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Welcome to the Millionaire Maker Show. A podcast helping expert coaches consistently fill their coaching programs to create more time, more money, more freedom, and more impact.

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Welcome to the Millionaire Maker Show. A podcast helping expert coaches consistently fill their coaching programs to create more time, more money, more freedom, and more impact.

    Shaniece M. Wise: Leveraging Social Media for High Ticket Coaching Sales

    Shaniece M. Wise: Leveraging Social Media for High Ticket Coaching Sales

    In today's episode, I'm excited to dive into the world of leveraging social media for high ticket coaching sales with our special guest, Shaniece M. Wise, a seasoned business expansion coach and strategist. Together, we'll uncover the secrets to closing high ticket coaching sales using the power of social media.
    Social Media for High Ticket Coaching SalesGuest Introduction:Shaniece is a seasoned Business Expansion Coach and Strategist, with a proven track record of enhancing profitability, visibility, and strategic prowess in businesses.
    What sets Shaniece apart is her unique approach, intertwining spirituality and biblical principles into her coaching, offering her clients a comprehensive and transformative perspective on success.
    Key Takeaways:Mastering Business Scaling: Shaniece is renowned for her prowess in helping entrepreneurs achieve remarkable business growth, including reaching the coveted six and seven-figure milestones.
    Holistic Approach: What sets Shaniece apart is her holistic coaching approach, seamlessly integrating spiritual and biblical principles into her guidance. 
    The Power of Authenticity: Shaniece places a strong emphasis on authenticity. In the competitive coaching industry, staying true to yourself can be your greatest asset, and Shaniece encourages her clients to embrace their authenticity.
    Natural Integration of Spirituality: While spirituality is a core aspect of Shaniece's coaching, she doesn't impose it on her clients. Instead, she skillfully weaves these principles into her marketing and content for a harmonious and effective approach.
    Key Quotes:"We are all walking by faith and expecting clients to show up, expecting revenue to show up because we're putting ourselves out there and doing the work." "When you fully understand who you are, it gives you the freedom to be yourself in your industry, and that becomes your 'it' factor." 
    Resources Mentioned:Shaniece’s book, "Activating Your Gifts," which I highly recommend for anyone looking to unlock their full potential in the world of high-ticket coaching sales.Connect with Shaniece on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shaniecemwise Connect with Shaniece on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shaniecemwise Shaniece’s Complimentary Private Event: How to Multiply Your Revenue While Stepping into the Role of CEOFor next level growth, apply to work with my team and I at lindseya.com/coaching
    Conclusion:Shaniece's coaching approach encompasses spirituality, strategy, and authenticity, providing entrepreneurs with the tools to leverage social media for high-ticket coaching sales. If you're ready to explore opportunities for business growth in this dynamic field, connect with us at lindseya.com/coaching.

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    The Best Social Media Platforms for Coaches

    The Best Social Media Platforms for Coaches

    In today's episode of The Millionaire Maker Show, "The Best Social Media Platforms for Coaches," I'll guide you in discovering the ideal social media platform to transform your coaching business.
    Best Social Media Platforms for Coaches:Key Takeaways:Selecting the most suitable social media platform hinges on your target audience, content preferences, and personal comfort.Embrace social media as a means to foster genuine relationships, not just for pushing sales.Quality interactions take precedence over quantity, as algorithms favor authentic engagement.My Social Media Black Book approach centers on nurturing connections and delivering high-quality content.Stay focused on one platform at a time, nurturing your audience, and actively participating within your industry.Facebook Personal is an excellent avenue for personal updates and storytelling, but its marketing potential is somewhat constrained.Facebook Business provides robust tools for coaching businesses, including advertising capabilities and in-depth analytics.Instagram, with its visual appeal, excels in showcasing coaching through reels and acting as a digital storefront.TikTok proves exceptional at building trust via short-form videos and offers a more relaxed environment than Instagram.LinkedIn targets professionals and decision-makers, offering opportunities for thought leadership.YouTube is a prime choice for sharing extensive content and establishing expertise, particularly valuable for search engine visibility.
    Quotes:"Remember, if you focus on the micro, the macro will take care of itself.""Social media thrives on interaction; it's a two-way street for a reason.""Consider social media your little black book—a powerful customer relationship management system.""In the coaching world, intimacy is a compelling sales tool; LinkedIn might lack that personal touch for certain niches.""YouTube is a valuable platform for sharing expertise and gaining visibility in search engine results."
    Resources Mentioned:Don't miss my transformative workshop, Fill Your Coaching Programs From Social Media.Explore my comprehensive course, "Facebook Group Secrets for Coaches."
    Conclusion:In wrapping up our discussion, remember these key points:
    Your choice of social media platform should align with your audience, content style, and personal comfort.Prioritize quality engagement over quantity; building authentic relationships should be your primary focus.Explore my workshop and courses for valuable insights into crafting effective social media strategies.

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    The One True Client Method: Get Right-Fit Coaching Clients Using Social Media

    The One True Client Method: Get Right-Fit Coaching Clients Using Social Media

    Today, we're diving into a topic that's crucial for online coaches like yourself: how to get right-fit coaching clients using social media. The goal here? Helping you grow your coaching business by bringing in high-quality clients.
    How To Get Right-Fit Coaching Clients Using Social Media - Key Takeaways:We explore "The One True Client Method," which is my go-to strategy for getting top-notch coaching clients through social media.Niching, positioning, and messaging are the cornerstones of this method, all of which play a huge role in your marketing efforts.I break it down into three key components for successful business growth:First, create a one-page business plan that's laser-focused on your niche.Next up, master the art of crafting compelling and efficient social media content.Finally, learn the ropes of converting your social media followers into paying clients.I can't stress enough how important it is to position yourself effectively in the marketplace and choose the right pricing strategy.Messaging is another big piece of the puzzle. We talk about how it's a critical element in attracting your ideal coaching clients.Think of it like fishing – your messaging is the bait that lures potential clients in.I guide you through identifying your "one true client" – someone who pays promptly, is ambitious, has achieved results, and is a pleasure to work with.I also explain why you can't be your own one true client – you're just too close to your own coaching program. The real power lies in focusing on your one true client from your own experiences.Here's a practical tip: Write down your one true client's name and use it as a reference point for all your content.I share ways to figure out if your content is truly resonating with your one true client.We also discuss the value of tailoring your content to your one true client's interests and problems.Discover how sharing relatable stories and experiences can help you attract clients effectively.
    Key Quotes:"Fishing for clients on social media is very similar to fishing for real fish. If you put that bait on, which is your one true client's story, I promise you, there are cookie cutter client versions of them out there that you will be able to reach.""You cannot market to somebody who is not in your experience. You won't understand your niching, your positioning, or your messaging.""Every single thing sends a message. You know, we wish that what mama used to tell us was you can't judge a book by its cover. But the fact is that's a saying because everyone is judging a book by its cover."
    Resources Mentioned:If you're eager to dive deeper into this topic, don't miss my upcoming workshop: "Fill Your Coaching Programs with Social Media" starting on September 18th.I've also got a program called Content That Converts that could be just what you need.And, of course, you can stay tuned to The Millionaire Maker Show for more valuable insights.
    Conclusion:That wraps up our exploration of how to get right-fit coaching clients using social media. Remember, niching, positioning, and messaging are the keys to effective marketing. By focusing on your one true client, you can create content that truly resonates and attracts the right-fit coaching clients. Thanks for tuning in, and here's to growing your coaching business!

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    Mastering Marketing Strategies: Launches vs. Invite-Only Events for Coaches

    Mastering Marketing Strategies: Launches vs. Invite-Only Events for Coaches

    In today's solo episode, we dive deep into two incredibly potent marketing strategies that can work wonders for transforming your coaching business – Launches and Invite-Only Events.
    Mastering Marketing Strategies: Launches vs. Invite-Only EventsKey Takeaways:Launches:Launches serve as five-day events that are all about cultivating the all-important know, like, and trust factor.They cleverly blend both cold and warm audiences to foster a tight-knit community.The emphasis here is on sparking those "aha" moments and nurturing curiosity among your audience.These events use a combination of open and closed cart phases to drive enrollments, and they're also a fantastic way to establish yourself as an expert while generating substantial revenue.
    Invite Only Events (IO Events):IO Events, on the other hand, are concise 50-minute masterclasses that I offer frequently.The focus here is on creating an intimate environment with a maximum of 20 attendees.We kick things off with a mindset warmup and tackle three major obstacles your audience might face.Each IO Event provides one valuable tip to address these challenges, and we follow up with personalized enrollment calls.The best part? These events are a low-tech, easily repeatable marketing asset.
    Launching Success Metrics:Keep an eye on RSVPsTrack attendanceMonitor enrollment callsKeep tabs on enrollments
    IO Event Success Metrics:Aim for impressive show-up rates (50% or higher)Count the enrollment call invitationsKeep track of scheduled enrollment callAnd of course, tally up your enrollments
    When to Use Each Strategy:Launches are your go-to strategy three times a year to not only grow your audience but also generate substantial revenue.IO Events are perfect for the gaps between launches, helping you maintain that essential intimacy and consistently attract new clients.
    Key Quotes:"The know, like, and trust factor is really able to go off the roof.""Selling transformational coaching is a skill. It's not like selling a widget.""An invite-only event takes all that pressure off.""Instead of giving up, analyze the numbers and iterate."
    Resources Mentioned:The Content That Converts ProgramAddEvent, a fantastic tool for scheduling and tracking RSVPsChatGPT, your trusty companion for crafting event titles that shineMy upcoming FREE workshop, The Fill Your Coaching Programs 5-Day Workshop
    Conclusion:Launches and Invite-Only Events are two incredibly powerful marketing strategies to enroll right-fit clients in your coaching programs. 
    Don't forget to mark your calendars for my upcoming workshop, The Fill Your Coaching Programs 5-Day Workshop, starting on September 18th. It's a step-by-step strategy to succeed in growing your coaching business through the power of social media. Ready to take your coaching business to new heights? Head over to fillyourcoachingprograms.live and sign up today. Stay with me for more expert insights and strategies to scale your online coaching business.

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    Matt Plumer: An Authentic Social Media Strategy To Grow Your Coaching Business

    Matt Plumer: An Authentic Social Media Strategy To Grow Your Coaching Business

    In this episode, I talk with Matt Plumer, a dynamic financial coach dedicated to empowering real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and couples with effective wealth-building strategies. Matt's expertise stems from his transformative journey, guiding him from adversity to a thriving coaching career.
    He uses an authentic social media strategy as a way to gain high-quality followers and convert them into coaching clients.
    An Authentic Social Media Strategy To Grow Your Coaching BusinessKey TakeawaysMatt's Transformation: Overcoming addiction and personal financial struggles laid the foundation for Matt's coaching career. 
    The Power of Honesty: Matt's own counselor catalyzed his transformation by offering candid guidance, and shaping his coaching approach. 
    Problem Identification: Cash flow challenges among real estate agents stem from irregular income and overspending. 
    Coaching Resolution: Matt helps agents break free from selling for immediate needs, focusing on debt elimination and sustainable wealth creation. 
    Remote Coaching Success: Transitioning online, Matt demonstrates how location independence can empower impactful conversations. 
    Diversified Coaching Models: Matt's coaching journey expands to include group coaching, bootcamps, masterminds, and transformative events.
    Organic Marketing: Matt's success story illustrates the power of consistent, authentic, and personal Facebook and Instagram posts.
    Daily Content Challenge: Matt's transformative journey involved posting on social media daily for a year, leading to significant engagement and business growth.
    Leveraging Existing Content: Repurposing ideas from podcasts, books, and other sources with personal insights can lead to engaging social media content.
    The Significance of Personal Touch: Adding genuine commentary, selfies, and anecdotes to existing content creates relatable and authentic posts.
    Key Quotes"You have to be honest... This is the route you're going to, this is where you're gonna end up if you keep going down the route that you're going.""Real estate agents don't make as much as they think... We all spend more than we care to admit.""If you can create a consistent, reoccurring, very nice income with very little overhead... that's the ticket.""I don't have to be the world's greatest coach. I just want to be the world's best person for my people."
    Resources MentionedDave Ramsey's Financial Peace UniversityMatt’s free resource: How To Become The Wealthy Million Dollar Agent
    ConclusionMatt's transformative journey from adversity to financial freedom serves as an inspiring blueprint for coaches looking to leverage their stories for successful coaching. 
    Social media is a powerful place to create an intimate relationship with your ideal potential clients and in turn enroll them into your coaching programs.
    Connect with Matt to explore his valuable coaching services and gain insights for personal and professional growth.

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    High-Converting Social Media Content Strategy For Coaches

    High-Converting Social Media Content Strategy For Coaches

    Today, I'm delving into a topic that's absolutely vital for any online coaching business looking to thrive – the art of harnessing social media to draw in high-quality leads.
    Stay tuned as I unveil the transformative strategy that can turn your online coaching content into a magnet for your ideal clients, all through the power of my One True Client approach. This episode is all about a high-converting social media content strategy for coaches. 
    Social Media Content Strategy For Coaches - Key Takeaways:Personalized Engagement through the One True Client strategy:Connecting deeply with your audience entails speaking directly to your one true client – that perfect fit for your coaching.By tailoring your messages to resonate with their unique struggles, dreams, and goals, you create a profound connection.Cutting through the noise and cultivating authentic engagement is the secret sauce to stand out in the crowded coaching space.
    The VEM Skills Model for Effective Social Media:V: Vibe (Unique Voice and Brand): Embrace and showcase your authentic self, letting your personality and values shine.E: Experience (Success Stories): Share compelling stories of transformation from your clients, showcasing the tangible impact of your coaching.M: Methodology (Structured Approach): Lay out your coaching method in a clear and structured manner, providing a roadmap for your clients' journey.S: Skills (Insights and Tips): Offer valuable insights and practical tips that align with your coaching expertise.
    It’s All About Quality Over Quantity on Social Media:Prioritize meaningful connections over chasing high follower counts.Approach social media as a tool to build genuine relationships and create intimacy, in line with the current market dynamics.
    Key Quotes:"Your perfect customer is on social media. Everybody's on social media, and that includes high-paying clients.""Approach your social media content strategy with an attitude of 'Hey, they're real people. This is worth my time.'""Think of social media as your black book strategy, where you're actually storing people and using it as client relationship management software.""Your whole social media game can really turn around when you show up in social media in the right way, acknowledging people as people.""Niche, messaging, and positioning are the three key ingredients that will drive your success in attracting high-quality leads from social media."
    Resources Mentioned:Don't miss out on my comprehensive guide "Fill Your Coaching Programs Like Clockwork with My Simple Social Content Strategy" at contentthatconverts.me/clockwork.
    Conclusion:In this episode, I outlined the essential strategy to transform your online coaching business into a beacon for high-quality leads using a high-converting social media content strategy.
    Embrace my One True Client approach and adopt the VEM skills model to craft content that truly resonates.
    Keep in mind that you have the power to magnetize your ideal clients. Stay tuned for more actionable insights on The Millionaire Maker Show!

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16 Ratings

mbanderson1989 ,

One of the best!

One of the best business and marketing podcasts around. Lindsey really knows how to provide current information to help businesses grow. The guests have first hand experience and the podcast is great at getting them to share their success stories. My business has grown so much working with Lindsey. She has set me on the right path many times and now my business is flourishing. Thanks for the Awesome information!!!

Jtsmama2007 ,

No frills, just high quality coaching and tips!

Lindsay knocks it out of the park! Meeting and working with her has helped me so much and now being able tap into her knowledge and energy via another means is invaluable. If you are a coach or thinking about becoming a coach, you cannot afford to miss this podcast!

Laurie Lewis ,

Joyous Powerhouse!

Lindsey is a wise leader who I LOVE listening to. Spending time absorbing her ideas, energy, guidance, and unadulterated joy is a very good use of my time!

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