hinders authentic connections."
    Resources Mentioned:Apply for a Millionaire Maker breakthrough strategy session at Lindseya.com/coaching.Rocky’s website: www.rockygarza.com Follow Rocky on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rockygarza Connect with Rocky on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rockygarza 
    Conclusion:I hope you found Rocky's insights as enlightening as I did. Remember to reflect on your beliefs and patterns to unlock your full potential. Stay tuned for more empowering episodes on "The Millionaire Maker Show" podcast.

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4.8 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Ashley N Cox ,

Insightful + Actionable Advice

Lindsey is a powerhouse host! She asks her guests fantastic questions and ensures every episode is packed with insightful, valuable, and actionable advice.

NicoleJansen7 ,

Great podcast!

Lindsay is a dynamic host and draws out valuable insights from her guests. Worth a listen!

LivyBrynn: Realestating! ,

Lindsey is fun to listen to & a wealth of knowledge

I’ve learned soooo much just by attending her events and listening to the show. More than that, after applying her strategies, I’ve grown as an entrepreneur and signed more clients!

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