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The Mind Takeaway podcast empowers listeners to develop their leadership skills and cultivate a thriving workplace culture by sharing valuable insights on leadership, psychology, and creativity. Hosts offer reflective commentary and engage in stimulating conversations with guests to provide listeners with actionable advice and fresh perspectives on solving business challenges and achieving professional growth.

The Mind Takeaway Podcast Peter & Mira

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The Mind Takeaway podcast empowers listeners to develop their leadership skills and cultivate a thriving workplace culture by sharing valuable insights on leadership, psychology, and creativity. Hosts offer reflective commentary and engage in stimulating conversations with guests to provide listeners with actionable advice and fresh perspectives on solving business challenges and achieving professional growth.

    How to Assimilate New Information, Shift Perspectives, and Adapt to Change

    How to Assimilate New Information, Shift Perspectives, and Adapt to Change

    In this thought-provoking episode of The Mind Takeaway Podcast, we're broadcasting from a rooftop in Belgrade, with the bustling city below us, to tackle the transformative concepts of learning, unlearning, and relearning in leadership. As the business landscape evolves at a breakneck pace, we explore why the most important trait for today's leaders is the ability to rapidly assimilate new information, shift perspectives, and adapt to change.

    We unpack the distinctions between passive and active learners, emphasising the significance of active roles in professional development. Our discussion highlights how leaders who embrace trial and error and are willing to be vulnerable in learning ultimately flourish and make a lasting impact.

    We confront the barriers that ego presents to personal growth, exploring how defensiveness and a reluctance to be wrong can stifle learning. Conversely, we celebrate the power of embracing discomfort, recognising that feeling unsettled is a natural part of acquiring new skills and expanding one's horizons.

    Join us as we explore the delicate balance of slowing down to speed up, the importance of curiosity in leadership, and the courage required to step out of one's comfort zone. We share insights on how leaders can foster a culture of continuous improvement within themselves and among their teams by demonstrating a willingness to experiment and evolve.

    Whether you're a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, this episode serves as a compelling reminder that the journey of learning is never complete and that the willingness to embrace the uncomfortable truly defines transformative leadership.

    Tune in for an episode that will challenge your assumptions, inspire you to reflect on your learning style, and empower you to become the leader that the future demands.

    Episode Highlights:

    - The essential nature of adaptability and continuous learning in modern leadership

    - The difference between passive and active learning and the role of ego in hindering growth

    - Strategies for embracing discomfort and the benefits of doing so for leaders and their teams

    - Real-world examples of how leaders have successfully implemented new skills and the positive impact on their teams

    - Remember, when you feel discomfort creeping in, it's a sign of potential growth. 

    Episode Chapters

    (00:00) The Mind Takeaway podcast comes from the rooftop of The Office Belgrade.

    (00:54) learning, unlearning and relearning are essential for leaders to grow and have an impact.

    (04:04) To be a great leader, you must be a great learner simultaneously.

    (07:43) The most critical thing in leadership is being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

    (13:06) If you are feeling stuck right now, it's time to take the first step. Look at the Leadership skills you want to learn more about and start there.

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    The Benefits of Slowing Down to Speed Up

    The Benefits of Slowing Down to Speed Up

    In this episode of The Mind Takeaway Podcast, we invite you to join us as we broadcast from the heart of a forest close to Warsaw, Poland. We share the profound benefits of slowing down, a practice essential for gaining clarity, boosting energy, and enhancing our ability to achieve our goals.

    We discuss the societal pressures and internal struggles that often lead us to a frenetic pace, causing us to overlook the importance of pause and reflection. We reveal how high performers and leaders grapple with the fear of changing direction, the burden of judgment, and the illusion of productivity that comes with constant busyness.

    The episode unfolds the paradoxical truth that to accelerate progress and foster high performance; one must first embrace the art of slowing down. We explore how we support leaders and teams in creating space for reflection, allowing for a recalibration of priorities and focusing on impactful, intentional action.

    Listeners will learn the value of setting aside time for self-examination, celebrating successes, and acknowledging missteps without judgment to cultivate a culture of learning and innovation. The discussion also touches upon the transformative power of retreats for leaders and teams, offering a unique opportunity to disconnect from the daily rush, confront challenging beliefs, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

    As the episode draws to a close, the hosts invite you to an intimate retreat in the picturesque southwest of France. The retreat promises to be a haven for Leaders seeking to master the skill of slowing down to speed up their personal and professional growth.

    Episode Keywords

    Slowing Down, Clarity, High Performance, Reflection, Leadership Retreats, Personal Growth, Professional Development, Innovation, Creativity, Vulnerability, Nature, Mindfulness, Decompression, Intentional Action.

    Episode Chapters

    (00:00) Peter and Mira discuss the benefits of slowing down.

    (09:45) Taking time to reflect is the only way to achieve high performance.

    • 15 min
    What it Takes to be a Successful Founder - Founderland and the Benefits of Coaching with Stephanie von Behr

    What it Takes to be a Successful Founder - Founderland and the Benefits of Coaching with Stephanie von Behr

    In this new episode of The Mind Takeaway Podcast, we sit down with the dynamic Stephanie von Behr, Managing Director and Co-founder of Founderland, to explore the multifaceted challenges faced by women of colour founders in the tech ecosystem.

    Stephanie takes us behind the scenes of Founderland, a community dedicated to empowering underrepresented founders by providing them with resources, education, and networking opportunities. With less than 0.5% of VC funding going to women of colour, Stephanie and her team are on a mission to level the playing field through innovative initiatives like their pitch AI mentor, Pam, which uses cutting-edge technology to help founders refine their pitches and gain investor confidence.

    Our conversation delves into the power dynamics of pitching, the pervasive effects of imposter syndrome, and the importance of setting professional boundaries. Stephanie shares her journey as a founder, including the tough decision to leave her first company, highlighting the importance of aligning with the right co-founders and the transformative power of coaching for startup teams.

    We also discuss the significance of bringing one's whole self to work and how creating a culture of authenticity and collaboration can lead to more effective teams and stronger organisations. Stephanie's insights on leadership, the role of culture in fostering diversity, and the impact of personal growth on professional success are a testament to the resilience and creativity of founders who dare to challenge the status quo.

    Join us for a heartfelt and enlightening discussion that offers hope, practical strategies, and a reminder that small, intentional changes can have a profound ripple effect on our communities and the world.

    Episode Chapters

    (00:00) Introduction to Stephanie von Behr and Founderland

    (01:25) The birth of Pam, the pitch AI mentor for founders

    (01:36) Founderland is the fastest-growing community for women of colour founders

    (04:38) The emotional journey of pitching to investors

    (07:50) Stephanie's story of becoming a founder and the importance of co-founder relationships

    (08:19) Let's talk about your experience being a founder

    (12:15) The role of coaching in strengthening startup teams

    (16:30) Setting fluid boundaries and the power of vulnerability

    (17:27) Stephanie: I can give myself praise; I don't need others

    (18:33) You've set some professional and personal boundaries with your team

    (20:45) The impact of culture and leadership on diversity and inclusion

    (23:08) Setting boundaries can also be a collaborative effort, Brene Brown says

    (25:32) Stephanie's commitment to personal growth and community engagement

    (29:02) I committed myself this year to getting more into my art background

    (34:50) Only 2% of venture capital funding goes to women, according to Forbes

    (39:10) It's about working on yourself first. And going back to earlier in our conversation

    (43:53) Well, this has been a great conversation. Thank you so much, Peter

    Episode Keywords

    Stephanie von Behr, Founderland, Women of Color Founders, Venture Capital, Pitch AI Mentor, Imposter Syndrome, Coaching, Co-founder Relationships, Professional Boundaries, Authenticity, Company Culture, Diversity and Inclusion, Personal Growth, Community Engagement, Leadership.

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    Gender balance is improving – now, change must go deeper and wider with Kristen Anderson

    Gender balance is improving – now, change must go deeper and wider with Kristen Anderson

    In this enlightening episode of The Mind Takeaway Podcast, we reconnect with Kristen Anderson, now CEO and board member at European Women on Boards, who last joined us in April 2022. With her recent promotion and the organization's growth, Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge on the evolving landscape of gender balance and equality in European boardrooms.

    We dive deep into the latest research summary, hot off the press, covering the state of women in decision-making roles across 17 European countries. The data, drawn from over 1300 companies, is telling: an increase in female appointments to board roles, yet a persistent gap in executive director positions held by women. Kristen sheds light on the impact of legislative measures and the importance of inclusive leadership in driving organizational change.

    Kristen also shares insights on the EU directive to improve board gender balance and the varying progress among member states. We discuss the cultural and structural barriers that hinder diversity and inclusion, the significance of transparency in recruitment, and the power of mentorship and role modelling in fostering a more equitable corporate landscape.

    This episode is a call to action for leaders and organizations to prioritize diversity, not just as a box-ticking exercise but as a strategic imperative for innovation and success. We explore the nuances of inclusive team building, the value of listening, and the critical role of allyship in empowering diverse voices within decision-making groups.

    Join us as we unravel the complexities of gender equality in leadership and consider the steps we can take to create more inclusive and effective boards and executive teams. Whether you're an aspiring leader, a seasoned executive, or an advocate for change, this conversation with Kristen Anderson is a must-listen for anyone committed to making a difference in corporate governance.

    Click here to download the EWOB Toolkit for change

    Episode Chapters

    (00:00) Kristen Anderson returns to the podcast after almost two years

    (00:57) Kristen is the CEO and board member at European Women on boards

    (02:20) Your research on women in decision-making went live yesterday

    (03:29) The European Union has passed a directive to increase female representation on boards

    (11:51) Kristen: Why are some companies pulling away from diversity policies

    (13:42) The EU directive requires more transparency in board positions

    (17:45) One of the barriers to inclusion is it's a bit scary

    (19:41) Kristen: Companies that focus on diversity tend to have more diversity

    (28:14) One of the leadership skills is noticing people and giving them a voice

    (36:59) Why do boards and executive teams need more team building and developing themselves

    (40:59) Kristen: Having allies can be incredibly valuable in large organizations

    (48:22) Only 15% of chairs of boards are women

    (53:01) Look at board positions, know the position descriptions and challenge them

    (58:17) Leadership mentoring is not about hard skills; it's about soft skills

    (01:00:03) Kristen: To make change, we need to look at the data

    Episode Keywords

    Kristen Anderson, European Women on Boards, Gender Balance, Boardroom Diversity, Inclusive Leadership, EU Directive, Organizational Change, Research Summary, Mentorship, Allyship, Decision-Making, Executive Roles, Cultural Barriers, Talent Recruitment, Corporate Governance, Leadership Development.

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    How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

    How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

    Embark on a journey to conquer the common yet daunting fear of public speaking in this insightful episode of The Mind Takeaway Podcast, recorded in the heart of Poland's capital, Warsaw. Join us as we delve into the anxieties that shroud the art of oration, from the nervous anticipation to the post-presentation self-critique that can often feel like a hangover from the vulnerability of being exposed to an audience.

    Our hosts share their personal battles with the fear of public speaking, revealing how they creatively dodged speaking engagements early in their careers. Despite being comfortable in roles like musicians or DJs, the transition to speaking in front of groups, small or large, presented a unique challenge. But as they peel back the layers of their experiences, we learn that the key to overcoming this fear lies not in avoiding it, but in embracing the discomfort and leaning into vulnerability.

    With candid anecdotes, they discuss the transformation from avoidance to anticipation, the strategies they tried (and which ones actually worked), and the realisation that the audience is often more forgiving than we anticipate. Whether it's the fear before taking the stage or the critical self-reflection that follows, they explore how acceptance and presence can turn public speaking from a source of dread to an opportunity for connection and growth.

    This episode is a must-listen for anyone who's ever felt their voice wobble with nerves or their confidence shaken by the spotlight. Discover how to navigate the fear, build resilience, and perhaps even find joy in the act of sharing your voice with the world. Tune in to this encouraging discussion and remember, as our hosts affirm, no one has ever perished from public speaking – it's all about taking that first step and allowing yourself to be imperfectly human in front of an audience.

    Episode Chapters

    (00:00) How to overcome the fear of public speaking.

    (02:24) Peter and Mira discuss how to overcome the fear of public speaking

    (09:44) Mira says being present is vital when giving a public speaking gig

    (12:46) Public speaking seems to be a big achilles heel for many people

    (18:35) As always, we love to hear what your thoughts and feelings are about this episode

    Episode Keywords

    Public Speaking, Overcoming Fear, Warsaw, Poland, Performance Anxiety, Communication Skills, Personal Growth, Vulnerability, Stage Fright, Confidence Building, Self-Improvement, Professional Development, Leadership, Speaking Tips, Audience Engagement, Personal Experiences, Mental Resilience, Nlp Techniques, Self-Reflection, Personal Empowerment

    • 18 min
    The Unseen Leader with Martin Gutmann

    The Unseen Leader with Martin Gutmann

    In this fascinating episode of The Mind Takeaway Podcast, we delve into the intricacies of leadership with the insightful Martin Gutman, a professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and author of "The Unseen Leader." Together, we unpack the provocative themes of his book, praised by Adam Grant for its critical look at what history can teach us about effective leadership.

    Martin challenges conventional wisdom by questioning the glorification of historical figures like Ernest Shackleton, whose dramatic failures are often overlooked in favour of Hollywood-esque heroism. We contrast this with leaders like Raul Amundsen, whose quiet success and authentic leadership style offer more valuable lessons.

    We also explore women's powerful, yet often hidden, influence in leadership through the story of Gertrude Bell, whose strategic brilliance shaped the modern state of Iraq. Despite her significant impact, her contributions remain largely unrecognized—a testament to the gender biases of history.

    As we navigate the pitfalls of leadership, such as the busyness trap and the action-oriented bias, we discuss the importance of humility, integrity, and the courage to embrace vulnerability. Martin shares his insights on the future of leadership, emphasizing the need for diverse leaders who embody emotional intelligence, strong communication skills, and the ability to foster genuine connections.

    This episode is a treasure trove for anyone seeking to understand leadership's true essence beyond conventional narratives' noise and drama. Join us as we redefine leadership for the modern era and consider how unique individuals can experiment and find our path to impactful leadership.

    Episode Chapters

    (00:43) Adam Grant wrote a lovely introduction to your leadership book

    (02:11) Martin says Shackleton is the wrong person to profile in leadership books

    (09:00) You write about Gertrude Bell and her excellent leadership

    (09:53) Why do we celebrate certain historical leaders and not others?

    (13:54) Martin: Leaders should be comfortable being who they are, really

    (20:07) Adam Grant says ego stops leaders from learning and being proactive

    (25:12) You're looking into some different things when it comes to leadership

    (30:47) You mentioned the busyness trap in your book

    (34:23) We mentioned loudness and talking, uh, and then we mentioned busyness

    (40:57) Peter Schulz: When we look at the leader for the future,

    (46:56) Martin will be giving a talk in Berlin at the beginning of next month

    (47:49) Running is an experiment of one, and so is leadership, Peter says

    Episode Keywords

    Martin Gutman, Lucene University Of Applied Sciences And Arts, The Unseen Leader, Leadership History, Adam Grant, Polar Expeditions, Ernest Shackleton, Raul Amundsen, Colonialism, Action Fallacy, Gertrude Bell, Lawrence Of Arabia, Middle East Politics, Diversity In Leadership, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Humility And Confidence, Busyness Trap, Future Of Leadership

    • 49 min

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3 Ratings

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