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In our quest to help create a world without inequality, poverty and war, we share insights gained through our work about leadership, psychology and creativity.

You will also hear conversations with ordinary people who do extraordinary things due to their increased awareness, curiosity and intuition, plus their deep connection with others.

The Mind Takeaway Podcast - Leadership, Psychology and Creativity Peter & Mira

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In our quest to help create a world without inequality, poverty and war, we share insights gained through our work about leadership, psychology and creativity.

You will also hear conversations with ordinary people who do extraordinary things due to their increased awareness, curiosity and intuition, plus their deep connection with others.

    Micro Episode 27 - How We Feel Shapes Our Perception of Realiy

    Micro Episode 27 - How We Feel Shapes Our Perception of Realiy

    Did you know that your perception of reality shifts depending on how you feel?

    In this 10 minutes episode, we share a valuable thing to know regarding how we feel about any given situation that can shape our perception of reality at that moment.

    How we feel in any situation can change depending on our mood.
    Being curious about how our perspective in any given moment can impact our work, the better results we will experience.
    The trap of reacting or changing things when we feel uncomfortable, just because we have thoughts in the moment.
    The more awareness you have of this will improve your relationships, improve your ability to make better decisions, and cultivate lasting relationships.
    However, we are feeling can overlay our reality from moment to moment.
    Once you notice this trick of the mind, it is easier to show compassion for others when they get uncomfortable in meetings.

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    #67:Self Organisation with Christiane Seuhs - Schoeller

    #67:Self Organisation with Christiane Seuhs - Schoeller

    Everything is useful until it is not

    We are now facing substantial global challenges regarding how we lead, so is it not time we look at other ways of organising ourselves as a species?

    Creating the management hierarchy structures we have in place right now was a super clever thing to do in the past and has been a very successful concept when it comes to organising; however, is it now in need of a serious update? 

    Is our current paradigm of leadership causing harm to ourselves, humanity and the planet?

    Has listening to understand each other been lost somehow, with everything in our modem life zapping our attention span?

    Many of our world leaders seem to be disconnected from themselves and the very people they are meant to be of service to.

    We may have to do a lot of unlearning to clear the way for us to be able to see a new way forward and accept when we don't have all the answers.

    What has got us to this point in time may not necessarily serve us in the future, so let's get curious about what else is out there.

    In this episode, we explore self-organisation with Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

    Always driven by pioneering the new, Christiane has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and an international Business Consultant and Coach for almost two decades. Seeing how often the workplace feels disempowering, leading to people feeling disengaged and unfulfilled, Christiane has specialized in new forms of organizing, focussing on self-organization, for over a decade.

    Inspired by the years of exploring this new world, she decided to write her book: “New Stories of Love, Power and Purpose; A Global Invitation to Experiment With the Unknown”, which will be published in late June."

    Christiane's LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiane-seuhs-schoeller-5a751624/

    Download  a free book sample: https://lovepowerandpurpose.com/

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    Micro Episode 26 - Finding Your Purpose

    Micro Episode 26 - Finding Your Purpose

    Living a life with purpose.

    In this 10 minutes episode, we share some of the insights from our work supporting leaders.

    You can not find your purpose as it is not something outside of us; it shapes through our life experiences.
    The more you connect with yourself and listen to your inner voice, your decisions and actions will be aligned with your purpose.
    You cannot find your purpose and then live your life aligned to it; it's quite the opposite; the more you connect with yourself and the more time you spend in clarity of mind, the more you will live your life on purpose.

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    Episode Live 1 - The Rhythms & Cycles of Our Energy

    Episode Live 1 - The Rhythms & Cycles of Our Energy

    Burnout keeps you from being productive. It reduces your energy, making you feel hopeless, cynical, and resentful. The effects of burnout can hurt your home, work, and social life.

    In the first of our podcast live series, we had a great conversation and exploration into what causes burnout and how we can address it individually and in the workplace, together with Corinne Lembe Mayunga from Stillpoint Spaces Berlin.

    Suppose you are a leader, HR professional, co-founder or entrepreneur. In that case, you may find this episode helpful, and at the very least, it might spark your curiosity about how your energy levels at work can impact your mental health and productivity.

    About Stillpoint Spaces https://stillpoint.org/

    Our mission is to re-imagine psychology for the 21st century through connection, exploration, and innovation.

    Connect with Corinne here https://www.linkedin.com/in/corinnemayunga/

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    #66: Gender Diversity in Leadership with Kristen Anderson

    #66: Gender Diversity in Leadership with Kristen Anderson

    Kristen is currently the Vice-Chair of European Women on Boards (EWoB) and the Development Programs Committee chair. EWoB is the European umbrella association for gender equality at the decision-making level; a non-profit consortium of national organizations whose aim

    is to improve gender balance on corporate boards across Europe.

    From 2016 to 2021, Kristen was Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Barilla. Kristen reported to the CEO of Barilla and led a 12 member D&I Board, comprised of internal members from 8 regions and two external


    Kirsten LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristen-anderson-aaa44a8/

    European Women on Boards: https://europeanwomenonboards.eu/

    Gender Diversity Index: https://europeanwomenonboards.eu/portfolio/gender-diversity-index-2021/

    Timestamps and Takeaways

    "You can be successful being yourself; we bring a lot of value in our leadership roles."

    01:42 The challenges of getting into senior leadership as a woman and staying yourself.

    04:28 Why it is essential to have good role models, mentors and coaches in your career.

    05:12 We are up to 50% less productive if we are inauthentic or trying to cover up an aspect of ourselves or our life.

    07:40 In performance reviews, women are given feedback on their style, image, or how they express themselves 86% of the time vs 1% for men.

    09:38 The difference between homogeneous and diverse teams and the impact that can have on performance and innovation.

    17:42 How can we move from box-ticking to hiring more diverse candidates?

    23:43 How does the trauma of climbing the leadership ladder as a woman affect how some female leaders treat other female leaders and make it hard for them to grow in their authentic way.

    28:24 All leaders need to practise empathy and be able to step into someone else's shoes when it comes to experiencing exclusion or discrimination.

    39:47 It's a job-seekers market, and if a company is window dressing instead of being genuinely inclusive and hiding toxic culture, they will fail to recruit and retain talent.

    46:11 How can we challenge existing biases and create more inclusive cultures

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    Micro Episode 25 - The Dark Side of Personality Tests

    Micro Episode 25 - The Dark Side of Personality Tests

    Personality tests amplify our blind spots and biases; they stop us from listening to understand people and being curious about what makes each person unique.

    In this episode, we share why personality tests are not helpful tools for companies or managers.

    Timestamps and takeaways

    01:43 Some facts and figures about personality tests to date and how it is a $2bn dollar industry, growing by 15% each year.

    02:22 Leaders often use them as jumping-off points to get to know their teams. However, that is where they become dangerous.

    03:57 Personality tests are not based on good psychology or science and are no better than horoscopes.

    04:04 What we learned is that these tests are also not well suited to people outside of western cultures, and they are by and large constructed to be ableist, racist, sexist, and classist.

    05:04 We get drawn to these tests because we as humans are in the constant search for who we are and our purpose in life, and we also seek certainty/security.

    05:48 We will never be able to find out who we truly are by doing a personality test because we are constantly changing and growing.

    08:33 Personality tests are rubbish tools for HR and recruitment to create hiring or efficiency shortcuts; there are no shortcuts for getting to know someone.

    12:09 Humans are not so good at being comfortable with uncertainty, and it’s this grasping for certainty when it comes to wanting to know someone that can get us into trouble.

    13:26 The alternative, instead of doing personality tests, is to listen to understand each other, allowing everyone to learn about themselves.

    Some resources  on this subject: 

    7 and a Half Lessons about the Brain, book by Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett

    Persona - HPO documentary about personality tests and their origin

    'They become dangerous tools': the dark side of personality tests, The Guardian

    Why personality tests don’t work, PsychMechanics magazine

    Personality Tests Don't Work Heres Why and Alternatives, Noble Academy 

    Reasons why personality tests don't work, Wise Step 


    • 17 min

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3 Ratings

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