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Scientific, political, historical, paranormal and esoteric subjects.

The Mind's Eye show mindseyeshow@gmail.com (Brian Turnof)

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Scientific, political, historical, paranormal and esoteric subjects.

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4.4 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings


Prying open your 3rd eye

Many shows have chosen the genre that deals with events that seem to be shrouded in secrecy as a riddled conundrum. Sadly the the main stream media has indoctrinated society to believe in a spin where they negatively brand this type of reporting & people as conspiracy theorists. Their are many Disinformation agents out their to support the stigma the media has stereotyped this journalism with. For example the Alex Jones & David Icke have imposed so much damage with their fear mongering tactics that I wouldn't be alarmed if people do wear tin foil hats. Their was a couple pioneers that help people ignore negative label and seek the truth
like Bill Cooper, Art Bell & Peter Joseph. This show has deflected the baggage that comes with their content to become known as investigative journalists & reporters. A name to this content that is standing it's ground and gaining accountability because of the great information they teach investigating government cover ups, scandals, harmful classified agenda, dangers in our food and why did the man who shot Lennon & Reagan have a copy of catcher in the rye on them

emilu99 ,


I am finding most of what you say to be crap. Where is your evidence? And when you have evidence, so what??? It’s a big story and some sort of historical expose that Picasso may have gotten inspiration from Lascaux Caves??? Artists are inspired by nature, history, other artists, blah blah blah........ I really wanted to like this podcast, had high hopes that it wouldn’t be the same old tired takes on the paranormal or yet more wacko conspiracy theories with no support... Let go, already.

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