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What's working in marketing RIGHT NOW. A deep dive into real marketing problems and the solutions to fix them.

The Mind of A Marketer w/ Ryan Stewart Ryan Stewart

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What's working in marketing RIGHT NOW. A deep dive into real marketing problems and the solutions to fix them.

    10 Content Marketing Examples That Drive Business Results

    10 Content Marketing Examples That Drive Business Results

    This episode covers 10 amazing examples of content marketing that drive huge results for the owners. This episode is meant to give you context to understand HOW to create great content that drives real business results.


    0:00 - Intro
    1:25 - The Custom Tool / Template
    4:12 - The Data Driven Case Study
    6:11 - The Thought Leadership Piece
    8:41 - The Controversial Stance Piece
    11:16 - The Coined Term Piece
    13:43 - The Results Driven Case Study
    15:32 - The Proper Expert Roundup
    18:06 - The Current Events Piece
    19:31 - The Engaging Listicle
    21:23 - The Properly Formatted Podcast

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    Selling My Businesses For A Loss (On Purpose)

    Selling My Businesses For A Loss (On Purpose)

    Over the last 2 years I've been fire selling all of my businesses and business assets, most of which have sold for a loss. Even though I've sold them for a loss, I'm still making a TON more money. This episode breaks down WHY.


    0:00 - Intro
    1:19 - Reason 1 = FOCUS
    3:48 - Reason 2 = CASH
    8:06 - Reason 3= INTEGRATION

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    Should Your Business Use TikTok?

    Should Your Business Use TikTok?

    TikTok has officially reached the point where it's too powerful for your business to continue to dismiss as too young or too irrelevant.

    Follow along with my journey on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ryan_wuz_here

    This video breaks down 5 key reasons why I'm jumping ship from platforms like Instagram and investing a ton of time, energy and capital into building a presence on TikTok.

    01:45 - What TikTok is NOT good for
    04:42 - TikTok content is the best
    06:08 - TikTok has the highest organic reach of ANY platform, by far
    07:15 - TikTok runs on the interest graph, as opposed to the social graph
    08:53 - TikTok's ad platform is coming up fast
    10:33 - TikTok offers real human support
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    • 11 min
    How I Make Money

    How I Make Money

    This video covers all of my income streams from 2008 until 2022. It gives a deep dive into how I make my money, as well as recommendations for how you can increase your income. It's a real, honest look at what it takes to build income streams in today's world - discipline, effort, attention and patience. My goal is to provide insight into how much people actually make from their businesses, so you can understand what route you want to take with your life.

    00:48 - Who is this for?
    03:18 - A look into my income streams from 2008 to 2022
    15: 38 - My recommendations on how you can increase your income
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    SEO Sprints: A Breakdown Of The Full Process

    SEO Sprints: A Breakdown Of The Full Process

    Just about 2 years ago our agency decided to completely change our service. We tore up our 12 month contracts and moved to a short term, focused, productized service. No more custom work. No more monthly deliverables. No more client meetings.

    Just the SEO work they needed, nothing more.

    We went from scrambling to collect $25k/mo to consistently hitting $150k+ months. We're on pace to do over $2.5M in revenue this year.

    How have we been able to make more, while doing less?

    Simple - we focused on solving the client's problem and stripped away the rest of the BS.

    Not only is our revenue higher, but our client's rankings are through the roof.

    We call this new process the SEO Sprint Methodology, and I'd love to you behind the scenes and show you how it works.

    No, I'm not going to ask you to opt in to a webinar. I posted it FREE on our YouTube Channel.
    Check it out here: https://youtu.be/MOr58l5o_uY
    While you're up there, I will ask you to Subscribe to our Channel. I'm posting a ton of helpful content for agencies up there, I promise you're going to love it.Drop me some comments / questions on the video, I'll be answering them all today!
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    Should You Care About NFTs?

    Should You Care About NFTs?

    When NFTs first popped onto my radar in late 2019, my initial reaction was...
    "This is f%#$ing stupid".I didn't "get" them, so I didn't think much about them.
    In early 2021,  we partnered with a client to create a strategy to launch an NFT project.
    The client project forced me to dive deep into the world of NFTs are understand them.
    I came to the realization that NFTs are something we all have to pay attention to.
    Especially as marketers and business owners - NFTs have already impacting our industry.
    NFTs can be a little scary because of how unnatural they feel...Both the technology and why people are paying so much money for a JPEG.
    The truth is once you can wrap your head around NFTs, they're not overly complicated. In fact, they're incredibly simple.
    To make things easier for you, we put together a video walking you through why NFTs are so important right now, and 6 use cases of NFTs being used in marketing right now.
    I promise, if you listen to this episode you'll not only feel better about NFTs, you're going to be excited about them.
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    • 26 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Franco Olivo y Alto Voltaje ,

Excellent Podcast

Ryan provides excellent advice to agency owners in this podcast. In a space where so much garbage advice is spread, it’s nice to find podcasts like this one with so much actionable, correct information. This is something that you should definitely be checking out if you are an SEO agency owner.

Saint Jessem ,

Consistently Fresh and Educative

Every single episode is jam packed, full to the brim, with relevant information.

Ryan always delivers top notch, insightful content that is refreshing and useful. I guarantee that you will learn something new from this industry veteran.

Listening to this podcast is like getting briefed on the latest update of the business battlefield. Without it, you’d be blinded by the fog of war. Ryan offers a satellite-like bird’s eye view of the marketing landscape with real world information, tactics, and strategies.

His Super pertinent experience with SEO grants an unmatched, completely unique, ability to teach the most up-to-date best practices of efficiently leveraging your advertising dollar.

Ryan is no novice. He has experimented with different platforms and techniques for years and consistently finds the most useful applications of SEO and marketing.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Google or Twitter, Ryan knows what he’s doing.

He also has a voice that could soothe a teething baby into blissful rest.

I highly recommend adding him to your weekly, if not daily, listening library.

Semper Swissy ,

A dose of reality in a ‘guru’ world

I’ve been following Ryan for awhile now, pre FTF at least. He gets to the point. There’s no long winded conversation without real learning and answers throughout. The industry is full of inexperience and egos, podcasts that are an hour long, with 5 minutes of useful information. Ryan’s are actually worth listening to. I enjoy also that the guests are not ‘celebrity’ marketers, but regular people with successful operations. Learn more everyday 👌

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