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Moms encouraging Moms in the daily grind and trenches of motherhood. Plus a bonus weekly Sunday Confession.

The Mommy Project Kimberley Roberson

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Moms encouraging Moms in the daily grind and trenches of motherhood. Plus a bonus weekly Sunday Confession.

    Ep. 89- "Not Feelin' It." and how to Push through

    Ep. 89- "Not Feelin' It." and how to Push through

    This episode is born out the countless times I have said to myself, "I'm just not feeling it today."
    I don't want to go run today.
    I don't want to make another lunch for my kids.
    I am not feeling like _______ fill in the blank. Calling your grandmother. Paying that neighbor a visit. Taking your kids to the library, or even doing the really easy jobs that tend to take six months to do due to procrastination. "Just not Feelin' it." can get us into a rut. So here's how I challenge that mindset, and get myself moving.
    What is your mantra or motivation to get through the mental fatigue?
    How do you combat procrastination in your life?
    What is One thing you have been putting off?
    Tell me everything. :-)
    You can find me on the social medias:
    Instagram @themommypro
    Youtube at youtube.com/themommypro

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    Ep. 88- Things I bought that I love- Summer Edition

    Ep. 88- Things I bought that I love- Summer Edition

    My Current Mood is the equivalent to a college sophomore who partied too late only to be hit with a massive geometry exam while doing a walk of shame. Haggard, dehydrated and still in yesterday's clothes.
    Having a 3 week infant really humbles a person, it puts the basic common needs (food, water, and shelter or in my case Sleep) in real perspective. So to keep myself buoyant after two hours of sleep.. yet again, I want to buy things. There is only one problem- I have no money. So when I do have money.. I am very careful what I buy and keep. (never buy from a merchant with a lousy return policy!)
    For this episode- I share a few items from this summer that I LOVE!!  Read, Watch, Wear Summer Edition
    What are some summer purchases you are Loving right now?
    Tell me everything! I am sucker for recommendations and equally nosey about what people love to eat, drink, buy and watch- The Summer is full of awesome!
    Post your favorite read, watch and wear here.
    For visuals of my favorites  discussed in today's episode- go to my youtube channel and watch the episode-
    Stay Strong Mamas- you Are doing Awesome!

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    Ep. 87- Going Full Stop- A deep dive into Nesting.

    Ep. 87- Going Full Stop- A deep dive into Nesting.

    This episode was recorded 48 hours before the Dr.  had to  induce labor due to some complications. All went successful and on Wednesday- July 17th 2019- we met our little 5lb. 13 oz baby boy.
    BUT - before this all went down- I went into a Full-Stop "get out of my way and let me do my thing," Nesting Mode.
    On this week's episode - I share some of my crazier ventures with Nesting and NOT Just in a pregnancy, but whenever Big Life changes occur. There is a misconception that Nesting occurs only in women. We have this caricature of a 38 week pregnant lady scrubbing her floors and cleaning her house in a frenzied state. And while that may be true- its not the complete picture of who it happens to, when and why it occurs.
    Nesting- What is it? When does it happen? Why does it occur?
    Is it JUST a "pregnancy- third trimester" craze?
    What is the craziest thing you did during a Nesting Period?

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    Ep. 86- Finding your Summer Tradition

    Ep. 86- Finding your Summer Tradition

    Every Summer- I freak out.... and not in a good way.
    I need routine, I need some structure, a balance in my  daily life with 3 kids  to not go into anxious-meltdown- kids are driving me crazy mode!
    And Honestly - I am fed up with all the activities the Pinterest Moms say I "MUST" do to have a "successful summer with my kids." All this talk of success, progress, go here and do that is EXHAUSTING.
    On this week's episode- I break down what Summer Tradition actually means, how we can create our own- Without the money, without the fuss and without feeling like it has to be Epic to be considered significant.

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    Ep. 85- Help! Name that Baby!

    Ep. 85- Help! Name that Baby!

    Are you having trouble finding the perfect name for your little darling? Perhaps- you can relate to the pressure of finding The One name everyone can agree upon.
    More parents struggle with this than you think. I read this article about how common baby names can lead to a variety of psychological perceptions. The article offers interesting insight into the naming conundrum and can explain why some people revel in their unique name vs. those who hold their name as a loose identifier. I grew in the 80s and had a few friends who shared my first name. I found this to be a way of bonding, but never once felt like I was part of the collective Kimberleys of the world. However- nowadays there is so much pressure to make your baby's name UNIQUE! Special! Different from all others... but not so different they will be picked on by the playground bully, or unable to be taken seriously as an adult.
    Our name is our first identifier. And as a parent- we should feel a certain amount of responsibility and forethought, but has the over-thinking, over-googling- over indulgence of the Pinterest top 100 names made us paralyzed in making a decision on what to name our child? Or perhaps you are multiple kids in... have established a pattern (like the Duggars and their love for "J" names) and now want to go rogue or off "theme." Are we allowed to do this?
    I share my thoughts here on the Ep. 85. However- I want to hear from you! What is the story behind your name? What was the process or reason for naming your child or children? Religion? Ethnicity? and Family name? or Pop Culture?
    Let me know your thoughts and opinions here and on Social Media.

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    Ep. 84- No. 1 Myth about Parenting Boys!

    Ep. 84- No. 1 Myth about Parenting Boys!

    Have you ever had another well-meaning person (usually a woman) who - once she finds out you are having a baby boy- they sigh! Get this happy glaze over his/her face, and then gush about how "boys are easier than girls," or "There is Just Something about boys...."  I'm here to debunk this nonsense.
    Myths about Boys:
    Boys are easier than girls
    Boys are less emotional than girls
    Boys are Easier than Girls..... (did I say this already?)
    On the verge of becoming a mama to Another Boy- the question that has been swirling in my head is: "how am I going to do this (being a boymom) again?!? HELP!
    In this episode- I share a few stories of how my boys have schooled me in parenting like my daughter has not. How they have collectedly destroyed the furniture, had peeing wars, and have nightly races to show off their speed and big muscles. If you are a mom to a boy- you understand the charm they pull after acting like devils in the grocery store. If you ever wondered - what IS the differences between being a mama to a boy vs a girl, or perhaps you are in the same position I am in... pregnant with a boy- Welcome!
    I have left out many awesome stories that encapsulate what its like to have a daughter. It is a delight and has its own way of being tricky. Also- I realize I am speaking from personal experience, and no way mean to generalize or place gender roles/ stereotypes out there.
    Boys are fun! Boys love their Mamas with their hugs, their alien drawings, and their affinity to wait till they are dressed in photo-ready Sunday regalia to poo in their pants! (Girls do this too btw.! )

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4.9 out of 5
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13 Ratings

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Great podcast!

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On my "must listen" list

I am a huge fan of podcasts and this one is a perfect one for my busy mornings. I love the practical info presented by totally normal, wonderful people. Love it!

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A MUST Listen!!

As a mama of 3 littles - this podcast ministers to me every week. I appreciate the candor and vulnerability of The Mama Project series. Love the Sunday confessions also!!! Check this podcast out- you will love it!

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